Nov 30, 2008

Today was supposed to be my shopping day.
Shop and shop and shop.
I only managed to get a top.
Tomoro going to continue shopping.
Today accompanied my cousin to BTS for One In A Million Auditions.
We reached there around 8am and ad had ppl there.
Then later and later the queue to get forms was getting longer and longer.
It was really scary to see such a big crowd of people.Haha.
I guess the figure almost 1000 contestants.
But I was actually quite entertained sitting on a bench watching people.
There were so many kind of people.
Some you will never thought they will come for audition.
To be more emphasize,nerds.
As usual there will be some over-dressed people.
Then some even practicing singing in the toilet.
Was so damn loud.Not yet reach toilet also can hear ad.
But I spotted some which have the artiste look.
Handsome and pretty.
Yeah.Talking about handsome remind me of somebody.
The host of OIAM.
He is damn cute and handsome.Haha.
His real person is better looking than in TV.
Wanted to take photo with him but he was all the time crowded by people.
So no chance.
These people came for audition really have the passion for singing.
They were willing to wait for so long.
If for me for sure I cant wait that long.
I reached there so early but we waited so long.
The audition started late.
Me,my sisters,auyong and my uncle with his family.
We actually spent 8 hours in BTS.
But something that I had never experienced.
Then all of us were so tired then we left first leaving my uncle to wait for her daughter.
Unfortunately my cousin din pass this round.
Anyway she still has many chance to come audition since she is only 17.
Watching drama next!

Nov 27, 2008

I was actually half way doing taggy.
But answer and answer and at last I gave up.
So many questions and I really fed up when doing.
Maybe I choose the wrong time to do.
Bcoz Im very very tired and sleepy right now.
I was trying to sleep but I cant.
That makes me even more tired.
So I choose to blog right now.
Thought doing the tag can make me feel more relax but mana tahu.Haiz...
Not going back this week bcoz my parents are coming to KL.
Shopping spree!!!
My uncle coming as well.
My cousin going for One In A Million Audition at BTS this Saturday.
Hopefully she can get through.
Then I will have a STAR in my family.Haha.
I wan to follow if can but I dun think the process will be fast so I rather go shopping.Haha.
This December gonna be really busy.
Assistant Secretary for Career Fair.
Secretary for SemSis PRS.
AJK for CNY Night.
Next week Career Fair Team Building at PD and DFC Night.
Another week test is coming!

Nov 25, 2008

Sleepiness be my company for the whole day in class.
Though is very normal for me as I everyday also sleepy whenever I attend class but today is like the worst day.
I also dont know why.
Somehow I get fresher when I attended Chem lab.Haha.
The fun is there.
Out of sudden me,linda and shirley drove to Klang just to have bak kut teh for dinner.
Yummy, yummy, yummy!
Something that we dont planned and we just do what just came to our mind.
Is not crazy but is fun.
1 hour journey to Klang plus traffic jams.
Then after dinner straight headed back to Uniten.
Then, then, then again.
We suddenly wanted to watch movie.
So we went Alamanda and watched Madagascar 2.
And thats what I did for today.
Enjoyed the movie anyway.
I like to move it move it!!!
No photos for our visit to Klang.
But got a photo of my group during Chem lab with our lab coat on.
Yan,linda and Me!!!!

