Nov 29, 2009

Greetings from Bagan Lalang.
I am here right now for Careers Unit team building.
Tomoro will be the first day of 2nd semester and yes all the careers member will be skipping their first classes.
I would say Im having so much fun here though my leg is aching.
The fun is cant be described by words.
Anyway the talk is starting soon.

Nov 26, 2009

Finally everything finished!
Came back from postmortem then straight sleep for 3 hours but still not enough as my eyes are still heavy right now.
Its really tiring but still not as tired as June intake but I did have lots of fun this time.
Though this time I was in charged of international students but I still enjoyed.
My 3rd time as facilitator is accomplished!
During induction.
During orientation.
This time more pictures with facilitators than students.
Weeeeee,the only 4 ladies facilitator.
The international students.
Upcoming next,Careers Unit team building.

Nov 25, 2009

Currently involved in orientation as facilitator for Uniten Nov intake.
I did mention that I have no motivation to go for induction and orientation but everything changed after I went.
I had so much fun either among the facilitators or the students.
Maybe this time the amount of facilitators and students are lesser compared to June intake thats why this time is more relaxing though still not enough sleep.
Since we have less facilitators this time so we know each other very well.
Had a surprise bday celebration for Izzat just now and he was thrown more than 10 eggs.
At first was just like normal postmortem but Nik acted as if he was angry and scolded all of us but most of us except the bday boy knew that was just acting and the surprise was a real surprise to him.
This time Im in charge of the international students.
Though its tiring but I enjoyed.
2 more days to go.
This weekend is Careers Unit team building and next week new semester starting.
Oh yeah..result is out and I must say Im satisfied with my result though Im not satisfied with the result of some subjects.

Nov 21, 2009

Just came back from YES Challenge Red Carpet Event held by Money Tree at Eastin Hotel.
Nothing much to comment on the party.
We actually left before everything finish as we got bored at the end of the event.
The dress code was business formal wear yet the event goes on so casually.
Komala,mithila,ME,weipin and Miss V.
Weipin and me.
The team representing Uniten Careers Unit to this event.
Tomoro induction will be starting.
Seriously I got no motivation to attend even for orientation.
I will be lack of sleep starting from tomoro.

Nov 18, 2009

One week my blog is not updated.
Im back in uni last Sunday.
Is not that Im really busy but Im extremely free.
Planned to work for careers stuff for 2 days then Wednesday will start induction for faci.
But it seems career works can be done some other time and induction has been postponed to Saturday.
And so these few days Im going be a nothing-to-do person in my apartment which Im totally alone.
Luckily weilin still here.
One thing I love coming back to uni during holiday is that the internet speed is superbly fast.
It has been raining heavily everyday.
Everyday the weather is so cooling that I love it very much!
Have you seen rain directly falling from the sky?
I watched the sky just now.
I can see the rain falling directly from the sky.
Its beautiful.
Sometimes the sky is too bright for us to watch the rain falling directly.
I love watching the sky especially during rainy days.
I can just stare at the sky for hours.Im not crazy!
Once me and shirley were talking while looking up in the sky at the window of my room and we talked for hours.It was raining that time as well.
It is really enjoyable watching the sky.
You should try to watch the sky once in a while.
It would actually calm your emotions.
Is not that Im having any emotion problem but it really gives the feeling like "It's so nice!".
This is what we call relaxation.
Watching the sky and daydreaming is the best thing to do!
You should look at the sky now bcoz today the sky is beautiful.

Nov 11, 2009

ARASHI's limited signboard.
5000 of signboards are given to those 5000 lucky fanclub members.
Arashi had been started signing the boards last year November in Korea and they finally produced 5000 of it with number 1-5000 on the boards to show how limited is it.
But unfortunately I definitely cant get it since Im not the member of their official fanclub.
Of course I would love to join but one of the requirement to join the fanclub is you must have Japan address.
I want this signboard so much yet there are people who got it and selling it.
There are a few signboards being auctioned at Yahoo Auctions.
I wonder are they really Arashi's fans.
How can they can sell such a precious thing just for money.
One of the signboards sold at 610000 yen,roughly RM22964.87.
The other signboards are being auctioned at higher price for now there is one 1000700 yen still biding.
Though the price is high but there are still buyer bcoz Arashi's fans are crazy.
I will be that crazy too if I have the money.
You can be really rich if you sell Arashi's stuff.
This show how popular is Arashi and how crazy is their fans.
Their 5x10 Anniversary concert ticket even sold at 2 millions yen at Yahoo Auctions.
The normal price of ticket is only 7500 yen.
But the tickets are not easy to get as they using the ballot system and is only open to fanclub members.
If there are extra tickets then only open to public which dont happen most of time as the tickets are not even enough among the fanclub members though they restricted one fan only can attend one time.
The concert held at national stadium and 5 other domes.
Each venue the concert was held 3 days continuous.
So its not surprise that people are willing to pay so much just for the tickets.
If you are not the fanclub member but you stay in Japan also have difficulties to attend the concert,what more overseas people like me.
They are super popular in Japan now.
If I am super rich,I guess my money all also will go to Arashi.Haha.
Maybe I will be spending my life in Japan.How I wish I could.
I guess I have to sleep now for that to happen.Haha.

