May 30, 2009

Malacca has a new place to lepak.
So I went lepak with my family yesterday night.
Air pancut with music.
The water moves following the music rhythm.
Is by Sungai Melaka.
It will be much more nicer if watch it from the river cruise.
Sound interesting but you will know it by yourself if you come and see for yourself.
Had steamboat as dinner+supper.
Damn bloated now.

May 27, 2009

Im kinda relieved now.
But i dunno what should I relief about.
Finals in 2 weeks!!!!!!!
But everything not prepared.
Moral presentation tomoro hopefully.
Chemistry presentation next week.
At least Im done with my persuasive speech.
It was a last minute presentation.
Not expecting it to start today.
I have not even prepare my speech and not even go through my points in the outline.
But still I have to present it today.
So I gave my speech in the condition not mentally and physically prepared.
My words jumbling everywhere but I think still OK hopefully.
Anyway,my speech entitled 'Why Blogger Blogging?'.
Its over.
No more speech to be done!
And I had 3 quizzes continuously today.
One after another in 3 hours straight.
Chemistry,calculus and physics.
Wednesday always the most tiring day.
Everything to be known by today.
And I knew it!
I love you Hannah Gan Beng Yee!Haha.
Cant wait to go home tomoro!

May 25, 2009

Last weekends I had camp.
Saturday morning was Pertandingan Futsal & Sukaneka.
I was involved in musical chair.
I have not played since I was in primary.Haha.Anyway I enjoyed.
Then in the evening went for camp at BV Height Country.
The best campsite I have been.Haha.
Came back on Sunday evening.
This camp was seriously tiring though is only one day but I had fun.
Everything was done by ourselves.
Cooking-setting up tent-cleaning-whatsoever.
The main purpose of this camp is to carry out Ujian Kawad Kaki.
During Saturday morning.
My buddy......Aisyah!!!!!
During the camp.
Pitching tent.
During marching competion.Can you spot me?
In the hall waiting for time to pass.Haha
My platun.PLATUN 4.
And this was how everyone look like while waiting to go home.

May 21, 2009

American Idol Season 8
Kris Allen & Adam Lambert.
Who do you support???
Kris Allen.
Adam Lambert.
I will say KRIS ALLEN!!!!!!!
He is cute anyway.Haha.
The result is out!!!!
And like I said,
He is just simply the best.

May 19, 2009

I realized something about myself.
I can actually give up my sleeping time for reading.
I slept at 3am yesterday just to finish one book.
The next morning woke at 7am and went for one hour class.
9am back home and no more classes.
Usually I will continue sleeping the whole morning till afternoon.
But today was miracle.
I read story book from the moment I was back and I actually just slept for 1 hour.
Yes.You read it right.Only 1 hour.
I read till evening around 6pm.
I feel so proud of myself.Haha.
I have 10 hours of free time which usually half of it I spent on sleeping but today I used it for reading!
How good if I can study this way as well but I know I cant make it if Im reading notes.Hehe.
Im reading even now.
I feel so fun reading.Haha.
I just could not understand why must he be like that.
He is not young anymore but cant he just behave well for the sake of the family.
Menyusahkan ppl only.
I hate him!

May 16, 2009

Very satisfying!
Never been this satisfying before.
I did something I love today.
Suppose to have 2 things going on today but I only can choose one.
One is to go Midvalley and enjoy Danell's performance.
Second is to go Big Bad Wolf warehouse sales.
And I chose to follow weilin and auyong to Big Bad Wolf warehouse sales.
Something I dun regret doing though spend a little too much.Haha.
Big Bad Wolf warehouse sales is just all about books.
Just to inform you if you dunno.Suerin din noe bout it.Haha.
So many books.
All sorts of books.
Too many to choose from.
But the feeling is just so great.
Freaking cheap.
The books we bought mostly is only rm8.
Ended up we bought 40 books from the sales.
Mostly are romance and crime stories.
They are in English of course!
I wonder how long would I take to finish all the books.
At least Im not going to be bored after this.
The books we bought.
I feel so syok when looking the books in the box.
Going to start reading tonight!
Dunno which book to start off.
Shock that Im actually a bookworm???Haha.

May 15, 2009

Going to have chemistry test in another 10 hours.
But just finished playing Bingo in Skype 2 hours ago.
Recently addicted to Bingo.Haha.
Seriously can kill time especially when boring.
Last night also played till 3am only sleep.
My Bingo-mates are those usual gamers.
Im awake right now bcoz my bedtime has over and I am damn fresh.
But I guess will be sleeping the next hour.
If not I will be sleeping in exam hall.Hehe.
I wish to eat McD breakfast now.
Continue study.

May 13, 2009

Danell Lee.
Ikuta Toma.
And he is new!
Lee Min Ho.
I guess each version I watched I will like the main person.
Meteor Garden I like Jerry Yan.
Hana Yori Dango I like Matsumoto Jun.
And now in Boys Over Flowers I like Lee Min Ho.
All of them played the same role.
Dao Ming Si,Domyouji Tsukasa,Goo Jun Pyo.
I think he is not bad too.
Kim Hyun Joong.
He is the only Yan Ji Hoo character that I like.
Yan Ji Hoo = Hua Zhe Lei = Hanazawa Rui.