Nov 22, 2008

I was supposed to be in Genting right now.
Sitting on one of the seat in Arena of Stars.
Holding boards written Danell 李桀汉.
Shouting with Pinkies when feel like shouting.
Cheering for Danell when he receiving awards.
For now I only know Danell received Top 10 Local Songs Award.
But sadly Im not there.
I guess no fate for me to be there.
Usually problems of attending can be solved quite easily.
But this time is different.
However I tried the result is still NO.
I actually made decision if Im going for PWH Award then Im not going DFC Night.
But since now I din go PWH Award then I might be attending DFC Night.
My day is still filled with joy though Im not in Genting.
As usual my Saturday.Wake up in the afternoon.
Then went Alamanda with weipin-weilin-kalai.
Just shopped around and window shopping for me.
Then planned to have Move It Meal at McD.
But we got a brochure on the way to McD.
We headed to the restaurant stated in the brochure.
The Coast-Southwest Grill.
50% off for all the food in conjunction of their 4th Anniversary.
Actually the normal price quite expensive so now since got chance to eat cheaper then why not.
We settled down there.
Satisfied with the food and really very satisfying.Haha.
Mine - Chicken Tejas.
Weipin's - Macho Chicken.
Weilin's - B. Pepper Fried Chicken.
Kalai's - Pita Mama Mia.
Ours - Sizzling Fajitas Chicken.
Weiting & weipin.
Weilin & kalai.
I will go to this place again when their 5th Anniversary.Haha.
Maybe this is something in return that I din get to go Genting.
Oh yeah.Forget to mention.
After these bloated meal,we actually played badminton at Murni netball court.
The wind damn strong but still we continued playing.
Only me-kalai-weilin played.Weipin jogging.(she dunno how to play badminton.Haha)
Long time din play badminton.
Badminton brings back memories.
Still remember last time when school holidays for sure me,alicia and few others will play badminton at MBA since alicia's father own a sport shop there so we get to play for free.
And we usually played in the morning so nobody playing.The courts belong to us.Haha.
Really had fun.
Im a quite-skillful-player k.Went training before ler.Haha.
Me and alicia quite bad bcoz we only ask those who can play well to join us.
Me and ali can play very well compared to others so when playing with those beginner definitely we will boring.
Not say Im insulting but we also want to play a normal game.Haha.
Anyhow we still teach those that just starting playing.
Really wish can play badminton with them again.
And hopefully kalai will get a court on Monday.
Im seriously extremely want to play badminton in a court.
I love badminton!

Nov 21, 2008

Nothing interesting going on these few days thats why Im not blogging.
Today me,linda,shirley and catherine went to Seremban to give Yen Yen a surprise visit.
Actually is to celebrate yen's birthday.
Her birthday will be in few more days but she will be celebrating with her family then we celebrated it earlier for her.
The four of us damn smart.
First time there then we can find yen's house with just the address and some directions given by yen.
She was really surprised till she was so touched and her tears were rolling down.Haha.
We just bought a mango cake for her.Very nice.
Then her mum brought us to a seafood restaurant for dinner.
We ate seafood!!!!
Especially the CRAB!!!!!
Shirley,linda,yen,me and catherine.
The birthday girl.
Very tired today though class till 11 am only.
Luckily tomoro no class so I can sleep late and wake up late.
Can you spot where is weilin?
Here she is.Haha.

Nov 16, 2008

Baking is my passion.
I love baking cakes and cookies.
So today I felt very boring and suddenly came to my mind that I want to bake cake.
Not enough ingredients but I insisted of baking then my parents purposely went to shop just to buy those ingredients.Thanx daddy and mummy.
Once I had enough ingredients then I started baking.
I baked moist chocolate butter cake.
This was my first time baking this and the first time baking without my mum with me.
My mum left for dinner at Klang just after she told me what and how to do.
I did it very well and it also turned out to be very fine.Hehe.
Moist chocolate butter cake.
My aunt had 10 free tickets to watch China Acrobatics.
So she asked me,weilin,zhiquan and auyong to join her.
The show was quite interesting especially the magic show.
The last time I watched magic show was during my primary.
This magician received many awards in China.
China's David Copperfield.
The acrobatics were awesome as usual.
I enjoyed the whole show.
The people are doing some acrobatic stunts up there.

Nov 15, 2008

EYE ON MALAYSIA is now in MALACCA!!!!!!!!

