Jun 18, 2009

Went for another movie today.
Drag Me to Hell.
Went out with thong,tay,ali,simleng and jialin.
But only me,ali,simleng and tay went for movie.
It was a horror movie.
It has been some time since the last time I watched horror movie.
From the beginning till the end of the movie the 3 of them were shouting.
Simleng covered her eyes when it was supposed to be an interesting part.
I only saw simleng's action since I was beside her.I guess tay and ali were the same.Haha.
They covered their eyes from watching yet they still can shout.Haha.
It was quite scary and shocking.
Suspense most of the time even the ending was very suspense.
You cant really predict the ending though exactly like what I predicted.Haha.
And the movie is disgusting.
You will know if you watch it.
Overall,is a great recommended movie from me.
Going back uni in few more days.
Thinking of going back on Saturday to settle some stuff but kinda lazy to go back.
If go back Sunday then scared tak sempat to do my stuff.
Would be better if I dun need to go back.
Enjoying my last few moments of holidays!

Jun 17, 2009

Looking back my school magazine.
Looking back at the old photos.
Everything just brings back those old sweet unforgettable memories.
Primary school memories I don't quite remember but I remembered my friends.
Secondary school gave the most memories.
I started my blog in the 2006 when I was in Form 4.
Yet I just posted few post and I abandoned my blog.
I came back to my blog after exactly a year.
I regretted I din blog for that one year.
That was when I had the best ever memories in school.
Now thinking back,if I would have write bout those things in my blog,I could just read them up now and it will forever remembered.
Not that I dun remember them now but after some time,we might forget some parts of it.
The happy moments began since the first day I stepped into MGSS as a Form 1 student in the year 2003.
I was chosen as the class monitor.Yutian said Im a bossy monitor but good.I know Im good.Haha.
Being a monitor with a bunch of monkeys in class was just so much fun.Haha.
The best part was organizing party on Teacher's Day.
Everyone cracking head to think how to make the day fun and we made it.Everyone did had fun.I hope so.
The fun increased when all of us involved in choral speaking.The best part was we no need to attend English class since we need to practice.Haha.
Went competition twice till Form 2.Once got 3rd place.
Then came Form 2 in 2004.
I was the monitor again for the first half year.Then I became probate.Oxy took over my place as monitor if Im not mistaken.
More things happened in Form 2.Good and bad.
That was when my school celebrated Centennial Year.My school 100th year old.
Everyone was so busy about it.So many thing going on.
I dun quite really remember bcoz I din involve too much but I sold flowers during Centennial Dinner.I had fun with my flower partner,Mayling.
In the same year,I had cold war with Ali.Whats the reason then you should asked her.Hehe.
Form 3 2005.
PMR year.I was quite pressured this year bcoz both my sisters scored straight A's in their PMR so I cant lost to them.
After all the hard work,went TNB tuition,I scored straight A's as well.I dun really remember,did I study?
TNB tuition also gave some funny yet memorable memories.Tay knows why.
During Form 3,after PMR was the best time.Going to school was just to enjoy ourselves.
So many activities going on just for Form 3 students.
Trips,concerts and car washing gave the best memories.
As tradition,each year after PMR Form 3 prefects have to organize Post PMR concert.
Hence,we did organized and I was in charged of performances.Not an easy task I remembered.
Car washing is also another tradition for Form 3 prefects where we will wash teacher's car.5 bucks per car I guess.
Im not quite sure those traditions are still carrry on.
Form 4 is like another step in life where we had to choose our path to which stream and I was in Science stream,4K1.
This year was honeymoon year like most ppl said.
I had a lot of fun especially during mid-year when the senior prefects retired and we took over and we are the seniors for the time being.Haha.
Not only prefectorial board but clubs and body uniforms as well.
Besides,my friendship with Ali came back.Yes,we had cold war for almost 2 years.
Drama competition I would never ever forget.
I was an Indian man and my wife was Yutian.I remember practicing the Indian accent for few days and finally I got it.Haha.We had so much fun during practice while skipping English class again.Haha.When not our part to practice,camera was out and snapped everywhere.Though we din win but we had experience and we did our best.
Another fun came from editorial board.
Another tradition,each year 4K1 will involve in either class or school magazine publishing.
Our year,we had to publish school mag so no class mag for us.Mayling was the editor and Hidayah and I were the asst. editor.We were tied to so many things yet all of us had some conflicts with Mayling.I guess she had a hard time that time coz most ppl in editorial board just bo ngam with her especially the 2 asst editor.Haha.But everything came out well.
