Jan 30, 2011

Early in the morning went Tesco with my parents.
Its 8am and its full of people especially aunties buying veggie.
Seriously its Sunday morning and everyone wakes up so early just for grocery shopping.
CNY is coming thats why.
Im there to buy stuff for CNY.Not me though,my parents.
I just followed since not always I will do this especially when I have to wake up so damn early on a rainy Sunday.
Came back to Malacca last Thursday and have been busy.
Started baking and baking again today.

Jan 25, 2011

Arashi's Sho Sakurai turns 29 today!
Me and Yan plan to celebrate our ichibans' bday this year so we started off with Yan's ichiban, Sho's bday.
Plan to celebrate on the day itself but I will be busy today so we have to celebrate it earlier.
We didn't bake but we did okonomiyaki for Sho's bday.
We bought takoyaki,onigiri,fruit tarts,cream puff and cheese cake too.
So much rite coz we too excited and ended up too much.
But we had fun!
The okonomiyaki.Its really yummy!
Birthday okonomiyaki for Sho!!!!
The bday feast!
Happy Birthday,Sho!..We are in red just for him!

Jan 23, 2011

Im damn tired now.
I only remembered I got a test tomoro night after I came back to Uniten just now.
Don't know whether should I just sleep or start studying.
With my current condition,even if I study nothing will goes into my brain.
But if I just jump onto the bed,I will feel guilty.
So,that makes me here.
Facing my laptop and blogging,neither studying nor sleeping.To avoid the guilt.
I should just start studying a little then sleep.
At least I did both.Hehe!.
My room is in a mess and Im totally lazy to tidy up but doesn't matter.
Not that Im celebrating CNY in Uniten.
Anyway,CNY is less than 2 weeks now!
Im ad in the holiday mood!
Arashi's Scene concert is ad out for downloading though releasing on Wednesday.
But I have not download yet.
This is so not me to my surprise.
Not that Arashi no more my priority (that will never happen!) but Im just too busy.
And maybe I want to watch it from my own copy.

Jan 18, 2011

Yesterday I was at Midvalley.
And today I went again.
Both days were for CNY shopping but got nothing much.
Anyway,currently Im addicted to Monopoly Deal card game.
Now you no longer need the board to play Monopoly.
You can just play using cards just like UNO.
Its much more fun and its really addictive.
I even played in the class.Hehe.
This is the one.
Bought from Toys R Us and its only RM19.90.
Its really worth it because is really fun!
Buy one and play!
These 2 weeks gonna be hectic though I don't know what Im busy with.
This week is like Im ad got lots of things to do everyday.Each day ad have things lining up.
Test next week.Career seminars start next week.And YES! Im going back for holidays next week too!
And its CNY!
But before that,Arashi's Scene Tour live dvd releasing next Wednesday too and its a day after Sho's bday!!!
The concert I have been longing to watch and finally next week!
So many things!I just couldn't wait for next week!!!!!

Jan 12, 2011

Surprisingly Im still blogging though I have been yawning thousand times and still yawning now.
Had very little sleep last night as have to finish assignments and project.
This semester is all about assignments.
Every week has assignments and datelines are very close to each other.
Forget about assignments.
Went CNY shopping at 1U yesterday.
Didn't manage to get what I want but bought other stuff instead.
It not easy to find what you are looking for.
Ok,I really cant stand ad.
Gonna have an early sleep.Oyasumi!

Jan 10, 2011

Hmmm.....3 weeks away from Chinese New Year!
Im ad in CNY mood.
Im always the first one that really anticipate for CNY among my friends.
CNY songs are now playing in my playlist.
Seriously I love CNY.Don't ask me why.
I guess many ppl love too.
I cant wait to go back home.
But this time can only celebrate a short CNY since have to come back on the 5th day ad.
Never mind that since I will be back one week earlier.
I just want to go home and do preparation.
New baju bought some.Gonna shop for more.
Cookies will start baking when go home.
House deco not my job.Hehe.
Im so looking forward to CNY.
Arrgghh..I just cant wait!

Jan 3, 2011

Welcomed new year of 2011 in Genting.
It was ad 3am when we reached there.
Had a cup of Starbucks then walked around and snapped photos.
Wanted to balik but it was too misty and raining so waited a while.
Left Genting at around 7am.
It was fun!
I just cant stop listening to Arashi's Furusato!

Jan 1, 2011

Its 2011!
Yes,I want to note something on the first day of 2011 as well.
This year I welcomed new year with my beloved friends.
Went dinner and countdown at Ampang Look Out Point aka Little Genting.
From there you can watch all the fireworks in KL.
Hanabi kirei!Fireworks are beautiful.
After that shoot up to Genting.
It was a last min decision so din bring any sweater and I was in short pants.
It was really really cold but I super love it.
Came back at around 8am and yes,I just woke up.
Photos will come later on.