Aug 29, 2009

Had a very random day in Malacca.
As usual,woke up in the afternoon.
Then around 4 something,went bazaar ramadhan.
Bought so much of food but the choice not as variety as the bazaar in Putrajaya.
But still I ate so much and yummy!
Ate so full so no dinner.
Went to temple for some prayers.
I had fun there though I did nothing there but played with all my little cousins.
The handsome monk I saw last 2 years still there.Haha.
No dinner but had supper.
Went to have mee hasan.
The very popular mee goreng in Malacca.
Just a very normal mee goreng but its really delicious.
Even have to wait bcoz too many people.
Usual days they sell in morning but since now is bulan puasa so they sell at night.
Not only their mee goreng famous but their mee soup also damn popular.
The mee soup only sell in the evening.
I wanted to eat so long so just now went and eat.
My little cousin♥
Gosh,I have a test on Tuesday morning.
But definitely no mood to study since Im at home.

Aug 26, 2009

5k1 of 2007.
I love this pic!
Qurratu uploaded in Fb.
This picture is pasted on the wall in front of my study table in my room back in Malacca.
Its still there right now.
Looking at those happy faces makes me think of our happy and crazy times.
The naughty 5k1 that ruled the school!Haha.
This class was also full of kaki ponteng.You know who you are.Haha.
5k1's tactic - come to school then ask parents come fetch and go back during recess atas alasan sakit. This way you are consider present in school.Haha.
Its either you follow the tactic or straight ponteng.
We took turn to do that.How fun.
I miss our chit chatting time!
I miss our gossiping time!
I miss our recess time!
I miss our PJ time!
I miss everything we did together!
I miss all of you!

Aug 23, 2009

Yesterday morning we dun have any plan but in the afternoon we decided to go somewhere to spend our weekend.
Me,linda,shirley and suerin then started our journey to linda's hometown in Tanjung Karang.
On the way,we stopped at Klang for bak kut teh.Yummy!
Then continued our journey.
We reached Tanjung Karang then visited linda's parents.
Then at night went Kuala Selangor for seafood!Even yummier!
Crabs were our main objective!
Damn cheap the seafood there.
After dinner,then we went and see kelip-kelip.
My first time seeing fireflies.
I just can say they are beautiful.
They lives on trees and make the tress like christmas tree decorated with those lighting.
We were on sampan while watching them and we did caught a few in our hand but we let it go after that.
Those shine brightly are males and those dimmer are females.
Thats what we were told.
After that,back to uni.
The four of us.
The crabs.We dunno how to eat this part.
Suerin cant get enough of it till lick finger.Haha.
Linda and shirley.Coincidentally all white.Haha.
Me with my coconut drink.
After watching fireflies.
I had a great Saturday and so do Sunday.
Just now went to IOI Mall new wing.
Was there to go to the new RedBox.
Me,weipin,weilin and auyong.
We had lunch buffet.The food is nice but not much varieties.
And I don't get enough of singing this time.
I have went to RedBox at Sunway,Pavilion,Gardens,Low Yat and IOI Mall.
All I had their lunch buffet except for at Sunway,I had their dinner buffet.
Best place are Pavilion.
Best food will be at Sunway(only spaghetti) and IOI Mall.
Others just normal but still not bad.
Weekends are going to end soon and I have to face stressful days again.
Next week going to be worse.Haiz.
Had lots of fun these 2 days and is time to face reality.

Aug 22, 2009

What nice weather for weekend.
How nice if im at home.
I will definitely still rolling in my comforter right now.
A nice day to go for a walk or shopping since is not hot at all.
But is also a nice day to relax at home and enjoy the weather.
Wanted to go somewhere but it seems nowhere to go.
This type of weather is too wasted if we stress ourselves by studying.Haha.
Let the stress continue next week and not this weekend.
3 more test to go.

Aug 18, 2009

Click to enlarge!
This mail makes my day!
Today is the release day.Supposed on 19th but came out earlier!
Yatta!!!!I got it!!!!Yes!!!!
Thanx to Yuri for helping me to buy.
Now waiting for her to send all the way from Japan.
Cant wait for it to be in my hand!
Limited edition!
Planning to get the regular edition as well.

Aug 16, 2009

Got a very surprising visit from shuhui and her bf,zhilun.
Suddenly got a call saying they coming to my house to bring me out.
I was so blur interpreting wth she talking.Haha.
Then I went out with them to Jonker.
Just be with them for a short while since they are rushing back.
Anyway,thanx for coming all the way from ur grandma's house and find me.Her grandma's house also in Malacca.
Before I went out with shuhui and zhilun,I dated jialin and yinghuey.
So after came back from Jonker,I went out again.
This time we just went to cafe and talked.
We were talking for almost more than 2 hours.
Getting updates from them bout everyone.
Basically exchanging information about everyone though only 3 of us.Haha.
We did had a great time laughing at some stupid jokes we made specially for yinghuey.Haha.
I had a great unplanned day!

