Mar 29, 2010

One of the reasons I spent my weekends in Malacca is this.
Arashi Troublemaker single.
Yes,I bought something of Arashi again.
Secondly,its my grandma's 78th bday!
The cucu and cicit.Not complete though.
And lastly for ching ming.
Tiring weekends.
Im having my final last paper for my first year tomoro.
Im so damn happy right now that Im ad mostly immersed in the holiday mood.
And,right after tomoro paper,Im flying to Langkawi with my housemates,linda,shirley and yen.
So,Im going to be off till Friday!
Holiday is always the best!

Mar 23, 2010

The end of Arashi no Shukudai-kun.
The last episode aired 1am Japan time.
My favorite talk show!!!
No more waiting for it to be subbed and downloading.
Hopefully Arashi ni Shiyagare is worth to end AnS.
Old one finished but new one starting.
But AnS is so interesting especially the "No Money Special" and it has been airing for the past 8 years.
This show has never fail to make me laugh each time watching it.
The laughter is still there no matter how many times you watch it.
Its just so sad that its come to an end today.
I will definitely miss it!
Yes,I am sad that my favorite talk show no more!
But I have something waiting for me at home that can cherish me.
My finals officially starts tomoro as my first paper would be tomoro afternoon.
After Wednesday morning,I will be so much more relieved.
I know Im supposed to study now but I just couldn't help it when there are so many people posting about the last episode of Arashi no Shukudai-kun.
There are so many people saying they laughed at the beginning but they cried when watching Arashi and Ogura-san gave their farewell messages.
Wonder will I cry when I watch it?
I will make sure I am alone when I watch this last episode in case my tears drop anytime.Haha.
I better back to my study.
Wish me luck!

Mar 19, 2010

Days in Malacca always filled with fun.
I was back on Wed morning.Damn early together wif suerin to Pudu.
And I din sleep at all the night before and when I was back I was sleeping like nobody's business.
Yesterday suddenly I have the urge to play bowling.Actually since last 2 weeks.
And finally went bowling with my parents,my bro,cousin,nerissa and alliessa.
I still can play though very long time din play.Got masuk longkang also la.
And after so long din go outdoor,yesterday I went cycling.
I miss the time when all of us with my cousins went cycling like we ruled the place.Haha.
I was back because Im having study week and yet Im playing more than I study.
As expected but at least I did study.
Today is the day where I am expecting myself to study whole day.
Wish I could do it.
Im craving for ASAM PEDAS.
Shall go for it tonight!

Mar 12, 2010

Exam war starting.
So definitely the food rack in my room must be filled up.
As you can see most of them are Meiji Hello Panda biscuits.
All the flavors are available in my food rack.
Food are ready but still study mood not here yet.
Actually just an excuse from start studying.Lol!
Damn tired today.
Went shopping for Langkawi trip stuff.
And HELL tomoro have to wake up so damn early for some stupid stuff.
Found a new Arashi Fansub LJ.
And waiting for something to reach my house again.

Mar 11, 2010

Attended the last class of this semester today.
Which means finals is very very near.Less than 2 weeks.
Which also means my 3-months-holiday is also very very near.
Supposedly study mood should begin right now but it seems holiday mood has taken over it.
What more when Im flying to Langkawi straight after my last paper.
I cant wait for it.

Mar 6, 2010

Toma's Ningen Shikakku.
Thanks to Aria I got Ningen Shikakku's chirashi (mini poster flyer).
Aria went all the way to Japan for the movie premiere and brought back 25 chirashi.
And thanks to her again for sharing it wif us and send it to us from Singapore without charging anything.
Something that gonna be precious for me as its very difficult to get goods of Toma especially in Malaysia.
News saying Ningen Shikakku going to be aired in Hong Kong,Taiwan and Singapore.
And again,why not Malaysia??????
The cover.
The content.
The back.
I love it very much though I cant read a word in it.
Got Toma is good enough.

Mar 2, 2010

Im being indecisive again.
I hate I hate I hate!
Why cant I decide quick on something?
The worst thing is after decide,I will start thinking again and make another decision.
And the same thing repeat again and again.
In the end,I still cant decide.
Terrible rite?
I was deciding on something yesterday.
Buy or dun buy.
At first I placed order then I decided to cancel it.
But think think again I feel like placing order again.
It was really very tempting to buy.
But I just bought something else.
Should I or should I not?
I was thinking about this the whole of yesterday and make me no mood to study at all.
And I still not yet make any decision.

Mar 1, 2010

CNY finished.
Chap Goh Mei.
Last day of CNY.
The last few days of CNY I had so much fun.
Even the last day itself,today I had fun.
Just now went Jonker to watch some lion dance.
It was Malaysia Book of Records where 2000 lion dance gathered together.
Damn crowded and was terribly pack and you definitely will leave the place with sweats dripping from your face and damn hot summore.
Didn't watch finish then left.
After that,we went to watch Indian temple prayers.
Its Datuk India that go from one temple to another temple and on the way there will be ppl praying and throw coconuts by the road side.
Me,my dad,mum and bro waited for 2 hours for the Datuk India to arrive.
When we arrived the Datuk India was approx 500m away from the place we waited but it took 2 hours for it to arrive to our standing place.
Thats because there were too many ppl praying.
But its something worth to wait for as Im very interested in prayers like that.
The lions.
Things they use to pray.
The cows are the one pulling.
The coconuts were thrown.Its a tradition i think.
After that,they will line up to pass the things to Datuk India.
Interesting rite?
I love to learn bout other cultures.
Thats how I celebrated my last day of CNY.