Sep 28, 2010

Gosh,Im damn frustrated.
Uniten line SUCKS!!!!!
And because of that I din managed to pre-order Arashi's new single limited edition.
Damn babi!
Its sold out now!
Haiz...I was waiting for LE yesterday and when its released the line buat hal.
When I see this morning its ad sold out!!!!!
Damn shit la!
I have to get the regular edition then if CdJapan not restocking the LE again.
Iiiissssshhhh!!!Damn stupid!
Ppl please cancel your order so I can order!
Ok,thats the very first time I actually get really angry in blog.
Cant online when nothing going on,I dun mind but why must on the day of the pre-order starts.
Even more frustrating was the line starts to buat hal the moment I received mail from CdJapan.
After that,cant load any page at all.
And now, msn,gtalk,ym all cant sign in.
Woke up this morning,no water.
Another stupid case.
Dah la line tak baik,no water pula.
Fine,angry also cant do anything.
But Im seriously sad not getting the single LE version.
Somehow,I did cheered up a little when Kweeling told me the concert goodies have arrived!
I just cant wait anymore!!!
Had great time with Arashi's Monster this evening too.Hehe.

Sep 26, 2010

A week full of I dunno what.
I just know I have been rushing assignment a day before due date and it was given in the first class 2 months back.
I managed to finish though.Hehe.
But still many things coming up.
Finals especially!
Careers unit is starting to get busy too.
Today,went all the way to Kuala Selangor again for seafood.
Me,shirley,kat and yuye.
Linda joined us when we reached there since its her hometown.
Last Thursday, linda, yen and catherine celebrated mine and shirley's belated bday at a restaurant.Dick and kat joined in as well.
Well,the food is nice and thank you very much!
Present from them!
I realized I blog more when Im at home!

Sep 19, 2010

I wanna blog before going to sleep.
Feel weird huh Im actually sleeping so early.
Headache now.Feel like sick pula.Haiz.
Im back in uni after 2 weeks of splendid holidays.
Was in KL yesterday as my dad suddenly decided to come KL.
Me and my bro kelam-kabut packed our things as we are supposed to balik today as planned.
All the way to Kuala Selangor for seafood!
Ahhh....forgot to take the photos from weilin!No photos then.
Then after that went I-City but too many ppl and dslr not with us so we decided to go next time.
Went breakfast at Yut Kee in Jalan Dang Wangi.Specialized in roti babi.The name sound not nice but its delicious.Its non-halal of course.
KLCC the next destination.
For the first time I have no urge to buy any mags when I was in Kinokuniya.
Then went back to my sis place and have a relaxing time before coming back uni.
I just woke up just now and now Im sleeping again.
Im really tired!

Sep 18, 2010

Today went lunch with 2 Thongs.
2 thongs sounds wrong isn't it?Hahaha!
We went Daorae Korean bbq in Melaka Raya.
The food was nice with the way of eating recommended by the Korean boss.
Hmmm...I still love BBQ Plaza more.
But still I love Japanese food more.Haha!
A guy served us and I din have a chance to bbq the meat also.
The ready bbq-ed meat.Yummy!
Ahh..forgot the name of this.Rice with a lot mushroom,crab meat,sayur,tauge-that-I-hate-the-most,kimchi and many more other stuff mixed together.
3 of us shared together.
After that met up with shiwei,tianfeng and oxy.
Went Jonker for Baba ABC and walked around Jonker Street.
Then after tf and oxy left,we went thong's house and sampat there.
Came back and straight go to YB's open house.
I dunno who tapi dijemput so go la.
2 more open house coming soon.
Eating season has not end yet till the last day going back.
Btw,Nino will be appearing in Natsuniji final episode as expected.Hehe!
First time Jun-kun's drama with Arashi member appearance.
Im exhausted now!

Sep 16, 2010

After so long,went out with Yutian this evening.
We spent most of the time talking this time.
Toma,the main image in Final Fantasy XIV cm!
Nah,the cm...
Toma cho kakkoi!!!!
Yesterday was Arashi's 11th Anniversary, HAPPY ARASHI DAY!!!
Today is Malaysia's day, SELAMAT HARI MALAYSIA!!!