May 12, 2009

The moon and the effect on the sea.Just beautiful.
At this moment right now.
Im here at my blog wanting to blog.
My fingers want to touch the keypads of my laptop.
But I just couldn't find any words to type.
Blog is something public.
Everyone can view it.
Sometimes when I wanted to post something very personal,I will think twice.
I wanna make my blog private so I can blog more bout myself and my feelings.
But come to think of it,if my blog is private then why is it called blog.
I should just type somewhere else for my own satisfaction.
No offense to private blog owner.
That is why here in my blog are those happening things.
No emo emo stuff since I rarely get emo.
No sad sad story since Im happy most of the time.
But sometimes I just cant let go my personal thoughts here.
When you want to blog but got nothing to blog,this is what happens.
Crapping the whole post.Haha.

May 10, 2009

Do you celebrate Mother's Day with your mum?
Last night went dinner for Mother's Day celebration.
Ikan Bakar Terapung.
Yea.Went dinner at there.
A place specialized in ikan bakar.
One of Melaka's special food.
Very nice place.
Since named terapung so the place is terapung on laut.
Not really on but is by the sea.
Dinner not paid by me or my siblings but by my dad and aunt.Haha.
They kena number ma.
Mainly seafood.
Ikan bakar.
So,at night me and my siblings decided to bake cake for my mum.
Shopping till midnight at Tesco.
Bought all the ingredients.
Then came back and started baking.
I in charged of baking the cake.
Weilin made the icing.
Weipin deco.
My bro sleep.
The cake done at 3am.
Pinky butter cake.
Jackson boy.Little cousin.

May 7, 2009

MUET speaking done this morning!
Now is all tests and assignments.
Calculus,chemistry and physics test.
Moral,chemistry assignments.
Blogging time is also getting lesser.
Suppose to have camp this weekends for KOR Uniten.
Luckily canceled since is Wesak on saturday.
Not cancel is postponed to the next coming 2 weeks.
Woke up bloody early today for MUET.
My topic for speaking was 'Why do Malaysia needs foreign workers?'.
My subtopic was 'Cheaper to employ foreign workers.'
Luckily not that difficult.Haha.
While I busy with all those assessments,I still have time to watch drama.
Last Tuesday went pasar malam and bought DVD.
Boys Over Flowers.
Korean version of Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango.
I watched the taiwanese and japanese version,so watch korean version now.
So far not bad la.Not yet finish watching.
But the storyline almost the same as taiwanese version.
The subtitle was damn terrible.
Cant really understand but I get the picture since same as Meteor Garden.
I actually recall the dialogue in Meteor Garden when watching this drama.
Kesan from watching Meteor Garden more than 10 times.
I still prefer Hana Yori Dango.
I also like Meteor Garden but only the first wan not Meteor Garden 2.
Boys Over Flowers also I like.Haha.
Just finished watching Majo Saiban first episode moments ago.
This is another interesting drama.
Plus plus got my IKUTA TOMA.Haha.
Going back Malacca again tomoro!

May 3, 2009

Last week my impian tak tercapai.
But this week no matter what I must get it.
And I got it today.
Malacca's special ABC.
Craving for ice kacang for so long and finally went today.
Malacca is such a horrible place with traffic jam everywhere.
But is a good sign for tourism.
I actually ate two bowls.
At first ate cendol,I dun realized is cendol until I almost finished then my mum told me is not ABC.
Then I tak puas hati,so ordered another ABC.
The difference between cendol and ABC is cendol has santan but ABC dun have.
I finished the 2nd bowl as well.Hehe.
It was yummy plus the weather was hot but was much more better than other days.
Not only the ice is nice but their laksa also delicious.
Come Malacca and try if you have not tried!
Weilin's mango ice kacang.This is yummy too.
Then in the afternoon my aunt did satay celup.
It was lunch+teatime.
Bought too much ingredients and we ate till bloated.
First round almost bloated.
Then watched Power Rangers with my cousin till fell asleep.
I know is childish but watching after so long din watch will somehow let you think of your childhood again.
Woke up and had the second round.
This time was totally bloated.Almost vomited.Haha.
Satay celup.
Melaka chetty kuil.
Yesterday night and tonight I was at Melaka Chetty temple.
They are having some prayers for 3 days.
Yesterday,today and tomorrow.
Melaka chetty means Chindian.Mix of Chinese and Indians.
Usually their father Indians and mother Chinese.
But this prayer is not meant just for the Chetty and Indians but you can see many Chinese there as well.
Since my parents went so I just followed.
Chindian guys are handsome anyway!That is why I went.Haha.
They also provide free food.Banana leaf rice.
I din eat yesterday but I ate today.
Many people but you dun have to berebut-rebut coz their way giving out food very systematic.
You just have to line up behind the person sitting down eating.
When the person finish eating then you just take the place.Then its your turn to eat.There will people serving your food.
Saw many of my old friends there.
Might be going again tomorrow.
I enjoyed going.Haha.
Banana leaf rice.
The rice is little for them.
I told them to give sikit and thats the amount he gave.
I cant finished afterall.
So today I ate so much.Extremely much.
Tomorrow my godbro's daughter's one year old birthday celebration.
So consider my godniece la.Sounds weird.Haha.
Food again.