Jun 28, 2008

Few more hours and Im leaving....
Guess when Im there,I cant online as often as now...
One week of orientation...from day till night...
Most probably will be coming back next week coz my sisters have to bring their things back also...
Both of my sis will be the facilitators during my orientation...
So ad got warning from them not to create problems during orientation...
I wonder what type of problems can I create...
Im not a problematic girl...just a reminder anyway...
Everything is packed..hopefully nothing left out....
Didn't buying anything for Daniel...
Like what Justina said...dunno what to buy for a guy who has everything...
Like what Hannah said...my presence is a present...

Jun 27, 2008

Going to leave early in the morning tomorrow as have to reach there early for registration at Palaca Beach & Spa at Mines Resort City.Haha.Not registration at Uniten.That will be later.I will be attending Daniel's Birthday Bash first then only will go to Uniten.
Cant wait for tomorrow!
Tomorrow can see Daniel!...but sad cant play games with him
Tomorrow can meet Pinkies!...after so long
Tomorrow can see many Pinkies in colorful attires!...but not me..hehe
Tomorrow I will be registering as Uniten student!
Tomorrow I will be staying in a new room!...gonna miss my bed
Tomorrow I will be leaving everything in Malacca!...sob sob
Tomorrow I will be starting a new chapter of my life!
Somehow everything going to happen tomorrow.

Jun 25, 2008

Tagged by Sevvy....
8 things I'm passionate about:

1) online
2) sleeping
3) eating
4) shopping
5) chatting
6) relaxing
7) holidays
8) japanese dramas

8 things I say too often:

1) really arrr???
2) biasa la
3) malas la
4) sien la
5) i want to sleep!!!
6) i want to eat!!!!
7) i wan go out!!!
8) dont touch my things!!!hehe

8 books I've read recently:

1) journeys to the underworld
2) semusim rindu
3) deck the halls
4) falling for mr. wrong
5) belaianmu
6) the cradle will fall
7) Wow! 8) chain letter
8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
1) tiada maaf - daniel
2) adakah aku yang bermimpi - daniel
3) bila terasa rindu - dafi
4) tomadoinagara - arashi
5) melodi - sheila majid & 林宇中
6) bye bye - mariah carey
7) hey there delilah - plain white t's
8) teenagers - my chemical romance
8 things I learnt for the past years:
1) study hard!
2) study smart!
3) chase your dreams!
4) appreciate ppl around you
5) think before act
6) never say no before trying
7) put in effort to achieve something
8) never say never
8 people I tag:
1) hannah
2) justina
3) genielow
4) layleng
5) hamster
6) wendy
7) leehom
8) joanneW

This taggy really makes me think!


Jun 22, 2008

Starting with yesterday outing.Went out earlier to watch 'Get Smart' with Ali,Jiayi and Wen.The storyline of this movie is kinda boring but is a very funny movie.After that went Sibaraku for dinner buffet.As I said,Thong belanja.Thanx Thong!Ate lots of sushi and my favourite takoyaki!Very very full.Wanted to chit chat longer since didn't meet each other for quite some time,then we went to Wings Cafe.After that go home.Photos credit to Wendy,Thong,Tianfeng and Jo.
clockwise direction: me,ali,jiayi,thong and joanne
the ladies....some already went back
This morning went back to my grandma's house.Got some marriage traditions thingy happening.My cousin getting married in two weeks time.So today was like they called it as 'ko ta li'.The boy side will bring something to the girl's family.Something like that.My cousin is a girl.Then had a small jamuan.Eat free again.
see this before? PIG! roasted pork actually...
Look!He smiles at you! ;)
Give me a kiss!!!!Muaaaahhhhhhh....Haha
On the way back from my grandma's house,stopped by my uncle's dusun durian.Miss durian very much.Wanted to eat at the dusun but my uncle was buzy so had to bring back the durian home and eat.The durians were YUMMY!Even durian is free!Haha.

