Feb 26, 2008


For those banana, thats the MV of the theme song of 'Olympic In Beijing 2008' sang by Hong Kong artistes.The song is very nice.I just love it.
But I even prefer the Malaysian version theme song which is in Malay.Furthermore Daniel was in it.Hehe.Only Michael Wong and Ning Baizura was given the honor to sing solo.Daniel was not bad bcoz he sang duet together with David Arumugam of Alleycats.Not many singers was given chance to sing duet.You can easily recognize Daniel's voice.

For Malaysian version 'Olympic in Beijing' theme song,you can visit here.


It is not uploaded in youtube yet.When it is uploaded then I will post here.

Feb 24, 2008

Wonder what is in my mind all this while.There is one Japanese website that can tell you that.It is very interesting.
tan wei tingの脳内
This is my brain.These are what I am always think of.Hehe.
green - food
pink - love
blue - worries
orange - play
There are many more other colors.But those are not in my mind.When I first see the result, I was so shocked that I am not thinking about money.How could that be.Haha.I have lots of worries.Kinda fun to play.
Are you interested?Wanna play? If yes...go here http://maker.usoko.net/nounai/ It is in Japanese words.What you must do is only type in your full name in the box and enter and tada the result is out.The words in your brain is in chinese.So I only know by the colors.These what the colors mean:
green - food
pink - love
blue - worries
orange - play
white - rest
yellow - money
red - lies
lighter yellow - running away
欲 - Wants (desires)
友 - Friends
夢 - Dreams
私 - selfish
H - hentai (if you dont know this then get help from those who got watch anime or japanese series i am sure they will know,i dont know how to explain.Hehe)
Thats all I can help with the characters.
Got this from Tomalicious.Hehe.

Feb 22, 2008

Sorry Edison (陳冠希) apologises and quits showbiz

Good job Edison!Though it is not really your fault but you took the responsibilities to apologise.What a waste of you quitting the entertainment circle.


Feb 21, 2008

Why am I so tired today? I woke up in the noon and slept again at 3 sumthing and woke up at 5.Not in the mood of blogging but I have not been blogging for days.I shall drop few words here.Recently watched Nodame Cantabile.Tamaki in the drama very good looking.The drama is funny and interesting.

toma animation
my very first piece.
In case you want to know who is that handsome guy,thats IKUTA TOMA.=P
Gosh.Wanted to change my blogskin but I dont know why I cant change it this time.

Feb 16, 2008


mango cake.
my mum blowing candles.
Went to buy a cake at the nearest which is in Tesco.Only my brother went with me without telling my mum.Hehe.The cake was shared among the four of us.Posted the pic of the cake so weipin and weilin can see since they are not in Malacca and they cant eat it(but remember to pay me back the money=P).As expected will get a small scold from my mum.Last year also same.Haha.

