Dec 24, 2011

Sleepless night again.

Went Genting again.

And next week finals starting.

We are just cool and steady.

Having fun before finals and have not prepared.

Anyway,its Christmas eve!!!

But for Arashian, today is Aiba Masaki's birthday!!!!!!!





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Dec 12, 2011

Our usual celebration!

A late celebration for Ohno Satoshi.

An early celebration for Aiba Masaki.

We did curry rice this time as Ohno the Kaibutsu-kun loves curry rice and of course we used Aiba's Vermont curry.

Maybe more pics of the celebration in the next post.


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Dec 6, 2011

Im in the class at the moment.

But all Im doing is read Arashi news and even downloading their stuff.

Glad that I have data plan.

Its either the lecturer too boring or I just have no mood to concentrate.

Anyway,Jun and Sho will appear as guest in Ohno's SP drama next year.

They will take their own drama role, Jun as Shuntaro and Sho as Kageyama.

Right now Arashi is having recording for VS Arashi New Year SP.One of the opponent team is Jun's drama team.

I wonder he will be in his drama team or Arashi team.

Ii na ~ for those fans that become audience.

I wanna go too!!!

Class gonna end soon!

Arthur Christmas tonite!


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Dec 1, 2011

Its ad December!
The last month of the year.
Christmas season is here.
But sad this year no Christmas no new year as I will be having finals.
Anyway,I guess I will still enjoy in a different way.
Christmas songs shall be in my playlist for the entire month.
Last week,CE gang suddenly decided to come Malacca.
And it was a last minute plan of course.
So we just went like that.
The girls.
The guys.
And us!
Once reached,we were just eating all the time.
Lepak at Portuguese Settlement till quite late then went mamak to lepak longer.
Half of us stayed at my house while another half went back earlier.
Though its just a short trip but I guess everyone had fun.
The nature of us to plan or do anything last minute.
Even assignments too.
NTV Best Artist 2011 live yesterday.
I managed to watch!!!
It was a 3 hours live show and I was waiting for Arashi all the time.
Arashi was the last to performance.
At least Sho was the MC so for the 3 hours at least still got Sho for me to watch.
Cho ureshii...get to watch Arashi LIVE!
This month has many Arashi live show!

Nov 25, 2011

Its 26th November!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least its ad in Japan.
And Arashi's Riida turns 31 today!!!
Otanjoubi Omedetou Riida!!!!!
I wonder when he going to get married la.
Kaibutsu-kun 3D movie is releasing on the same day too!!
How nice if Im in Japan.
31 ne..
But he dont look like one.

Nov 20, 2011

Had been having too much fun recently.
Was out almost every night and only will be back home either late midnight or in the morning.
Its seriously tiring but who cares when you are having fun.
Even today I slept at 8am and woke up at 3pm.
When I woke up,its raining.
I just feel like continue sleeping but I cant coz then I will be sleeping the whole day.
Anyway,it has been few weeks I didn't go back Malacca.
Kinda miss home.
It has been quite some time since I posted my Arashi's collection.
Meikyu Love Song.
The latest single.
Theme song for Sho's drama.
Jun's butai is receiving too many good comments which make me want the butai in DVD badly.
And so November is ending and December is coming.
Time really flies.
I just cant wait for January.
Jun's second Getsu drama and its not love story but detectives story!!!!!!
Riida's sp drama!!!!!
And the most happening,CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!
No,I dont think its too early to be anxious of CNY.
Its just like 2 months away now.
As usual,I love CNY!!!
Shopping should be soon too.Hehe.

Nov 15, 2011


Just testing blogging from phone.

If its easy then i will blog thru phone more often.

When Im bored in class especially.


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Nov 8, 2011

Its ad 8th November.
And this is my first post in November 2011.
I know I have been neglecting my blog for too long.
Im just too lazy to sign in for some purposes.
I wanted to post about my latest Arashi collection but Im just too lazy to upload the pics.
So next time maybe.
Currently in Malacca.
Just had satay celup after craving for some time.
Malacca is always about food.
Plus mummy's home cook food is always the best.
And Im sick now.
Flu is always the most torturing.
Shall update more often.