I love this pic....the gondolas look like ice cubes.
Is located just right beside the sea.
So when you go there is really windy and is really very nice.
I just love the wind.
Went there yesterday night with my family but din take a ride because the thing is not completely finished constructed yet.
I dont mean the Ferris wheel but the government are still going on with some projects to beautified Malacca so that when you are high up there you will see a very beautiful historical city.
So I will definitely be on the top when everything is finished.
The rate is reasonable.
Adult : RM 10.00 (have to show MyKad)
Children & senior citizen :RM 8.00
Just right before going out,my siblings and I all syok sendiri take photos.
♥weilin♥ I dont know why my hair so cacat....
Danell will be in Malacca on the 23rd Nov for his promo.
Should I come back or not?
If I come back means Im coming back continuously for 3 weeks.
I guess my dad will scream at me for coming back every week.Haha.
I think not coming back since I ad autographed the album and also the calender.
If I come back also just wanna have a look at him since attending DFC Night seems to be quite............haiz.

Nov 13, 2008

Why must you copy others?
Why cant you be yourself?
Tell me why.....
Ok.I dont know whats wrong with me.
Just that I dont like ppl to copy me and I also dont like to copy ppl.
The copy I mean is everything .
Example : Something posted in my blog then this person dengan easynya just copy then paste in her blog.Get it?
I seriously hate that.
Everyone hates that.
Nobody likes to be copied.
But if you give credit or ask permission then its ok la.
But copy.Haiz.I cant accept it.
Give me a break.
I dont like my timetable.
Very hectic and rushing.
Rush for 3 days and Thurs and Fri so damn free.
Im now having problems with this stupid lecturer.
I cant even understand one thing.
I attend his class is only for the sake of attendance.
I know I cant be that harsh to lecturer but seriously damn shitty la.
I have to be very independent now.Study on my own.
Im complaining but it does not affect my mood actually.
From the beginning it seems like Im writing this post in a very bad mood.
But you are wrong.
Im actually very fine and feeling very great right now.
My lunch was cooked by weipin.Thanx.
So all the above just something I would to express the past few days.
But since the past few days I was a little bit busy so I postponed them to today.
Im going back Malacca again this week.
Since weilin they all going back then why should I stay.
The main purpose is actually I wanna continue downloading dramas.Hehe.
Wanna have one?
Is only 5 bucks!!!
Get one for yourself at Jonker Walk,Malacca.
Haha.Im not promoting just telling you where to buy if you want.
Is our pencil case.Can see the names?
Bought it quite long ago.When Shirley visited Malacca.Around 1 month back.
You can choose your own design and write anything you like.
Just want to show off here because nobody is using the same pencil case as me.Hehe.

Nov 10, 2008

I love chemistry lab!
Today had the first experiment for chemistry.
Read the manual like so damn difficult but who knows is just so bloody easy.
Was supposed to do in couple so definitely will be me and yan together!
But mana tau this sibuk linda did her add and drop and joined our class.
So kesian her that she was deserted so me and yan accepted her into our group.
So our group has 3 person.
But somehow more people than can finish faster.
When finish faster then can go back faster.
And report also do less things.
Besides I guess we also have a young-good-looking-kind & soft-hearted-lab instructor.
Thats why we enjoyed the lab session.Haha.
Looking forward for the next lab session which is next week.
How good if physics lab also the same.
But it will be different because my physics lab instructor is a lady.
So not fun la.Haha.
No handsome guy for me to see.Haha.
PWH Awards is just around the corner and I still not yet decide whether to go or not.
My pinkies gang not going so higher % that Im not going.
But I guess I will change my mind anytime.
And also DFC night.
Is on a Sunday and I didn't know the next Monday is a public holiday.
Since I knew it now so higher % that Im going.