Feb 15, 2008

Wanted to blog yesterday night but too tired so planned to blog this morning.Due to a sudden call I cant blog.Will talk about yesterday first.Yeas.Yesterday was Valentine Day.Nothing special for a single me.Went Secret Recipe with Weilin and Auyong.Sorry for being your lamp post lol.Ate meatball spaghetti.Damn nice wei the meatball.weipin,if you are reading,fyi you still owe me a plate of meatball spaghetti.
Ren Ri just passed.And today is the day the Hokkienese bai ti qong.My house din pray so went back to my grandma's house.8 sumthing started journey.On the way,I see people started praying ad.But around 9 sumthing I reached my grandma's house,nobody started praying yet.They haven even get ready.Town people pray earlier.I was helping out to get ready for prayers.Colored the eggs,folded the money for ti qong and etc.When more of my aunties,uncles and cousins came,I went to my grandma's room slept a while.But its too noisy so cant really sleep.My cousins played fire crackers.I din joined them because the fire crackers they played were the matches type wan.I dun dare to play that.The bunyi damn loud.I din take any photos because i forgot to bring my camera.=(
Around almost 12 am only we started praying.After praying,I was too boring.Beside my grandms'a house was a small warung. Got a couple sitting there.They are malays but buat perkara yang tak senonoh.I know la its Valentine Day but also no need touch here and there in public.So my cousin and I wan to kenakan them la=P.My cousin lighted up the fire crackers and threw it under that guy's chair.They were too syok till dunno got people wan to kenakan them.After few seconds the fire crackers meletup.I was just watching from far what is their reaction.Hahahahaha.That guy really jumped up.Hahaha.He looked around but of course la all of us hide ad.Left only the children playing bunga api.We all laughed till cant stop.Hahaha.=D
Left my grandma's house around 1 sumthing.Fetched my 4kim home and then went to fetch weilin at auyong's place.Then Auyong's parents ajak makan top hat or it's called pai tee(nyonya food).Ate siu bak there also.
Back to today.Actually yesterday Uncle Yang asked me whether want to help in the election.So I agreed.Today got a call from Uncle Yang to go for an interview.i ajak my cousin,Ervin sekali.Not interview la.Memang we are helping out ad.We went there just to know what we should do.I will starting helping out on the 24th Feb till the election finish.Im helping out in the Gerakan office.Do those office stuff like typing and things like that la.If got any campaign and need helpers, then I will be going also.but most probably I cant join the campaign because Im still underage.What I am doing now is part of charity and can gain experience also.But dunno why I just feel that this job will be fun.
Talking about election which will be held on the 8th of March,rumours spreading saying that SPM results will be out on the 27/28 of Feb.This month wei.Around two more weeks only.Justina told me and my cousin told me that they are informed that they will be taking result in NS camp.Because of election then result is out earlier.Actually come to think of it,the government really can think well.If the students get good results then their parents surely will elect...you know la.Thats my thought.I better stop here coz Im coming to the sensitive issue as Im still underage to talk bout it.If this is really true,I am totally not prepared.Mentally and physically not prepared.Haha.

Feb 13, 2008

According to Chinese legend, the goddess Nu Wa spent six days creating animals out of mud.Humans were created on the seventh day.
Ren Ri, the Day of Humankind,is the commemoration of our birth.it is held on the seventh day of the first lunar month in the new year.To celebrate this day,humans ate a special dish comprising of seven symbolic delicacies.Over time,this dish became the traditional delicacy we enjoy as yee sang today.
When you toss the yee sang,you must shout 'loh hei' which means literally to 'move upwards'.It is an expression to ask to be blessed with good fortune.It is customary to toss the yee sang as high as you can to enjoy greater prosperity.
yee sang.

Feb 11, 2008

Semakan Online Status Pelatih PLKN Kumpulan 2 Siri 5 Tahun 2008

Tahniah, anda telah terpilih untuk mengikuti Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Siri 5/2008.
Kumpulan 2
Masa Daftar 9.30 PAGI
Tarikh Daftar 18/03/2008
Nota: Kumpulan 2 - Paparan maklumat penempatan Kem, masa melapor dan pusat berkumpul.
I got Kluang for my NS campsite.I prefer to get a place where I have not been.So my wish granted though Kluang got a bit far.My friends also got Johor for 1st batch but theirs was in Pagoh.So mine is futher.My dad ask me to apply to transfer camp but I think I better go for Kluang since Im fated to be there.Those who wan to visit me you are please to go Kluang to find me starting from 18 March.Haha.My siblings and my mum seemed to be very happy I got Kluang because they can go jalan.Even my uncle also plan ad wan to go jalan but I dun think got anything much there as its only a small pekan.One more month left for me to have fun.