Oct 23, 2011

This whole week was hectic with fun!
I went to Genting 3 times in just 4 days.
So that makes 4 times to Genting in a month.
That really breaks my own record.
The first trip was on last Wednesday with CE gang when we decided to celebrate after our first test of the sem.
So shoot up to Genting at 12am and came back in the morning.
CE gang.
Next was my 6th 21st bday celebration!!!
Yes,it was super late but late better than never.
And its the last celebration.No more after this.
Ppl keep telling me I tak habis2 with my bday but I cant do anything if ppl want to celebrate for me.Hehe.
Yes,its our usual celebration with Yan.
This time its our celebration!!!The best combination.
Matsumoto Jun, ME & Ikuta Toma.My favorite 2.
Matsujun on 30th August.
Me on 8th September.
Toma on 7th October.
So this time we went Bukit Tinggi for a look at the Japanese Village.
Then to the French Village.
After that,we went Genting.
Of course with cake too this time.
I blew the candle on behalf on Jun and Toma.
And yeah,if you realized,we were wearing Arashi's Beautiful World concert t-shirt!
We did some extra work on the shirt to make it almost similar to Arashi's.
Can you see the beads on the alphabets?
Mine of course according to Jun's shirt during concert.
And Yan's is based on Sho's shirt.
A day full of fun.
Then on Saturday,went shopping in Sunway with Shirley.
Without planning again,we suddenly want to go Genting.
Its midnight again.This time is later.
At 3am after we watched midnight show together with Justin and his friend.
Thats my 3rd time in Genting for the week.
A whole week full of fun though I missed my grandpa's bday celebration back in Malacca.
Anyway,im going back tomoro and yeah another celebration.Not for me of course.
I cant wait holidays.
Deepavali is coming too.

Oct 16, 2011

Fuh.What a week.
Was so busy for the whole week.
Everyday just got so many things to do.
From day to night.
On duty for pre-convo on weekdays.Then convo on weekends.
Convocation is always an event full of smiling faces.
Its just a great day.
This time around,its my cousin's turn.
Flowers for my cousin.
Many of my seniors graduated as well!
Congrats and gonna miss you guys!
It has passed one month plus.
This is the 5th celebration.
Our birthday!
Thank you so much~
Randomly taken during duty.
Im really tired.
Lack of sleep for so many days.
Even now Im sleepy.
But seriously I had so much fun.
Have to get serious now.Hopefully I can.
Test starting next week.
I wish I can have fun all the time.

Oct 7, 2011

Im getting lazier and lazier to blog.
Last time will be like every 2 or 3 days one post.
Then became one week one post.
Then now is like every 2 weeks one post.
Its getting worse and worse.
But hopefully I won't stop blogging.
Blogging is like Im jotting down those happenings in my life.
When I read back all my old posts,I will be like, "Aaah,I did that".
From blog,I can recall back what I have done last time.
I went to the casino for the first time yesterday.
A sudden visit to Genting at 12.30am and came back at 6am.
Im so going again.
Thats make me sounds like a gambler.
Just for fun of course.
There are too many things that I want now.
I wish I can just have them all by snapping my fingers.
Owh,I almost forget.
Yes,its Ikuta Toma's 27th birthday!!!!

Sep 27, 2011

I have been celebrating bday throughout September.
I had another celebration by my housemates last Tuesday.
Will post the pics soon.
Another celebration is coming though Sept is almost ending.
Im sure there is one more.Haha.
Anyway,I guess Im gonna hate Monday for 4 months after this.
Classes from 10am till 8pm.
There are breaks in between but still is exhausting.
The classes are boring.
Im just so damn tired now!
Tuesday has the same duration as well but more break hours in between.
But at least Im free after Tuesday.Super free!
I just cant wait for September to end faster actually.
There are so many line-ups in October.
Nino's Freeter SP.
Ohno's Kaibutsu-kun movie.
Sho's new drama "Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de".
Jun's stage play "Ah!Wild Field!".I cant watch this for sure unless I go Japan!
I don't think there is anything for Aiba but Im not sure.Gomen ne Aiba-kun!
Cant wait for Mannequin 5 Autumn SP result to be announced too.
There are many things coming up!
Especially Arashi's new single!!!
Yes,theme song for Sho's drama.
Waiting patiently for the pre-order to start.
Its raining and its just so perfect for sleeping!
Another long day tomoro!