Aug 15, 2009

Supposed to go back uni today but its too early for me to go back since I got nothing to do.
But weipin and weilin went back since they have to attend convo tomoro and sunday.
Did I mention that I cant download drama in Uniten?
Yes,they blocked the downloading sites.
Cant even load mediafire,megaupload and whatever downloading sites from Uniten.Sucks.
Thats why I chose to stay at home and finish downloading my drama before going back.
Im too late.
Im searching for this.
A limited edition for their 10th year anniversary as ARASHI.
Since I cant get it in Malaysia,the only way to get it is by buying online.
But it seems Im just too slow to pre-order.
Everywhere is sold out and the releasing date is 19th August 2009.
This show how popular they are.
Yesasia,play asia,cdjapan everywhere just out of stock.
Only left the regular edition but I want limited edition.
Pray for me to get the limited edition.
Gonna ask my mum to get it for me as bday present.Hehe.
I dont know why I want it.
The album is just the compilation of all of their songs since they debuted until today which I have most of it.
But I just got the feeling I must get this album.
Maybe its their 10th year anniversary which only happens once every decade.Something special.
And they are having their concert tour as well.
How I wish I can go.Someone bring me there!

Aug 13, 2009

Have you been to a place like this?
This place might not look nice and grand but who cares if the food is delicious.
One of the famous food spot in Malacca.
Ppl call this place 'eat kerang tepi longkang' but still many people each time I go.
The last time I have been here was years back if Im not mistaken.
Tonite I went there wif my mum,sis and bro.
Though I dun eat kerang,siput and stuff like that,but I just like to go to this place for their tauhu bakar and 'fu chu' bakar.
And I like to eat at a place like this.
It gives you a feeling like those ancient time food stall.
With those long table everyone sit together,sit on the small,low chair and the person cook in front of you.
Haha.Sound so funny.
The food we ordered.
This afternoon ate Nyonya laksa.
My dad brought us there since weipin was craving for it.
But not at the Jonker shop that I like.
Some place near my ex-school.
The food was not satisfacting and they dun even have my favourite ABC.
I guess I have to visit the Jonker shop some other day for their Nyonya laksa and ABC.
My holiday is just all about food!

Aug 11, 2009

Eat sleep online.Eat sleep online.Eat sleep online.
Im rotting at home now.
Humans are always complaining.
When too boring,complain.
When too hectic,complain.
When too hot,complain.
When too cold,complain.
Im a human,so basically Im complaining as well.
Malacca damn hazy.Worse than KL.
Malacca also so damn hot.
You will be sweating when you sleeping.
Even air cond cant help you very much.
Since the day is hot and I got nothing to do,I stay in my room most of the time playing games.
I downloaded Super Mario to kill my boredom.
Kind of nostalgic when playing after so long din play.
My favorite game when I was super young.Haha.
I feel like playing again bcoz watched Arashi's talk show where they were playing Super Mario.
Then without hesitating,find Super Mario and download.
But it seems my skills have gone down.
Since last week I play,I am still at stage 1-4.Sad case I know.
Im kinda sick of it since I cant pass that stage.
But I will not give up.Haha.
Back to Super Mario.

Aug 6, 2009

Gary's funeral this morning.
Followed all the way to Nilai Memorial Park.
We will always miss you,rest in peace,Gary.
Finally the day had come.
UNITEN closed down bcoz of H1N1.
We were at Nilai when we received news that our midterm break has extra few days.
Lucky the foundation students.
Last time we got no holidays at all.
But it makes no difference to me since I have only extra 1 day.
Which means supposedly I coming back Malacca on Friday but Im back at home now.
After break will be really stressful since every week has test.Haiz.
Thinking how to spend my holidays.Hehe.

Aug 3, 2009

Why on earth he is the one?
I received the most shocking news in my life.
Some incident that you will never think of that will happen to your own friend.
Till now is still difficult to accept that Gary is no longer here.
He is such a nice guy.
Almost perfect guy.
A guy full with kindness.
But he is no longer here.
May he rest in peace.
Gary,we will always remember and miss you!
Rest in peace.
This is a real great loss.
Loss of one good friend.
I just cannot accept the way he passed away.
He is still so young and his future is like so bright.OMG!
Visited his house just now and might be going his funeral on Thursday.
Life is just so unpredictable.

Aug 2, 2009

Im just getting very lazy to update my blog nowadays.
Im just obsessed with all my dramas and all the talk shows.
And I have just set a dream.
One day I MUST fly to Japan.Haha.
Not for holidays purposes.
But to attend ARASHI's concert and watch one of TOMA's stage play.
Since Arashi not coming Malaysia for their concert tour so the only way to watch their concert is to go over Japan.
How good if they can come to Malaysia.
I will be there for sure.
But those Johny ppl just dun come Malaysia.
Basically my dream is TO MEET THEM IN PERSON ONE DAY!
My new dream.Hehe.
I seriously enjoyed those Japanese talk show though they just sit down and talk only.
Somehow it was very interesting and not boring.
If Malaysian were to have this kind of talk show I guess nobody will be watching.
Most of the talk show I watched were hosted by ARASHI.
They are the best group in Japan.
Each member has different personality and each of them has their own talent.
My favourites are Matsujun and Nino.