Oct 30, 2008

Im tired......
Even typing will consume my little-left-energy.
So just let these 5 pictures represent the registration day and the first day of orientation.
The facilitators!!!
Weiting & weipin.
(L2R) Izza, faezah, me, firdaus and sathisan.
Those pictures with lower quality was taken by weipin's pda.
These are only few pictures and only some of the facilitators are in.
I will post more later.
So wait for it!

Oct 29, 2008

Whoa whoa.....
Im damn early today.
Not that I not yet sleep but I just woke up.
So not like me right....
I also made history yesterday for sleeping at around 9.45pm.
I had never slept that early ever since I was in Primary 3.
I very bersemangat today.
Wanna go jogging and exercise.
Who wanna join me???
If like that I think Im super slim ad.Haha.
As if la Im that hardworking.
Today is the registration day for the October Intake students and also the first day of orientation.
Did I mention I became facilitator?
I guess I did.
Thats why Im awake right now.
If not jangan harap la I will wake this early.
I also dont think I will have the time to blog these few days.
Thats why Im blogging right now.Haha.
But ada chance then I will blog.
Wanted to blog bout my Deepavali visiting but got nothing much also.
Deepavali eve went to my uncle's friend house.
Then on that day itself went to 2 of my dad's friends house.
I actually do love Indian food especially tosai,roti nan,chapati and lots more.
So that day I really ate cukup-cukup.
Damn bloated that day.
My dad's friend did it.I forget what it is called.
I better go get ready before is late.

Oct 27, 2008

Damn happy right now.
Just finished watching Hana Kimi Special Episode.
I dunno why.I keep laughing throughout the movie.
Really very funny though sometimes is really ridiculous.Haha.
Everybody has grown to be more handsome especially IKUTA TOMA as Nakatsu.
Is not because I like him but is really he is more good looking in this movie.
Though he is ad good looking in last year Hana Kimi but in this special episode he is much much much more handsome and cute.
Everybody change new hairstyle.Thats why look better I think.
Oguri as Sano also got his hair cut.Better looking now.I reall dun like him in the last year wan.
Horikita Maki as Mizuki still stay as cute as last time.
Hiro Mizushima as Nanba-senpai also the same with his cool look.
Others dun change much.But minna(all in japanese) look very good in this special episode.
Surely must look good.Ikemen Paradise (paradise of hotties).
Hana Kimi SE.Spot for Toma.
Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu Shuichi.
Oguri Shun as Izumi Sano.
Horikita Maki as Ashiya Mizuki.
Hiro Mizushima as Nanba Minami.
Main reason not Toma because I only knew Toma from Hana Kimi.
The storyline that attracted me.
I cant denied that Japanese version is much more nicer than Taiwanese version.
Watching Japanese version brings more high school feeling and they really act as students well.
Ok. I also cant denied Toma is really awesome in Hana Kimi.
Oh yeah.He got The Best Supporting Actor Award last year for Hana Kimi in I forgot for which award ceremony.
He damn good looking.
While watching this special episode I really watch Toma only.
When got his dialogue then I had to rewind and watched again.
Because first time watching I will just watched his expressions.
Then the second time is to read the subtitle.Haha.
I really like to watch when he monologue.
Nakatsu loves to monologue and while he monologue he will has many stupid actions and that make the movie fun and funny.
Another scene was when he is playing football. He is a soccer player in school.
He is really cool.
I just love whatever he did in the special episode of Hana Kimi.
Toma in Hana Kimi SE.Sorry,very messy I know.
Those who not yet watch,is not too late to watch.
No regret watching and you will thank me for telling you to watch.Haha.

