Dec 24, 2011

Sleepless night again.

Went Genting again.

And next week finals starting.

We are just cool and steady.

Having fun before finals and have not prepared.

Anyway,its Christmas eve!!!

But for Arashian, today is Aiba Masaki's birthday!!!!!!!





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Dec 12, 2011

Our usual celebration!

A late celebration for Ohno Satoshi.

An early celebration for Aiba Masaki.

We did curry rice this time as Ohno the Kaibutsu-kun loves curry rice and of course we used Aiba's Vermont curry.

Maybe more pics of the celebration in the next post.


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Dec 6, 2011

Im in the class at the moment.

But all Im doing is read Arashi news and even downloading their stuff.

Glad that I have data plan.

Its either the lecturer too boring or I just have no mood to concentrate.

Anyway,Jun and Sho will appear as guest in Ohno's SP drama next year.

They will take their own drama role, Jun as Shuntaro and Sho as Kageyama.

Right now Arashi is having recording for VS Arashi New Year SP.One of the opponent team is Jun's drama team.

I wonder he will be in his drama team or Arashi team.

Ii na ~ for those fans that become audience.

I wanna go too!!!

Class gonna end soon!

Arthur Christmas tonite!


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Dec 1, 2011

Its ad December!
The last month of the year.
Christmas season is here.
But sad this year no Christmas no new year as I will be having finals.
Anyway,I guess I will still enjoy in a different way.
Christmas songs shall be in my playlist for the entire month.
Last week,CE gang suddenly decided to come Malacca.
And it was a last minute plan of course.
So we just went like that.
The girls.
The guys.
And us!
Once reached,we were just eating all the time.
Lepak at Portuguese Settlement till quite late then went mamak to lepak longer.
Half of us stayed at my house while another half went back earlier.
Though its just a short trip but I guess everyone had fun.
The nature of us to plan or do anything last minute.
Even assignments too.
NTV Best Artist 2011 live yesterday.
I managed to watch!!!
It was a 3 hours live show and I was waiting for Arashi all the time.
Arashi was the last to performance.
At least Sho was the MC so for the 3 hours at least still got Sho for me to watch.
Cho ureshii...get to watch Arashi LIVE!
This month has many Arashi live show!