Sep 28, 2009

Today is Weipin's 23rd birthday!!!!!!!!
Old ad lor.....Haha!
Anyway we celebrated for her at TGI Friday's Pavilion.
As usual the 5 of us!
I wanna wish you once again....
Hope you enjoyed your bday!

Sep 26, 2009

Just came back from another raya open house.
This time was my neighbour's.
I finally done my pineapple tarts this afternoon.
Damn tiring because the pineapple tarts took me about 5 hours to complete it.
I got nothing to do.
I have been searching everything about ARASHI everyday.
Their concert reports,pictures and any videos and waiting for their recent talk show to be subbed.
Today I did not take any picture but Im posting 2 pics taken during Val's bday party at Palaca of the Golden Horses.
These 2 are my fav.
Its original photo without editing.Nice rite?Haha.
Going back to uni on Monday.Im lazy!

Sep 25, 2009

Just came back from my uncle's open house.
It seems I blog each day recently since I have outing everyday.
I have been procrastinate a lot lately too.
Delayed lots of things that I should be doing.
I even plan to make pineapple tart last friday but till now I have not done it.
But I will do it before I go back KL.
Few random pictures taken at my uncle's place.
I realized I have taken quite some pictures these days.
With my bro,nerrissa and alliessa.
My cousin,dylan and alliessa.
My little cousin with the big bike.

Sep 24, 2009

Yesterday went back to my grandparents' house.
My cousin's wife just gave birth to their first child.
I did nothing much there.Just layan the children.
My cousin's son.This is his expression when he see camera.Weird huh?
The newborn baby girl.Only 2 day old today.
Just now went to weipin's friend open house.
Its a YB's open house actually since the father is a YB.
Me,daddy with nerrissa and alliessa.
Randomly with nerrissa.
I was too boring right now thats why Im blogging.
I better go watch my ARASHI.

Sep 23, 2009

Though I always woke up late but still I do not have enough sleep.
Or maybe I sleep too much.
Bcoz I often feel sleepy when Im at home though I just woke up.
I did bring back few things to do but they are still safely in my bag.
Im so lazy when Im at home.
So I went raya this afternoon with thong,jialin,tay,tianfeng and kinah.
We went hidayah,illi and qurratu's house.
Have not met them for such a long time so it was really fun to see each other again and keep updated with their news.
Qurratu flying to Egypt next tues.Gonna miss her!
At dayah's place.
Illi joined us to qurratu's house.
I had so much fun in Malacca since the day I was back.

Sep 21, 2009

I realized I seldom blog when Im back in Malacca.
Maybe bcoz I was too busy downloading things and busy eating.Haha.
So hows your raya celebration?
I went to so called 5k1 gathering on the 1st day of raya.
ME,jialin,shiwei,yinghuey,jo,wendy,mayling,tay,shihyin,yiqin,simleng.Ali and kinah joined us later.
Tired but fun.
I went out the whole day.From early morning till late night.
First went simply fish for early lunch.
Then lepak at DP Starbucks and talk.
Then sudden decision to visit Jiayi at her house since many of us have not seen her for quite some time.
Some ad left and left few of us.
Then we went raya at jahizah's house.At least got a bit raya mood.Haha.
After that we really cant think of anywhere to go then we went mayling's house to spend some time.
Late a bit then we went jonker street since simleng wanted cendol badly.
Malacca is packed with humans these few days.Everywhere jam.
Jonker definitely full of human beings.
We reached the cendol store at 8.30pm and they were ad washing the floor.
Gosh,they usually close at late hours.
So we just ate at some other store.
Since everyone was out the whole day and was tired,so thats the end of day.
Ml fetched me and ali back.
Before ali left the car,we talked for almost 1 and the half hour in ml's car.
Its really fun to have such gathering once in a while.
Classic fish n chips at Simply Fish.Yummy!
All of us at Simply Fish.
I like this pic!
The first thing we did when entered Jahizah's house was take picture bcoz there is a big mirror in her living hall.
Our supper at Jonker.
Then today I met up with yutian.
As usual,only the 2 of us.
She belanja me nadeje cake for my belated bday.
I have been wanting to eat this cake since can only be found in Malacca.
This time we just had a tea time session.
Only left this 2 type.I want the original but no more.
Tomoro going jalan raya!
Im sleepy right now.

Sep 16, 2009

Im so sleepy now but just after dinner so cant sleep yet.
But I got nothing to do.
I finished watching all variety shows.
Finished all the dramas.
There are still some dramas left unwatched but I dun wan to make myself become more boring by watching those drama.
Basically bcoz the person I like not in the drama.Haha.
I seriously got nothing to do now.
Past few days was busy with career stuff.
Yes,career carnival is starting again.
And tonight was like looking for stuff to do.
So tak biasa when got nothing to do.
Usually have tons of work to complete.
Yea,when works piling up then I will be complaining as well.
I should be thankful that I got nothing to do now.Haha.
I guess I will be sleeping early tonight.
Going back Malacca tomoro!