Oct 26, 2008

I finished one of my mission.
I finally finished watching Zettai Kareshi.
And I seriously dont like the ending.
Though the ending is what I wished.
But the way to get to the ending is different from what I wished.
Understand?No then nvm.
Hiro Mizushima is cool in the movie.
Just as cool as in Hana Kimi.
Another mission.
Download Hana Kimi Special Episode.
Is out now with subtitle by SARS.
Thanx SARS.You guys are always efficient.
I guess I have to stop my current download of Maou to give way to Hana Kimi.Hehe.
I was so happy when I saw this Hana Kimi with sub and I was so excited to inform everybody.
And I got the same answer from everybody.
"You download k.....then send to me"
I was like WTH.
Im regretting telling you people.Haha.
Ended up Im the one downloading.
Ok la.I understand.Not everyone use torrent.
Those who gila japanese drama and rajin to download then will have Torrent.
Then I think I can make money from this.
Those who take Hana Kimi from me,I will charge.Haha.
And think of a way for me to send to you guys.The file is 1.5GB.
Oh yeah.....
Just now I watched football.
Not MU or Chelsea or Arsenal.
But Malaysia vs Vietnam.
I think is for Piala Merdeka final.If Im not mistaken.For sure is final la.
Watched for so damn long and the score is 0 for both countries.
Since is draw so penalties will decide the winning.
Malaysia scored for the first 5 penalties and so did Vietnam.
And sadly Malaysia missed the 6th penalties.
So in the end Vietnam won.
I watched so damn bloody long but the result so damn bloody frustating.
When watching the penalties is the most exciting part.
I always love to watch penalties so when everytime I watch football I will always hope for draw.Haha.
But before penalty you have to suffer watching them playing for almost 2 hours.
I cant imagine if Im the one in the field and doing the penalty.
I will definitely shiver.Especially if Im the goalkeeper.Haha.
So it means football is a NO NO for me.
Watching still ok but playing just sorry.
It is also quite rare for a girl to watch football.
Was watching the second half in a mamak stall.
And the pak cik was saying this to me...
"Awak pun tengok football ke....."
"Kenapa tak boleh ke.....".I wanted to say this to him but I didnt.Haha.
But sometimes football can be fun especially during World Cup.
I did bet during World Cup but that was when Im in Primary 6.
I not only bet but Im the booker.Haha.
And I won a lot.My friends always followed my bet.Haha.
But now no more.Im a good kid.Haha.
I heard xanga is bad.Haha.

Oct 25, 2008

I have been liking and following Toma's news for about 1 year plus....
but today only I realized that Toma is AWESOME in dancing.
I dont know how I link and link then watched this video.
Toma is really good in dancing.
All this while I know he is good in acting,singing and dancing.
But I didn't know that he is really good in dancing.
Ok.I actually forgot something.
Toma was a backup dancer.Haha.
I fall in love with him even more and more now.Haha.
I just love the way he acts,sings and dances.
Today whole I was trying to search things to do.
But nothing.
Im back to the life I was living just after SPM and before going NS.
I love this kind of life.
No worries but after some time this type of life gives no meaning to life.
Can you imagine you sleep,eat,online and watch tv daily.
If you do it like after few months of tiring studying or working then you can really enjoy and love this life.
But if these are your daily routines,I guess I would rather die of boring-ness.
Really meaningless if your job is just staying at home.
Thats what I think.
Not necessary for you to accept.
Justina, cheer up!!!

Oct 22, 2008

Im so TENSION right now!!!!!!!!
Holiday now,no exam,no class,no assignment but yet Im very tension!
I have 23 torrent files to download!
Is impossible for me to finish downloading in a week time!
The downloading was so damn SLOW!!!!
But I have no choice.I wan all the dramas!
I really feel like crying when I see those pending files at my desktop.
Im not exaggerating because only I know how it feels.
I fight with my brother just now because of TV.
I dont know what happened to me.
He and nerissa wanted to watch korean drama then...
me and alliessa got a bit tak betul.Haha.
We wanted to watch Barney and Friends.
I know is childish but watching it reminded me of my childhood.
For years I dont watch Barney and today I just accidentally terdengar the theme song for Barney and ran out from my room just to watch it.Haha.
Luckily got alliessa because she one gang with me then she held the remote control and she didn't let anybody to change channel.Haha.
Then my bro and nerissa have to go another TV to watch.Haha.
Oh yeah.
Next semester I will be staying in Murni.
Single room.No more double room.
I seriously think that I cant live in double.
No privacy and Im sort like cant study when got ppl around me.
Bought new shoes today!

Oct 21, 2008

Finally Im back in Malacca.
Very tired and sleepy right now.
But just took bath and while waiting for my hair to dry so Im blogging.
Yesterday and today I was attending induction for the facilitators of Uniten October Intake.
Yes.Im becoming a facilitator for their orientation.
So I woke damn early for these two days.
I had never wake up that early before in Uniten except for the orientation week.
I woke at 7.10 am.Very early right?For me is very early.
Then the activities ended at 9 pm for both days.
I know our induction is nothing compared to the June Intake but this is the first time so is normal to feel tired and a bit blur.
On Sunday,we practiced the modules.
What modules I cant review because is a secret.
As a facilitator we have to practice 3K.
Kejujuran Kerahsiaan Keterbukaan.
So I have to be a professional.Haha.
Then I learn lots of games.
Some games played during my orientation and some were just new to me.
Then today more to talk.
We listened to the talk that the new students will be listening.
But the talk for us was more to brief us during the orientation.
We played many new games as well.
From this induction I knew 9 new friends.
Only 10 of us the foundation students are selected.
And this is the first time foundation students are selected to become facilitators.
So Im kinda lucky.Hehe.
Thanks very much to all the seniors experienced facilitators for giving us many guidance and advices on how to become a good facilitator.
The seniors are abg naufal,kak mas,abg pyan,kak mai,abg shahmi,andy and kanesh.
No need to thanx weipin.She menyibuk only.Haha.
Not forgetting HEP for giving us this chance to learn and groom ourselves.
Haha.Im saying as if everything is over.
But NO.
Everything will only be starting the next Wednesday!
My hair is over-dry now.Haha.