Sep 13, 2010

Festive season is all about food.
Been eating a lot since the very first day of raya.
Even went out with secondary school buddies before everyone is scattered everywhere all around the world.
*leeshiwei,i have been waiting for the group pic but nvm, i blog without pics *
All of us!!!!
Gonna miss those going UK!Though u guys coming back again next year.Haha!
Then with my aunt's and our courtesy,we did bbq again on raya kedua.
Dont know how many times ad bbq this year.
This time the chicken wings were superbly delicious!
Been busy everyday.
Basically busy makan and keluar.
But being busy will not make me forget bout Arashi.
On the 1st Sept,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan starts distributing “ニッポンの嵐 (Nippon no Arashi)” over all of Japan’s primary, junior, and high schools.
This book considered as textbook for the schools and its available in school library.
An A4 sized, 200 coloured page textbook.
Inside, photos of Arashi members are splashed everywhere as they visit different locations within the country, introducing the local culture.
Im hoping it will be distributed publicly too!
I want it! I want it! I want it!
This is so gonna make the students to be pencuri,bcoz if Im in the school,I will definitely going to steal the book from library.Haha!
ニッポンの嵐 (Nippon no Arashi)
By looking at it,make me want it even more!!!!!
Japanese students are cho lucky ne!
Arashi's Boku no Miteiru Fuukei album has been sold more than
1 million copies!
They received "Special Distinction : Million Certificates" from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).
Another one week of holidays to go.
Another one month also I dont mind.Haha!

Sep 10, 2010

Simple celebration yet I enjoyed and had fun.
Basically 6 children celebrated for me this time.
My 20th bday cake.
And here, I would like to wish those celebrating especially my frens
Eating season is here again.Haha!
Weekends is packed!

Sep 8, 2010

Yay! I turned 20 today!
Thank you so much for all the wishes no matter thru facebook,sms,call or any others.
I just wanna have a post in my blog on my bday.
Let me just show you my very first present but received secondly in hand.
The first one was the one I posted 3 weeks ago.
Arashi's Love Rainbow.
Yes,this is the single Arashi releasing today,on the same day as my bday!
So basically its a present from Arashi!!!!Haha!
Since its my bday,let me SS a bit.
This is bday present from Weilin!!!
Thank you so much!!!!Haha!
I just couldn't help it to let Arashi to be in my post again.Hehe.
Once again, THANK YOU to all of you!
Love you guys!!!

Sep 5, 2010

Arashi's 4 days concert in Kokuritsu has ended last night.
Next will be dome tour.
Riida kissed Jun-kun!!!
Aiba kissed Nino!!!
They sound gay-ish but thats members' love.
Something that makes everyone love Arashi!
Since Arashi is like hot cake in Japan, Japan Airlines has used them as a way to overcome their financial problem.
See, this is what they did.
Yes,Arashi's face on the plane!!!!!!!!Sugoiii rite?
Known as Arashi Jet!!!!!
You can even see Arashi in the sky now.
And they will even sell special-printed-cover album in the plane.
Plus with Arashi's message "Thank you for flying with Arashi.Have a nice trip" in the plane.
How smart they can think of this way.
Unfortunately, its only flying domestically.
Somehow Arashi's fans will go for their flights when they going for Arashi's concert at Fukuoka,Osaka and Sapporo soon.
I wish I can fly in this plane too!
Previously what surprised us,the fans was Arashi being in school textbooks.
And this time they are on the plane.
Being Arashi's fan is exciting because we often receive surprises from Arashi.
And you can easily broke too!Haha.
Surprisingly, I cant find anything to download.
Its either I downloaded everything or there is really nothing for me to download.

Sep 2, 2010

There goes the last paper of midterms!
And its HOLIDAY!!!!!!!
Semester break for a week and classes canceled for a week in conjunction with Hari Raya.
So I have 2 weeks break!!!!!!!
Its so nice to have holidays.
Have to get ready now as going back Malacca in a while!!!!

Sep 1, 2010

RankArashi Ranking Favorite (Top) to Least Favorite (Bottom)
For the sake of hentai obasan!Haha.
RankArashi Ranking
Favorite (Top) to
Least Favorite (Bottom)
Haha!The first one is the real one.