Sep 13, 2009

I am very relax this weekends.
No worries bout studies at all.
No test,no quiz,no assignments coming up.
Raya coming means holiday coming.
I have actually started my holidays partially since most of the lecturers ad balik kampung.
So most of the classes next week are canceled.
Im going to be so free next week.
Yesterday night went to Valerie's 21st bday party at Palace of the Golden Horses.
It was a pool side party and its awesome!
Though your real bday is on the 16th but let me wish you now!
Weilin,moira,VAL,me(y am I closing eyes?),weipin.
The career team!
I like this pic!
Got few more nice pics in auyong's camera.Not yet transfer.
Will upload soon coz its really nice.
Another person has grown old today.Haha.

Sep 11, 2009

All tests all over and I feel so relieved!
Had test in the afternoon then after test,went to Times Square to look for stuff.
Went with linda,shirley,weipin and weilin.
The clothes there so not my style.I mean the shops selling lala-style.
After BTS,then we headed to Pavilion just for our dinner.
Auyong joined in dinner.
Wanna retreat ourselves after hard work.Haha.
So we only make the restaurant at level 6 as our choice.
We chose Kampachi.
The place is nice and the food is delicious.
Definitely will go for second time.
My cold soba and curry rice with unagi.I love the food!!!!

Sep 10, 2009

Another wonderful bday celebration!
This time was at Chilis.
A place I want to go since weilin said the food is nice.
This celebration by my family - both my sisters,cousin and auyong.
Nice food and nice place.
All I know,everyone was bloated and cant finish some of the food.
After dinner,its a surprise,the waiter brought a cake and sang bday song for me.
Its embrassing but its once a year,so its alright.Haha.
Weipin,weilin,auyong and raun - THANK YOU!!!!!!
I did have a subarashi dinner!
All of us with the food.
My bday cake.Its brownies.
Love you guys!!!!
I had a great birthday this year!

Sep 8, 2009

Today Im officially 19!!!!!
The last year of my teen age.
So,let me make my speech.Hehe.
First of all,I want to thank each of you that wished me thru sms,facebook,forum,blog or any other way.
Thank you very much!!!!! :)
Secondly,thanks to my parents for giving me the best present.
Guess what is that.Haha.
As expected,ARASHI All The BEST! 1999-2009 LE is my bday present from my parents.Haha.
Of course,I cant forget them.
Linda,shirley,yen,catherine,suerin,jouee,shuhui,jojo and chen
Thanks for the wonderful bday celebration.
I did have fun and enjoyed my bday night.Thanks once again!
I was told that Im too difficult to be surprised and to get present for me.
My bday celebration collaborate with shirley's since her bday is on this coming Sunday.
The food we shared together.We are staying together.Haha.
All of us!Kinda dark but look romantic especially the scenery at the back.
The present I got from them!♥
Thank you once again to all of you that wished me and especially to those celebrated for me and most important those that gave me pressie.Haha.

Sep 7, 2009

I have so many things to do yet I did nothing during my long weekends.
All I did was downloading drama.
As expected I will do nothing study-related stuff when Im at home.
Mostly everyone is like that.
I did brought back assignments to do but the papers were left in my bag.
Never even take it out.
It seems to be very busy when I was at home.
Busy going out,busy eating,busy online,busy download drama,busy playing.
Can you see how busy am I?Haha.
Thats why my assignments not done.
Those assignments are piling up and I still relax at home now.
Deal with it when Im back in uni.
Worst scenario,no need to sleep.Haha.
Going back tonight.

Sep 6, 2009

Friday night spent with jialin and thong.
We din know who else in Malacca so just the 3 of us.
Planned to have dinner but due to certain reason we changed plan.
So instead of dinner we just went to a cafe called Black n White at DP.
Thong got her dinner while me and jialin just had snacks.
We were there from 9 pm till 12 am.
Though just 3 of us but still enjoyed girls' talk.Haha.
The forever sampat and crazy Jialin.Haha.
3 of us.
Today I went movie with thong.
Watched Final Destination.
Not bad but its too short.I still prefer Final Destination 3.
So many horror movies screening now.
Going to watch a few more when Im back in KL if got anybody want to go with me.
Going back grandma's house tomoro.

Sep 4, 2009

Something that I have been crazy about recently.
Something that I have waited for some time.
Something that make me so eager to go home.Im back now!
Something that make me spend so much.
Something that came all the way from Japan.
Isn't it obvious?I have been blogging bout it.
Its finally in my hand.
ARASHI All The BEST! 1999-2009 Limited Edition.
It was released 2 weeks back but it just arrived my house yesterday.
Due to the distance,it took some time for me to get it.
Not available in Malaysia I think.
3 cds,one photobook and one lyric book.
I cant read it since is in Japanese.Haha.
This album broke record of sales more than a million copies in less than 2 weeks.
Sugoii isn't it?(Amazing)
ARASHI's anniversary concert tour started last week and it was a great success.
Just by watching the videos and reading the reports,I can feel the heat of the concert.
How nice if I can go.
The most expensive album I have ever bought.
But I love it!

Sep 2, 2009

Its September!
I cant wait to go back Malacca again tomoro.
I cant wait!
I seriously cant wait!
Im crazy I know.