Jun 20, 2008

I have not been signing in to msn for 2 days!!!!
Stupid msn!
Whats the problem???
Totally cant sign...not even once signed in after I tried to sign in the whole day of two days!!!
Im not really that mad actually just feeling very unsatisfied.
Help me if you can.
Next Saturday will be the day I entering UNITEN(University of Tenaga Nasional) but yet I have not even prepare anything.Its just like everything moves on so fast and Im going be a university student after 5 years of being secondary student.Im big girl ad lor.Haha.Very SS la.
Anyhow hopefully I will be serious in study and dont think of having fun all the time.My dad just worried when I moved to KL then I will be chasing Daniel everywhere he goes.Haha. But no chance for me to chase him also coz he is going to Taiwan =(.I really do think to attend most if possible all of his events when Im in KL as I missed lots of his events just because Im staying in Malacca.But when Im going KL,he is going Taiwan.Sad la.But still will pray for him to do his best there.
Talking about Daniel,I made my decision.Im going to Daniel's Birthday Bash.Though I only will attend for 1 hour plus but its worth it.I can see Daniel then I can meet Pinkies.Thanks Sevvy.No need refund.You just 'ta pao' the food for me can ad.Haha.JK.Anyway looking forward to this event.
Im going to have a very fat weekend this week because Im going to eat and eat and its all free.Haha.Im looking forward to tomorrow friends gathering as well.Thanx to Thong for organizing it and belanja us.See.Its free.Hehe.
I actually wanted to write this post as a long wan because somebody complained my postings all very short and demanded me to write long long.I still cant make it unless got any events for me to write on.Writing short is my own way and I will stick to it.

Jun 17, 2008

Yeah!Today is the day!The release of PASTI!
Waited so long and finally I got it.
Daniel's new ep PASTI finally is in my hands.
Not bad,can get it in Malacca on the releasing day.
Called Inverno in the morning to ask whether got or not and yes,of course got.Then went to collect just now.Love every photos of Daniel in the ep.Very greenish and blue-ish.
Grabbed from Daniel's blog.Hehe.
The EP front cover.
The back of the EP.
Nice right?Then quickly go grab one.It's only RM12.90.Consists of 6 songs - Tiada Maaf,Adakah Aku Yang Bermimpi,Dikau Ku Ingati,Angin Malam,Mimpi and Adakah Aku yang Bermimpi(karaoke version).

Jun 16, 2008

So boring at home.Woke up early this morning and went for check-up.Enter university very ma fan.Have to do this and that.Went to scan X-ray first then in the evening only go for check-up.Full body check-up.First time scan X-ray,so when enter the X-ray room I was like jakun like that.
My daily routine are online-ing,sleeping,eating,watching dramas and watching television.I did that everyday without fail unless I go out.I actually enjoying this kind of life because once classes start,there will be no more free time for me to do such things.So I am boring doing these meanwhile enjoying it too.
Yeah!Tomorrow the day I'm waiting for.Daniel's first Malay EP - PASTI will be released tomoro!Actually Daniel sings Malay song is nicer than singing Chinese songs.Hehe.His ep is not out yet but I already heard 2 of his ep songs and I really love them!Tiada Maaf and Adakah Aku Yang Bermimpi.
Another thing that bothering me is Daniel's Birthday Bash on the 28th June.My registration day is so coincidently fall on the same day as birthday bash.The party is from 11am till 4pm and my registration time is 12.30pm till 2.30pm.Gosh!What should I do.If I would attend then I will leave the birthday bash at 12pm.If I'm not going then I cant meet Daniel and Pinkies that I have not seen for some time.Seriously I have never attend Daniel's birthday bash.Most of the time I attended DFC Anniversary.That's why Im so determine to attend this year but mana tau so malang.Haiz........
Guess I have to plan properly my schedule on the 28th June 2008.
Something for sure,Daniel's PASTI will be in my hands tomoro if Malacca is advanced enough.
Ohhh yes,check out Daniel's blog!He has been updating his blog everyday for counting down his PASTI!