Sep 19, 2011

My second 21st birthday cake!!!!!
A cake full of ARASHI!!! I simply love it so much!!!~
This celebration was one week late but it was AWESOME!!!!
Everyone in the family was there so is complete!
Went to Neway Puchong for buffet dinner and of course sing K session!
I shall skip the picture of food though its was superbly delicious.
My beloved parents!
My lovely family~
You guys made a memorable 21st bday for me~
The BEST bday cake I ever had~
Its double celebration actually.
We had an early celebration for Weipin!
Happy Birthday in advance!!!
Our respective cakes!
It was a surprise bday celebration but I don't seem to be very surprised.
I knew something is coming.Haha!
Anyway,I had fun and once again,I LOVE THE CAKE!
Anything ARASHI will make my life happy!
New semester has started today and yes,Im still lazy!

Sep 13, 2011

Ok.I didn't managed to blog on my 21st bday.
Not that I had some big celebration or what.
For me, party is not necessary.
I can celebrate with my loved ones then it is great enough.
Finally Im 21!
My key from parents~
I had a simple celebration with my family at home.
Just a cake and KFC.
Its nostalgic to have KFC during celebration.Haha.
My 21st bday cake.
My parents~
Mum and 2 lil sis.
After that went out with my schoolmate bestie!!
Mandy was with us and Thong joined us later.
They celebrated for me at Movida.
These were too much but its yummylicious!
And a bottle of red wine for celebration!
Though nothing big but I enjoyed my 21st bday!
Love those whose celebrated for and with me.
Not forgetting those who wished me no matter thru phone calls,sms,twitter,fb or in person,
The day after my bday,I had to go thru some scary moments.
It was really scary but its over now.
Its normal for me to be afraid since it was my first time.
Anyway,holiday is ending soon.Very soon!
I don't like it.
I want more holidays!!!
I don't wanna go back!!!
Just made jelly.Wonder how my layered jelly will turn out.

Sep 1, 2011

At the last few moments of Jun's bday,I decided to bake cupcakes and cakes.
But it was also for the prayers for my late grandma.
So me,weilin and tzq started baking at almost 12am and finished baking at almost 4am.
Satisfied with the results and the cakes were seriously DELICIOUS!Haha.
We had fun baking too.Hehe.
The cakes.
Its colourful!
If you realized,its ARASHI's color.
Purple - Matsumoto Jun
Blue - Ohno Satoshi
Green - Aiba Masaki
Red - Sho Sakurai
Yellow/orange - Ninomiya Kazunari
With few of the cupcakes.
The cakes finished real fast which means its really nice.
It's ad September!
Me turning to legal age in one week time.
Whatsoever I just don't want holidays to end so fast.
Up to KL.

Aug 30, 2011

Kyo wa Jun-kun no tanjoubi desu!
Matsujun is 28!!!
Otanjoubi Omedetou, Jun-kun!!!♥♥♥
J, HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY!!!♥♥♥
Kokuritsu concert this week.
Wonder if they will celebrate his bday during concert again.
Anyway,today is 2 in 1.
Its bulan Syawal!
To those celebrating,
Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
That means its MAKAN TIME!

Aug 23, 2011

Finished exam!!!!
What a tiring semester without midterm break!
I super love it!!!
Gonna enjoy!

Aug 19, 2011

Atm, I have finished 3 papers.
3 more papers to go.
Sunday,Monday,Tuesday then HOLIDAYS!!!!!
Seriously cant wait for holidays!!!
Though half in me ad in holiday mood.
Even before finals start, I ad plan what to do for my holidays.
There are so many interesting events as well!
This year because of finals, I only went bazaar ramadhan few times.
Lesser time than previous years.
I cant wait to go back and go for Malacca's bazaar.
My kuih keria~~♥
And mee Hassan!!!
During bulan puasa night mee hassan!!

Aug 10, 2011

Im back from Sabah!
Actually last Saturday Im ad back.
Sick after vacation is not a good feeling.
Anyway I had so much fun and I love this trip especially when you go with your beloved family members.
It was really fun~
Too many pictures taken that I have to post very randomly.
My beloved family.
Us!With Mount Kinabalu as background.
We actually did fish spa with those big fishes!Nice experience.
At Poring Hot Spring.
Island hoping on the last day!
Went Pulau Manukan,Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sapi.
Did snorkeling at each island.
When leaving...
Seriously I enjoyed and had so much fun!
After all those fun,Im having final exam next week.
Yes,next week!!!!!
But I am not really ready for it.
Knowing that there is not enough time anymore but still procrastinating.
What should I do when the mood is not even with me.
I know I myself should create the mood but......
Somehow I will force myself to study but its just dunno when.
Maybe tonight.Hopefully!
Craving for asam pedas!