Oct 31, 2009

I have disappeared from my blog since the day I finish exam.
After exam what else,immediately go back to where I belong.
So as you know when Im at home,I am extremely busy with all my downloading stuff.
Not even one second can be wasted.
When Im downloading stuff,I will know the importance of time.
I will be racing with time.
If I have this type of attitude while studying,I guess I will be a genius.Haha.
But unfortunately thats not my attitude in studying.
I was kinda bored while at home but I love this relaxation.
I guess not going anywhere for holidays since my bro having SPM in few weeks time.
Supposed to go All American Rejects concert tonight but canceled bcoz of his SPM.
So ended up I teman my mum go Jonker and watched Chinese oldies singing competition.
You know la how the chinese oldies so while my mum watching,me and my dad go jalan-jalan cari makan.Though Im the only one eating.
This is the first time Im walking in Jonker while raining.
Bcoz of the rain,less people and easier to buy things.
Though is raining,the competition was still crowded.
Everyone was standing and sitting holding an umbrella.
So semangat all these old people.Mostly old people or should I say all except me of course.Haha.
Hoping for a wonderful holidays!

Oct 28, 2009


Oct 25, 2009

Good morning!
Today is the third day I study till early morning.
Its really great that I continue like this for 3 consecutive days.
When the sky turns bright then its time to go to bed.
My timing is different now.
I will spend the whole morning and afternoon sleeping and study during night till the next morning.
But normally I also sleep the whole morning and afternoon.Haha.
It makes me like so hardworking but this is the lesson for being last minute study.
I have been telling myself not to study last minute every semester but it seems to happen every sem.
I guess I just cant get away from my old study style.
My blog always be the place for me to refresh my mind besides watching Arashi's show.
Everything will end next Wednesday 4.30pm.Im so looking forward to that day!

Oct 22, 2009

I feel so bad by not blogging constantly recently.
But I dun have the mood to blog though I did have some nice events going on.
I guess the best event will be FINALS next week!
Im so dead!
When it comes to finals,I hardly can study.I don't know why.
I hate this feeling.
I wanna study but the mood is just not right.
When I start study,I will stop after a while.
Why I cant just study non-stop for 24 hours?
I will study for 15 minutes then I will end up watching Arashi for 1 hour.
Leave my study aside.
Yesterday after one of my exam,went to MidValley with linda and shuhui.
I was craving for Baskin Robins.
Wanted to eat the chocolate fondue but nobody wanna share so just satisfied myself with a cone.
Before Baskin Robins, we had our lunch+dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes.
No photos this time as I was too hungry and forgot to take pic when the food was served.
Seriously I love the food there.
For sure there is next time for PHOP.
And we bought lots of junk food to teman us in this stressful week.
But I don't sound stressful at all,don't I?
I just cant wait for next Wednesday and everything is over and my semester break begins officially.
But I still have to be in uni during the break.
Wish me luck in finals!

Oct 19, 2009

I had a very busy weekends this week.
Busy eating.Haha.
On Friday,my mum's and dad's friend raya open house.Both were dinner.
Then on Saturday,went to 2 Deepavali open house and 1 raya open house.All in the afternoon.
Can you imagine 3 times of lunch in just few hours.
I ate Indian,Malay and Chinese food in one day.
Then this morning went back to my grandparents' house as my cousin's daughter full moon.
Eat again.
Thought of skipping dinner but who knows my mum cooked sambal petai which is my fav so I cant resist.Eat again.
I seriously ate lots of things this time.
Some random pics taken during my weekends.
The 2 sampats - Nerrissa & Alliessa.
My cousin lazily drinking his milk.
My ever so cool cousin's son with my dad.
He never fails to make faces.He was pinching his nose actually.
I had a great weekend!
Tomoro Im going back and its going to be a stressful week till my finals end.Haiz.

Oct 15, 2009

Finally Im home!
Back in the afternoon but now only blogging.
Finally I can download all my pending shows.
You know how suffering to see the show you wanted to watch so much is out but you cant download it.
Cant even watch youtube when Im at uni.
Its terrible right?
Uniten line sucks to the max.
Don't care bout it,what I know is Im at home!!!!
I can download as much as I can and my laptop have to work overtime for these few days.
Besides all these downloading stuff,I guess I better stick a note to my forehead that finals is coming the week after next week.
Im gonna be so dead!