Nov 8, 2008

Back in Malacca but din do many things and Im going back to Kl tomoro.
Kinda lazy to go back.
Today I went to Alliessa's kindergarten graduation day.
But not Alliessa graduating.
Her seniors.Haha.
Wesley Church Kindergarten.
My ex-kindergarten also.
I cant really recall what I did in the kindergarten but what I remember was I really had fun in the kindergarten.
I din have to bring bag and I got free food and got playground as well.
And they organized many school trips.
How good if I can go back to those days.........
Back to the graduation day.
Besides the students receiving their diplomas,they also performed concert.
Alliessa took part in many many performances.
I expecting watching her for her first performance then I wan to cabut ad.
We thought she only involved in 2 performances as she also din tell us anything.
But each time when me and my parents decided to leave then Alliessa will appeared on stage again.Haha.
So in the end we watched finish.
But this time the concert is not that boring compared to previous years.
I went for previous years as Nerissa was also graduated from this kindergarten.
The lil graduates.
Alliessa in the purple flower.
Alliessa and her friend.
A drama by the graduates.The lil boy as the story teller named Danny is very cute and he damn smart.Is impressing for a child to memorize the whole storyline.
I was kinda emo tonight.
But Im ok now.
I guess I dun have any emo posts in my blog.
Izit because I dun share my emo moments in my blog or I rarely have emo feelings?
I dun hope to be emo anyway.
So I guess my blog wun have any emo postings.Hehe.
If there is then it means Im really very down.
DFC 3rd Anniversary is here again!
Another decision to be made.

Nov 7, 2008

Just came back from Alamanda.
Went with Linda since Shirley and Yen went back to their hometown.
So we had Sushi King.
Then watched The Coffin.
I didn't get to watch the other day and Idzaan and the gang were telling me the movie was scary and sad and they were shouting and crying.
So I was very tempted to watch.
And so thats why I was in cinema past few hours.
But the movie is totally different from what they said.
It was not that scary and sad.
I was not scared and sad at all.
Or maybe Im just too hard.Haha.
After watching was around 11.30pm.
Then Linda and I decided to take a tour in Putrajaya.
We wanted to go further but scared got lost so we only managed to go halfway.
We actually lost on the way.
We were going straight at all time but actually the road is a circle.
After going straight all time we came back to the same place and saw the same building.Haha.
Then only we realized that we were going round and round.Haha.
But anyhow we still managed to get back to Uniten.
If not I wont be blogging now.
When we reached Uniten was ad after 12 am.
We were thinking reason if the security guard would ask us before letting us in.
Fortunately today the super lazy-always on phone-security guard on duty.
So we can just passed through easily without even stopped at the guard house.
Oh yeah.
We actually had free dinner at Sushi King.
I felt today the both of us damn lucky.
Before entering cinema,we were queuing to buy popcorn.
Then while waiting,Linda saw a RM 50 note on the floor.50 bucks wei.
So since we saw it then we picked it up.
Most of the expenses today was covered.Hehe.

Nov 5, 2008

Finished class very early today as the first week no tutorial classes and lab.
I guess this semester gonna be really tiring. Just only few days and Im ad very tired.
But what to do.
I will love chemistry this semester.
I only enjoyed chemistry class so far.
And the lab as well.I got a quite good looking lab instructor.Haha.
So these are the photos for the Sunday-Fasi outing.
And the people were..... .

Idzaan, ezy, akmal, weiting & yanie.

Eza, sheila, faezah & raj.

The ladies.

Group discussion on what movie to watch.Haha.

Yanie and faezah!!!

Dunno what the four of us doing.Haha.
Haha.Nice sunglasses right?
Girls la.You know where is it.
The only 2 gentleman deciding what to eat.
As usual.The 4 of us.Hehe.
Sheila, idzaan and raj.Dont know what raj is doing with the plate.Haha.
Most probably I will be going back home this week.Yeah!!!
Can continue downloading my dramas.Haha.
I have problem with yahoo messenger.

Nov 2, 2008

Facilitators & En. Arif.
Akmal and my group.B3 & B4.
Photos throughout the whole orientation.
Orientation finally ended yesterday evening.
Really tired but at least I had fun and enjoyed.
Still considering to join the next intake as facilitator.
Today the facilitators,we all and kak sheila went to Alamanda.
We had lunch and dinner,watched movie,played games at arcade,play bowling though I didn't play coz went shopping.
Really had fun.
Hopefully I will get to post the pictures.
Tomorrow class starting and Semester 2 begins.