Jul 29, 2011

Ohaiyo gozaimasu!
Good morning!
Selamat pagi!
Now I realized I hardly blog in the morning.
Usually I will blog way early morning as in midnight.
Maybe because all these while all the mornings I have been sleeping.
Im here now is because Im having a test in an hour time.
I will not wake up early in the morning for nothing.
Plus its raining outside.
What a nice day to sleep on a day Im having test in the morning.
Im so tempted to skip the test just to continue sleeping.
Last revision!

Jul 26, 2011

3 tests in a week is crazy!
Though Im procrastinating more.
Facebook,twitter and Arashi accompanied me as well.
And seriously no sem break is really torturing but at least the we feel that time passed fast.
In less than 3 weeks time I will be having finals.
But Im going for holiday next week.
I just cant wait for it.
But I want a long holiday!
Anyway,Arashi's Beautiful World Live Tour started last Sunday.
First venue Osaka.
My wish,my dream is to attend Arashi's concert.
Study..no..sleep will be better now.

Jul 20, 2011

Its kinda weird for me to blog at this time.
Anyway,I had so many things happening last weekends.
I spent 2 days with my sampat buddies.We went shopping,makan and talk talk talk.
Had so much fun!
Then came back to KL on Saturday.
Once I reached, straight headed to Bon Odori at Shah Alam with Yan.
There are so many Japanese food and we totally love it.
The food stalls!
Some Japanese in yukata.
The stage.
Message board to Japan.
Its so obvious we wrote the "ARASHI & KATTUN".Hehe.
After that went to Bukit Bintang to wait for Arashi's "Message from Japan" cm.
Waited for like one hour but nothing.
So we went back.
Then last Monday we went again to try our luck.
This time we waited for like 3 hours and still no luck to watch.
So we left disappointingly again.
Wonder when will they air it again.....
Hopefully I will get to watch it at airport.
Those who have the chance to watch it,please watch on my behalf!
And these finally arrived.
Beautiful World album & Nippon no Arashi.
Patiently waiting for my concert goods now.
Looking forward to my Sabah trip as well.
But before all that I have to go thru 3 tests next week!
Celebrating Iyn and Justin's bday tonite!

Jul 15, 2011

I had so much fun with my dearies classmates!
Everyone is back from UK and US.
Haven't met all though.
Meeting up after sometime and yes,we are still as crazy as ever!
Sampat to be exact!
Gonna enjoy another fun day with them tomoro.
After 2 days back in KL,Im back in Malacca again.
The moment I came back,I have been downloading Arashi's show non-stop.
Even now the download is still tengah jalan.
10 shows to download and I still have like quite number of shows yet to be watched.
Means I have many things to watch after this!
Anyway,Arashi's Message from Japan CM is gonna to be air in 133 countries.
And yes,Malaysia is one of them.
And some ppl ad watched it aired at Bukit Bintang big screen!
If Im in KL right now,I guess I will be sitting in front of the big screen and wait for the CM.
Im gonna do that this coming Saturday when I go back.Hehe.
Im having so much fun!
I just love coming back!

Jul 7, 2011

Im having 2 tests later.
Non-stop of tests.
I ad have panda eyes now which I just realized moments ago.
I always say I want to sleep early but always ended up sleeping around 2-3am.
Maybe thats early for me.
I better go sleep now before my eyes get worse.

Jul 3, 2011

Its July!
Time really flies.In just a blink of eyes first half of the year has passed.
1st July is always a memorable date for every Pinkies.
Yes,its DANIEL LEE's birthday!
Pinkies had a simple celebration cum gathering on that day but I didn't go as I have test on that day.Stupid test!
I missed the fun and the most important,
The last time I saw him was like last year during his bday celebration.
For ONE year I didn't see him!......I really miss him!
Yes,I MISS YOU, Daniel!!!
At this moment I only had less than 3 hours sleep the night before.
Or maybe should I say this morning as I slept at 7am.
After last night test,went out yumcha.
Then came back around 3am.
After chat here and there,I feel like watching Arashi.
So at 4am I decided to watch Arashi's concert again with Kat.Hehe.
Thats why I slept at 7am.
At 9am woke up to listen JunStyle then slept back.
At 11am my parents came and till now I have not sleep.
My eyes are very heavy right now but I don't feel like sleeping yet.
So here am I.
Last week Aiba was admitted into hospital as his pneumothorax came attacking him again.
And he is resting now for one week.
Aiba,please get well soon as we want to see you in concert!
Arashi is not complete without you!
Arashi's new album "Beautiful World" is really beautiful.
All the songs are beautiful especially all the solos.
What a perfect album!
More tests,assignments and site visits coming up!