Oct 18, 2008

Semester 1 officially ended yesterday at 11.30am after the last paper.
Kinda relieved but when the time to get result will be the most scary part.
Anyhow,that wont affect my just-started-one-week-holiday.
Yesterday went to Midvalley wif weilin,auyong and kalai.
Was there to accompany kalai to shop for deepavali.
Me and weilin also joined in.But I didnt buy anything.
Then we had our dinner at a Thai shop called Rak Thai.
The food is very nice.
I had pineapple seafood fried rice with coconut drink.
I feel like at beach.Haha.
The coconut drink is in the real coconut then the fried rice is in half-cut-pineapple.
The tomyam also yummy...........
Rak Thai.
Actually I was not feeling well the past few days.
Thought yesterday will be better after few days of sickness.
But yesterday was the worst day especially when Im doing my exam.
The exam hall was so damn cold and my flu was getting worse.
Then while doing the paper keep on coughing.
I coughed till my head and my chest also pain.
Feel so sorry for those sitting beside me.Kinda disturbing.
But still I insisted to go Midvalley.
When I came back after bathing I had a terrible headache.
I cant do anything except sleep.
Today much much better ad.
Very boring right now.
What a boring Saturday......
Cant wait to go back Malacca!

Oct 15, 2008

Sushi King Promotion!!!
RM 2 for selected sushi.
Tomorrow last day!!!
Went Alamanda Sushi King and really had a bloated dinner.
Today I desperately wan the 9th episode of Zettai Kareshi!!!
I also dont know why all the movie I watched not complete wan.
The most frustrating part is everytime when reach the most interesting part then I have to stop watching because dont have the next episode.
Zettai Kareshi is a japanese drama.Can guess from the title la.
The storyline is about robot lovers.
You can choose your ideal boyfriend but he will be a robot.
Quite interesting.
But the main reason I am watching is because got
See,I told ya that I choose drama with handsome guys to watch.Haha.
Now I have 3 pending dramas.
Gokusen 2,篮球火 and Zettai Kareshi.
All stop halfway.WTH.
Now waiting for Hana Kimi SP.
My one week holiday will be watching dramas.
When I finish the 3 dramas then I will find new drama.Haha.
Japanese drama is really very nice.You should try watching.No regret.
But not anime.Seriously I dun like anime.I dont know why.
Friday will be my last paper.Im free for these 2 days.

Oct 14, 2008

I desperately want 11th episode!!!!!!
I posted this everywhere I can post.
Msn,facebook,ym,gtalk and everywhere else.
But I desperately and extremely wan the 11th episode of 篮球火.
How good if Im at home now.
Anytime I can download movies and dramas.
The climax is here but I dont have that episode.
Im stucked at 10th episode.
I only have 10 episodes.
Waiting to go back and download and also waiting for ppl to download so I can take from them.
A taiwanese drama Im following.
Many people say not nice but I still watch.
The main reason is because MY JERRY YAN is one of the main actor.
But after watching so long I dun feel boring also.
First few episodes are quite boring la but is getting more interesting now.
Anybody can give me?
I know you are asking why I dont download now.
Thats because Uniten dont support torrent.
Haiz.Sad case right?
But Im patiently waiting for it.
Another movie I desperately want to watch.
花樣少年少女 Japanese version.
The japanese wan is much much more interesting.
But taiwanese one also not bad.
It was showed in Japan last Sunday.
Praying very hard that some fansubs will sub it.SARS Fansubs plz!
I wanna watch because MY IKUTA TOMA is in.
My choice of watching drama is based on the actors.
Everyone knows me knows that eventually.Hehe.
1 more paper to go.

Oct 13, 2008

I have exam this week and I dont update my blog.
But that does not mean Im busy studying.
So a short update now.Haha.
Past few days I was studying while playing games.
I guess this method really works and it keeps me awake till 4am.
But right now I ad gave up studying Physics.
The paper is tomorrow afternoon.
So let me rest my mind right now and maybe continue tomorrow morning.
No burning midnight oil today because my eyes telling me not to.Haha.
Last week yan,aisyah and ayu had a small open house at yan's apartment.
Just some raya cookies and cordial sponsored by Peah.
Dont expect much because they are from the north.Except for ayu.
So cant bring rendang those things.
They will basi.Haha.
We really had fun and the open house lasted for 3 hours.
We ended up talking nonsense while eating.
The raya cookies.
Two more papers to go.