School mag was another reason for us to skip classes.That year I did skipped a lot of classes.
In the same year,we did performance during Teacher's Day.There were many of us involved not taking in matter of which class were we but all were Form 4's.It was couple dance.I was the man and my couple was Yutian again.Haha.It was not easy to gather everybody for pratice then clothes.OMG,thinking bout that now really make me missing those days.
So many things happened this year.
We met some simply stupid and ridiculous teacher.Our class became superbly famous just because of her.We thanked her fot that.
Happy faces.
Then the last year in school.
Most of my classmates were still the same since Form 1.Some are since primary school.Wendy and I was since Standard 1.There were some others too but I remembered Wendy bcoz she was the monitor in Standard 1 and I was her asst.She still tak puas hati coz our class received cleanliness award on the day she was absent I received the award on stage.Haha.
The day before the school started I had diarrhoe.I got MC but I still attended school.I din know why I was so good that time.Haha.
But school started to get fun on the first day.Wendy and Ali were the first to reach school for some mission.You guys still remember???Haha.
We still hate our Chemistry teacher and there will forever be no chemistry between my class and her.We declared he as the most stupid and ridiculous and worst teacher ever.
We became senior and all of us really showed our senior pattern.Haha.
I became Blue House also known as Shellabear Captain and everything getting so fun when Sports Day getting nearer and nearer.The theme for Sports Day was Integrity and Shellabear took Indian.I got so much fate with Indians.Haha.
The process from the beginning till the last moment of Sports Day was really very significant.I had very committed committee members and very supportive members and friends around me which I was very thankful till now.That was the time I became the darkest person.Even my BM tuition teacher asked me why am I so dark.Haha.Settling stuff for Sports Day was another reason to skip class.Haha.Somehow we got the exception.Till Sports Days,we won the best khemah and overall we got 2nd place.I cried bout it on the spot bcoz we only lost 4 points to Red House.Hopefully nobody remember I cried.Haha.But I was still OK lost to red rather than Green and Yellow house.Taking Ms Johnson's words,winning in not the point but the whole process going thru it was the best part and I agreed!I miss Spots Day!
Evrything went on as it supposed to.
SPM year and ponteng season when exam coming nearer.
We even took turns to ponteng so at least got ppl in class but there always will be ppl in class since few of them aimed to get 100% attendance cert but Im certainly not one of them.
I ponteng overall 28 days but I kira not bad ad bcoz the highest was 40 sumthing I remembered.
Prefects were being nagged bcoz of ponteng-ing but who cares.Haha.
Duty roster that just for perhiasan since most of us also din follow.
The words from the 6 lucky girls from 5K1 chosen to go for NS.
The BBQ nite that so many of us attended for the first time.
Im proud to say I graduated from MGSS with a bunch of superb good friends.
Everything we gone thru together will never ever be forgotten.
The time we gossiped,the time we lepak during recess time,the time we kutuk teachers,the time we duty,the time we laughed,the time we slept in class,the time we copied homework and all the time we spent together!
I felt so nostalgic thinking back all those memories.
Our first gathering after leaving school.
I had a wonderful time during my schooling days!
Though sometime I hate to go school!

Jun 14, 2009

Love Shuffle.
Yasuko to Kenji.
Meichan no Shitsuji.
Binbo Danshi.
Yume Wo Kanaeru Zo.
The 6 dramas for my holidays.
I finished the first 2.
Love Shuffle and Yasuko to Kenji.
The sequence of the banner represent which one Im watching first.
My dramas are my priority since I have not been watching them for quite some time.
Just now went Mahkota Parade for some NTV7 drama promo.
Im not the one interested but my mum.
Since I got nothing to do so I followed.
My mum and aunt was at the first row but I was just at the side.
I was so different when the person on stage was not Danell.
Usually when Danell's promo I will reach there early and take the best spot.
But today I just stand at the side.
At the side but I spotted one handsome guy.
Not one of the actors but one the crews.
He looks like Wu Zhun.Im serious!
People was watching the drama cast but I was watching that crew.Haha.
Of course not that obvious la.
Last Thursday before coming back when went Mines with my parents,saw Lin Yu Zhong doing advertisement at Dunkin donuts.
So long din see him in person.
He is still the same but getting thinner.
Busy watching dramas!