Nov 10, 2009

Everything is normal till at night.
My dad got a call and we rushed there.
My uncle's house masuk pencuri.
When he was back from work,his house door all were unlocked and the doors were all broken.
And lights were on and the house was in a mess.
All the drawers and cupboards were opened.
Clothes were all thrown on the floor.
But luckily nothing much lost.
Jewelries,cash and 5 bottles of brandy gone.
Those jewelries taken were just some small small thing.
The expensive ones were hidden and they could not find it.
The pencuri was kinda stupid or should I say luckily a stupid one that masuk the house.
They only searched the obvious places and they chose to take handy stuff.
Things that are expensive they didn't take but take all those cheap ones.
Things like TV,computer are safe.
Of course reported police.
Then the police came and took photos of the crime scene.
This is the first time I watch how the police check the place.
They even look for finger prints and yes they found one.
They don't check for finger prints at the gate or the cupboards because the finger prints on metal will be gone very fast so they cant get it if check coz the incident happened hours ago.
So they look for things like paper bags,containers as finger prints will stay longer at things like that.
And they found few finger prints on a paper bag taken from an opened drawer.
My first time seeing how they check for finger prints.Its interesting.
Another info from the police was 99% of houses of pecah rumah case have tanglungs outside their house.
The whole row of my uncle's house there,only my uncle's house have tanglungs outside.
Is not the round red lantern that used for CNY but those usually have only 2 biji tanglung hanging outside the house all the time.
The police said in the pencuri's mentality those houses that have those type of lanterns is kinda rich.I wonder....
Things like that is unexpected and what we can do is only precaution.

Nov 7, 2009

Finally I stepped out of my house.
Date with my gossipmate,Lee Yu Tian.
Dinner at Japanese restaurant and we had our first time Japanese sake.
Movie,Poker King.Not bad...funny!
Then I think is too early to go back and she was thirsty,so we stopped at last destination,Old Town cafe.
Our meal.
These are add-on.
Grilled chicken.
Our table is full of food!
Both of us finished everything and we are still very full till now.
Thats why both of us cant sleep and still chatting right now.Haha.
Japanese sake.
We ordered coz we wanted to try for the first time and I would say its not that bad after drinking a few sips.
The first sip was terrible.Haha.
Me and Yutian.
We are always eating when I am with her.

Nov 6, 2009

I totally forgot that I have a blog when Im on holidays.
I was at home all the time not even going out for shopping or anything.
Even I wanted to go somewhere but I always cant think of anywhere to go when in Malacca.
Ended up I will be watching ARASHI the moment I wake up till the time I yawn the most times.
Besides watching,the downloading process is going on all the time.
And you can see me online all the time too.
Seriously I cant find anything else interesting for me to do.
Baking,I dun have the mood.
Cooking,not something that interests me.
Shopping,no place for me to shop.
Gaming,dun have my favourite game.I want Need For Speed!
Eating,I have been eating all the time.
Sleeping,I have been sleeping half a day everyday!
Blogging,I wanted too but like I said I forgot I have a blog when Im at home.Haha.
Since I dun really go anywhere so nothing much for me to blog as well.
What I have been doing daily?Let me see.
Wake up in the noon.
Check my downloads.
Watch Arashi's variety show and drama.
Check updates on Arashi - Aibakaland,arashi_on,Arashi Wish,etc.....
Check for new subbed videos - StormyTeam,TFS,Cuticlefansubs,AonoMichi,AST,Angeldevils,OnlyArashiFiles,etc...
I will be really busy if every sites have new subbed videos out.
That are all my fav sites when Im in front of my laptop.
At night usually will be watching Arashi till 2-3am.
Then sleep.
Then the next day continues the same routine.
How is it?
Boring rite?Cant help it.
You must be wondering there are Arashi,Toma but no more Danell.
It has been some time since my last visit to PW.
Since Danell has less and less events and updates nowadays,kinda like the interest also carried away.
Or should I say Im more to Japanese to be exact Arashi and Toma nowadays which most of my friends realized that as well.
NO,my interest towards Danell is not fully faded.
I need someone or something to revive me as Danell's fan.
But Im definitely still a PINKIES!
Wow,I still can write these long.Haha!
Im actually blogging to waste some time while waiting for my downloads to finish so I can start a new download before I sleep.