Oct 9, 2008

Classes ended today for Semester 1 2008/2009.
Next week will be my final exams then 2 weeks holiday and second semester will start.
Only 2 weeks where got enough wor.My holiday will be only one week.
Lagi not enough.
Not yet have fun cukup-cukup then have to come back and start classes again.
My timetable for second semester is out today.
My timetable like SHIT only!
Damn pack especially on Wednesday.
6 hours continuous without break in between is ok.
But the problem is I have to run everywhere.
From BA to TA then to BL and again in BA.
Gosh!You might not know the distance between these places unless you are a Uniten students.
God drop me a car!Haha
The timing is also very bad.
My class starts at 8am!!!
I have to wake up so early which is something I really hate!
I dun like this timetable!!!
But still is much more better compared to others' timetable.
Bare with it for 3 months then is over.
My timetable.Like SHIT right?
Luckily Yan still in the same class as me.
This time we are divided according to our courses.
So my class will be lesser people as very less students taking Civil Engineering.
But the person I dun like is in the same class as me!
What a luck!
I will not say who is it and some of you might know and it might be you if you think so!Haha.
Guess I will stick to others rather than be with her/him.
Wish me luck in final!

Oct 6, 2008

Tanjoubi Omedetou,生田斗真!!!
Tanjoubi Omedetou,IKUTA TOMA!!!
His birthday is on the 7th October.
But since is already past 12am in Japan,so wishing him.....
Check out TOMALICIOUS for his birthday banner!
Once again...

Oct 5, 2008

Im back in Uniten.
Come back means have to study.Haiz.
Reached here around 5 pm.
As expected jam at the highway.
From the moment I came back till now I was watching movie.
Just finished watching Yuuki Sekaide Hachibanmeno T.
A very touching movie acted by Kamenashi Kazuya.
Very interesting movie.Yeah,I cried.Very sad.
I like one of the phrase in the script :
To comprehend the value of one month,
just ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.
To comprehend the value of one week,
just ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
To comprehend the value of one hour,
just ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To comprehend the value of one minute,
just ask the people who missed their stop on the train.
To comprehend the value of one second,
just ask the person who managed to avoid an accident just in time.
To comprehend the value of one tenth of a second,
just ask the person who ended up with a silver medal at the Olympic.
The hands of the clock will continue ticking.
Therefore,treasure every moment you have.
And treat today as the utmost gift you'll have.
Isn't it very meaningful?
For me, YES!
Time is really very precious.

Oct 4, 2008

Went out yesterday to celebrate Tian Feng's birthday.
Also dikira as gathering.
8 of us : Me,mayling,jialin.shiwei,tianfeng,jo,simleng,yinghuey.
Qi chin and her cousin joined us then left earlier.
We went GoGo KTV.
I tell you RedBox and GreenBox still the best.
Why cant they open one RedBox or GreenBox in Malacca.
Not to say I criticizing this ktv but their services in terms of F&B and songs are very bad.
At least GreenBox has freeflow drinks.
But this ktv dont serve any drinks or titbits.
If you want drinks then order and pay in another bill.Very bad.
Then the songs there were so damn old and actually I should suggest to them to update new songs.
And for the whole 3 hours I just sang less than 5 songs.Thats so not me.
I was there for the sake of my friends.
I went there once and this was the second time and if possible I dun wan to visit that place anymore.
Ok back to the party.
It was actually a suprise to Tianfeng with a cake.
Just very simple but we were very happy.
Birthday cake.
Birthday girl, Tianfeng.
The 8 of us.
Shiwei's shit-shit.Haha.The sea view is nice.
Me & Yinghuey.Both of us were in yellow.The shit is damn menyibuk.
After ktv then we went for dinner.
Mayling and I went to fetch jiayi and alicia to join us for dinner.
We took hours to decide where to eat.
The thing I hate the most when go out with friends is decide where to eat.
Not only this time but it happened millions of time where we spent most of time standing and decide where to eat.
This also happened when I go out makan with Shirley they all.
So we ended up in Zen-Secret Recipe.
We sat there almost 2 hours not only eating but also talking.
Jiayi left us earlier.
Then we split coz we dont know where to go again.
Mayling,alicia and I went to eat herbal jelly.
Then shiwei messaged us to ask us to go eat ice.
But the shop closed when they reached there.
Their luck was bad yesterday.Wanted to eat dinner at Wok & Pan but we went too early so not yet open.Wanted to eat ice but the shop closed.Haha.
The 3 of us had a little chat at alicia's place then we went home.
Mayling fetched me and alicia home.Thanx mayling!
Was supposed to go back KL today but delayed again.
No no.Planned to go back on Thursday but till today not yet go back.
But its ok la.
Go back means have to study ad.Haiz.