Oct 11, 2009

Im blogging in the condition my stomach bloated.
Didn't expect to be this full when we cook.
This week our apartment only left me and shirley.
As usual both of us will find things to do to cover our boredom.
So yesterday when we went out for lunch with weipin,then we went and buy some groceries for today's meal.
Yesterday night we made jelly.
And for today our lunch menu is fish n chips.
We did our fish n chips successfully and damn delicious.Haha.
Thats why Im bloated right now.
I guess this fullness can last till tomoro.
Our lunch with peel fresh orange juice.
Yummy fish n chips!
I want to go home!!!!
I can do so many things if Im at home!!!!

Oct 9, 2009

Went dinner just now and was bloated after dinner.
When we were back in apartment,we got nothing to do except for watching shows.
So we decided to go out again around 11pm.
Me,linda,weipin adn weilin went to Cyberjaya to have ice shave.
Almost one hour there and the night is still young.
We took a very long time to decide the next destination and we finally got one when we actually ad almost reached Uniten.
We ended up at Station One at Equine.
We just had drinks and enjoyed playing stackko for 2 hours nonstop.
Sometimes once in a blue moon to have such outing is very fun.
Today suppose to have Malaysian Studies test yet not yet confirmed.
This test has been postponed since weeks before raya till now.

Oct 8, 2009

It has been quite some time I last saw Danell or go to any of his events.

The last event was his bday bash which was 4 months back.
When come to think of it,kinda miss him.
What I miss is partly Danell himself and also the moments when all the Pinkies together to cheer and support him.
Thats the best time where the crazy scream is all out and hell yeah Pinkies conquer whenever we are.
But what I miss the most is my Pinkies gang!
Hannah,Justina,Genie & Elbe.
I miss those times we were together not only at Danell's events.
Seriously I dun think we have met more than 10 times but our friendship is as if we have known for centuries.
Justina,genie and elbe,Im so sorry that I could not make it the last gathering!
But I know there will still be another meet up for us.
Anyway,I dunno why I suddenly feeling nostalgic bout all these.
Maybe we have not meet for quite some time and Im browsing you guys' blog.
Then all those memories strucked my mind.
We have grown up huh....Haha.

Oct 7, 2009

It's IKUTA TOMA's 25th Birthday!!!
Lets celebrate Tomalicious!!!!
As usual Tomalicious forum's layout will change with the theme of Toma's birthday.
This time the button is cho kawaii.
It has been 2 years me being Toma's fan.
Longer than ARASHI but Im a fan of Matsujun earlier.
I had all Toma's drama since I have been his fans.
All his related variety show.
I guess I will have all his single all the way from Japan if he debuted.
But he is a special one in Johny Jimusho so he dun debut.
That make him unique among all the Johnys.
It seems I will be busy downloading his movies very soon and Im definitely looking forward.

Oct 6, 2009

All the way to PJ but SS2 Murni was closed.
How frustrating.
So ended up in a place that will be my first time and also the last time.
After dinner,went to MidValley for movie.
This is unplanned.
Far Cry was the only movie going on at the time we were there so we got no other choice.
Luckily the show was interesting.
This is what I have been doing everyday.
Register yourself and vote for ARASHI.
One day one vote.
But register multiple acc if u have more than 1 email add.
If you link from my blog,then make sure you give ARASHI a vote!
Statics class cancel tomoro so I dun have to wake up so early for 8am class.
Im always looking forward 8am class to be canceled.Haha.

Oct 2, 2009

Once I reached Malacca,my dad passed me 2 letters.
One of it is this....
And the content are these...
Handmade birthday card from Viola Ng Lee Hong!!!!!!!!
Viola,you seriously did surprise me this time!
I actually din expect you post it to me when you said you are giving me surprise.
I thought maybe when we meet up then the surprise is there.Haha.
Anyway,THANK YOU very much!!!!!!
I definitely will remember you when I see the SinChan key chain but without the key chain also I will remember you forever.
In other words,how can I forget such a wonderful and fun friend like you.
Though we have only been together for 3 months but our friendship doesn't end there and definitely continues for the rest of our lives.
The inside of the card
Viola,one more thing I need to tell you.
Your handwriting hasn't change much.Haha.
And don't forget our promise when we are 25!
Im now waiting for the pizza delivery man to arrive in front of my house.
Being in Malacca is always so fun!

Oct 1, 2009

2 birthdays in a week and both are my sisters.
Today is Weilin's 22nd birthday!
Not celebrating for her tonight since auyong celebrating for her.
So we will be going dinner with her some other day.
And this is the bday girl....
Once again,HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!
May you enjoy your bday!
Going back Malacca again tomoro.Hehe.