May 18, 2008

"Why are you back again?".This is the question I have to answer each time I come back.Yes,I am back again this time.Wesak Day holidays.Going back on Tuesday.This time go back then till finish training only will be coming back again.Come back and no more going back.Time passes really fast.Two weeks plus then finish NS.Ok.Will talk about that when the time comes.
I went back to camp last Tuesday.So Wednesday till Friday is the days for menembak.The best moment in camp.The best memory.Before going menembak got teori kering first in camp and the next day went to padang sasar to menembak.Yeah M-16!Company Charlie was last Friday.I would say it was really fun.At first when the soldiers made demo,when we heard the sound,we were like,"Gosh,damn loud wei".But we used ear plugs when shooting.That time scared la but getting more excited.We have 10 details.In a detail has 10 persons.Im in detail 6 lane 5.We were given 30 bullets.10 bullets for testing and another 20 bullets will be counted points.If shoot tepat then got points la.I still dont how many points I got coz teacher will post it tomoro.Points are not important but the experiences is important.Before take place very nervous coz we use peluru hidup not peluru kapur like other batch.But when started to shoot ad,I felt so fast finish wan.When no more bullet,I was like "Eh,how come so fast finish..I baru feel the keseronokkan".Hahaha.Anyhow I enjoyed this activity very much.Not everybody has this chance k.Hehe.Not forgetting photos.
This is my teacher for teori kering.
This is the place we shoot.We shoot the orange board not the numbers.
Me with M-16.Its not heavy la.
Here I would like to introduce the Camp Commander of Kem Padang Hijau,Tuan Mejar Zainuddin.He is also the Pengarah PLKN for Johor state.
He very friendly and funny.He is short too.Haha.
Pelatih-pelatih of Kem Padang Hijau are very lucky to have him as camp commander.
As usual,after shooting we were crazy people taking photos.Here are the photos.
Konon la tengah perang.Haha.
Wirawati of Charlie Company.
Tugu Negara.
Ina's face slashed by M-16.
Kesian Nisha kena tembak by Cikgu Shahril.
Love this pic.
Happy moments.
My friends all love posing.Haha.
Same faces again.

May 8, 2008

Photos speak more than words.Many photos and short caption.First let me show you my camp KEM PTH PADANG HIJAU,KLUANG,JOHOR.

Main entrance.
The way leading up is to dewan makan and wirawati's dorms.
My dorm CHARLIE 14.
toilet.bathroom at the back.
my beautiful name and ID pasted on my locker.
Our activity place.
kembara halangan.
the yellow tower is for tali tinggi.flying fox and another 3 elements.
sepak takraw courts and the back basketball court for riadah.
Some very beautiful sceneries in my camp.
greenish.thats why is called KEM PADANG HIJAU.
love this pic.not coconut tree but palm tree.
island found in the middle of the tasik in camp.
Last but not least,let me intro CHARLIE company flag.
The Jurulatih-jurulatih of Kem Padang Hijau.
Cg Sulam,Cg Ila,Cg Z,Cg Omar(sitting),Cg Rai and Cg Mai.
My warden.Cikgu Nurul.
Ketua kompeni CHARLIE.Cikgu Omar.
Cikgu Ida.also jurulatih Charlie.
Go Charlie!Cikgu Rai also Charlie.
TKJ (Timbalan Ketua Jurulatih).Cikgu Sulam.
Cikgu Z.Jurulatih Delta.
Cikgu Mai.Jurulatih Alpha.
Cikgu Syariff.Jurulatih Bravo.(just because we are leaning against his car thats why he looks tall..he is not that tall and we are not that short...)
Cikgu Aini.Jurulatih Bravo.
Cikgu Ronnie.Jurulatih fizikal.
Cikgu Maria.Jurulatih KN 10(Kelas Kenegaraan) .Thats my class.
Cikgu Mail.Jurulatih KN 14.
Cikgu Shahril (in black) and Cikgu Alang.Also jurulatih KN.
Cikgu Gayah.Jurulatih KN.
Some activities we did.
Rakit.I din get to play because I came back for interview.
Flying fox and 3 elements.Flying fox din get to snap photo.That is one of the 3 elements.Walking on a string by holding to the white tali.Very fun.That is not me.
My friends in Kem Padang Hijau.Couple photos first then groups.
Yik Kuan.
My buddy in CB class.Awien.
During performance night.
Go toilet also take photos.hehe.
Friends forever!
That's Lam(with specs).
At tasik watching sukan air.
During recess time.
Tired face after TTS (tempur tanpa senjata).
Sam (blue) and Teh completed their training earlier to further studies.Good Luck!