Jun 12, 2009

Didn't have enough sleep since last week and this week as well.
One day only slept for 5 hours or maybe less than that.
Can you imagine continuous for the whole bloody 2 weeks?
I definitely cant take it as I love to sleep!
But I have to for my study.
Sound so kiasu.Haha.
Im officially done with my finals.
Finished my last paper in the morning.
Pack,pack,pack delayed till afternoon.
Then went lunch and headed back to Malacca.
I drove back!
Yes,I was tired and sleepy but I was just to excited to drive.
I have not been driving for quite some time.That's why!
Don't worry,everybody in the car reached safely.Haha.
Once I reached Malacca,the first person to date me was Yutian.
As usual,only the both of us went.
As usual,makan as the priority.
As usual,tempat makan is the place we are looking for.
As usual,we just cant stop eating!
While waiting for movie,Baskin Robins!
We scattered around MP to look for shirts for her bf.
And we went to watch 17 Again.
It was pretty interesting and
OMG,he is just a perfect ideal boyfriend.Haha.
I will be dead on the bed once I jump onto my bed.Haha.
Another gathering tomoro night.

Jun 11, 2009

My exams DONE!
I still have my last paper in 7 hours time.Haha.
Moral paper but nobody cares bout it.
Its ok since I so bermoral.Haha
Anyway leaving Uniten immediately after my last paper.
My parents bringing weilin go lunch first then only BACK HOME!
I was packing since yesterday.
I didn't know that I actually enjoyed packing.Haha.
With the feeling Im leaving for home.
Today is the day ShuHui turn 19.
Should be yesterday since is ad 2.20am now.
She got double surprise from us.
Brought her to steamboat but that was not the surprise.
The surprise was there when she reached.
She was really surprised.Something she did not expect I guess.
We were there for quite some time then back to uni.
Second surprise.
Gave her surprise at steamboat but no birthday song from us.
So at the very last moment of her big day,she was surprised again by us with a personal pizza instead of a cake.
Follow my aunt's style using pizza as bday cake.
Once she entered the house we sang and I didn't know whether she suspected anything but I know she was surprised again.
For all the effort,each of us got a KISS from her.Haha.
Anyway,HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Shuhui!!!!!!
The ladies.
All of us.
Shuhui and jojo.
The birthday girl.
Shuhui's bday cake from us.
We still have paper yet we act as if we have finished everything.
This bday celebration was also part of finish-exam-celebration.
I downloaded 6 dramas for my holidays!
I dun think I can finish watching them.Haha.

Jun 7, 2009

War starting tomoro and will last for 4 days.
Cant wait to finish everything and go back for holidays.
My plan goes very well for these few days but I still cant finish some parts.
I slept at 6am without fail.Haha.
Im still studying right now.
Calculus driving me crazy.
Seriously cant wait for my holidays.
4 more days and Im free!
Pray for me and wish me luck!
Bed time.

Jun 5, 2009

I have been studying till late night and early morning recently.
I can study better at late midnight.
My routine for these few days will be study till 6am then sleep.
Wakes up in the afternoon and continue study.
Sleep again in the evening if tired so can stay awake at midnight.
Not if actually but sure sleep.
Anyway hopefully my plan goes well since left 3 more days only to the first day of finals.
When I blog while Im studying means Im bored looking at the formulae.
Yes,I am bored right now!

Jun 2, 2009

Time really flies.
Is ad in the mid of 2009.
Im having finals next week.
Which means I suppose to study now.
I was studying till I got bored.
That is why Im blogging right now.
But I have nothing to blog about.
What is in my head right now is Im going to have only 10 days holiday starting next Thursday.
10 days is totally not enough when I suppose to have 3 weeks holiday.
But what to do.
Is my own choice.
Is too late to regret and what I can do is to enjoy to the max.
I know I will enjoy especially on the 27th June!!!!!
Although is only 10 days but Im still looking forward.
I better back to my books.