Feb 10, 2008

I have lots to blog as I have left my blog un-updated for 4 days.I expecting this CNY will be very boring but I did really enjoyed my CNY.
1st day of CNY.
As usual my family and I will go temple and stayed at home the whole day to wait for people to come my house.Expecting not many people because my family din celebrate this year CNY grandly coz my grandma just passed away last two years.Still in pantang for the Chinese tradition.Out of our expectation,lots of people came.I am very tired though I dun really helped my mum to serve them.Hehe.Had a small open house only limited for relatives.Next year then open for everybody.Haha.Played fire crackers at night with my all my lil cousins.So long din play ad lo.Really miss my childhood.
me and ernie.
see the color of their shirts.very harmony.really like new year yellow,orange and red.my cousins.
2nd day of CNY.
Went to Auyong's open house in the morning then balik kampung.When we reached my grandma's house,nobody was there yet.Later more and more of my relatives came back.When all of them came back the house really very noisy with all the children screaming everywhere plus summore got pasar malam in front of my grandma's house.Nothing much can do there.I just talked to my cousins.Its really fun to see all the cousins.But I dun like one small cousin of mine.He is 8 years old but he is really annoying.Dahlah tak handsome.Hate him very much.Not only I hate him even the children also dun wan to play with him.You can see so much hatred on him.I know la he is the only boy in his family but manner of a child is very important.Ok I better dun spoil my mood of blogging because of him.Played with all the children as well.Din sleep there this year.Went back around 9 sumthing.I wanted to stay longer but because of one person that keep on bising wan to go back early so have to go back slightly earlier.But for me is too early.
my grandma.
few of my cousins.
3rd day of CNY.
Uncle Alex open house at KL.So my family and 2 of my uncle's family went to KL.3 cars altogether and 17 of us.Since we ad all the way to KL so visit 2 of my grandaunt's house also.One in Setapak and the other one in Cheras.After visiting still got a little extra timr.So most of the young ones (me,my siblings and my cousins) went to Midvalley.Din do anything there.No shopping.Only took lunch there and walked for a while.Then went to my uncle's house in Subang.Rest first while waiting for the open house to start.Me and Ernie layan my two lil cousins,Nicholas and Natalie.Played children game with them such as AEIOU,London Bridge is falling down and many more.Haha.I know is childish but I did have fun with them.Left KL around 8 sumthing.I was sleeping all the way back to Malacca.When reached Malacca so damn tired but Im freshed up.So sleep very late.
me and natalie.
irene,ernie,natalie,nicholas and me.
the TAN's family young generation.
4th day of CNY.
That is today.Planned to go open house in the morning.When we wanted to leave house,my dad's friends came.So stayed to layan them first.When they were leaving then my dad's cousins came.Then a while more my dad's another friends came.Wait and wait then Im so damn hungry.But finally around 1 sumthing then go open house.When cam back,my mum's aunties from Jasin and Segamat came.So many of them.At night went to eat ikan bakar.Syoknya.So long din eat ad.
I realized this really happen every day of CNY.Everyday was like so damn HOT.Anyway I really enjoy my CNY more than I expected.This time really gain weight.Go where also eat only.Once again GONG XI FA CAI!

Feb 7, 2008


Feb 6, 2008

try this out....this is my result
You Are a Kogyaru!
If it's cute, you'll wear it. Fake and bake, hair bleach, and bright makeup line your bathroom cabinet. As for clothes - anything that's short and cute ("kawaii!"). You are the prize object of all sorts of men - but you are really looking for a rich foreign guy. He'll find you out hanging out in Shibuya shopping at the 109, text messaging and sending photos over your cellphone.

Im very very very sleepy now.Slept at 5 sumthing last night and woke up at 9 in the morning.Just took a short nap but still very tired.Just slept for a while coz 4 pm wake up and rush to watch 8864.Im ad late,the show ad starting.I on tv only then I saw Daniel.Haha.Tonight cant sleep early coz new year eve ma.So must enjoy till morning.That wan also if I can tahan. Oh yeah..yesterday when I went out for last minute shopping with my sis,I was looking around for short pants and suddenly a girl tapped my shoulder.Then she ask me whether I am Tan Wei Ting.Of course I am lol.I could not recognise that girl at first but at last i remembered her.Its Nur Lyana.My primary scholl friend.I din see her ever since after Standard 6.Cant talk long with her coz she is working.The feeling of meeting old friends really very exciting and happy. I have not buy new shoes yet.I totally forgot about new shoes untill last week.By then my parents are so buzy and no time to bring me go buy new shoes.Maybe I will go buy tonight or no new shoes this year =(.One more thing,I dont know what to wear tomoro.Last night din sleep was thinking wat to wear for the first day,second day and so on.But till now also not yet decide. Ciao!

Feb 1, 2008

today is the first day of the second month in the year 2008.time pass really fast.just a month ago we were celebrating new year but its just like yesterday only we were celebrating.I have been waiting for CNY and just few more days we will be celebrating CNY.see, its really fast.I have been waiting for CNY but in just a glance CNY will pass ad.very fast.this our life.after CNY then I will be waiting for the time for me to go National Service.why must the time pass so fast.Im ad 18 this year.just feel like I wanna be younger now.last time when Im a kid I wish I will be older and now when Im older I wish to be younger.thats human nature.