Jun 15, 2008


Jun 14, 2008

Can see my new hair style?went kl yesterday just to straighten my hair. . .past few days i bought new hp. . K660i . . Though is not like those expensive phone but this phone has all the functions that i wan. . .is a 3G phone but digi no 3G. . .now im blogging using my hp. . Easier for me.just a short post today.

Jun 12, 2008

I just don't know why I can't upload pictures.I have few photos to share but unfortunately the system can't work.So I have to delay my planned post.But definitely not about National Service anymore.No more posting on NS unless got anything interesting.Recently my MSN also having problems.I cant start conversation with people and I cant receive their messages and so do they.What actually happening?Everything is not working,so I also no mood to blog.Counting days for Daniel's first Malay EP - PASTI.

Jun 8, 2008

There was a 3 days class of Program Penghayatan Sastera & Budaya.They taught us bout sajak those stuffs.We were divided according to dorms.Charlie 6 was combined with Charlie 14 to be in one class.We did the sajak entitled Tanah Ini Akan Mencintaiku talking bout a dead's life after being dikebumikan.I took video of our performance but because of sumthing it was deleted.We got third for our performance.I enjoyed the most in this performance comparing to other performances I did.
Charlie 6 & Charlie 14 with our class teacher.
my class behind dewan makan.nice scenery.
this is the scenery behing our dewan makan.
ladies of Charlie 14.
The present was full of junk food.
my buddies in camp!!!
Wirajaya is one of the activities I enjoyed the most.We started our journey in the morning with jalan lasak.The distance is 4km.Jalan lasak is a competition among companies.We just have to complete the task as fast as possible and we are the winner.Is not easy as the way is up and down with hills,have to go through big drains and rivers.Maybe for guys is just sub sub water but not for ladies.For wira's category,Charlie won.All the way they were running.I don't know where their strength comes from.We were not walking freely but we are carrying one heavy canvas bag pack.For the wirawati's category of course la Charlie won also.Haha.I am the first to reach ler.Bangganya.Actually I reached together with Leehom and Hana but Im counted first.The first 33 person reached then the time is stop.After reaching then took a short rest.Next was another 3km journey using compass.If don't how to use compass then the whole company sesat.5 person lead the whole company and I was one of them.This task really need cooperation from everyone include the jurulatih if want to be very accurate.After reaching destination,took our lunch and suddenly rain.We walked back to camp and the journey continued when the rain stopped.Around 5pm we continued Wirajaya.Now we went into the jungle.Just now was in ladang kelapa sawit.We were not really deep in jungle.Then we built our own khemah.Have to find suitable kayu to build the camp.The day getting darker and so our campsite also getting darker.The only light source was using torchlight.There was light but our campsite was far away from the light.That day was really tired.Supposingly there will be activity at 12am.But due to some circumstances,the activity cancelled and we supposed to build campfire at 12am too.But unfortunately around 10pm like that most people already slept.Everybody was very very tired.Woke around 6 sumthing the next day.Clean ourselves and breakfast.No bathing because the toilet there was so disgusting that I only used once that was when I cant really tahan kencing anymore.Haha.Then each company have to send 10 person to find rice to cook for lunch.I was included to find food while others will stay at campsite to clean the place and pasang jerat.I enjoyed the most when cari makanan.Though is only 450m which was nearer than the journey the day before but is more tiring because the route is totally up and down.When we reached a spot,there were few jurulatih that act as other person and we have to find which one is the agent for our company.The unlucky us only found our food at the last teacher but we were not the last one found our food.Then we have to sing in suara sengau then only the jurulatih gave us our food.After getting food then back to camp to cook rice.After eating lunch and clearing the place we left for our camp.Damn tired but enjoyable.
our khemah.
this is charlie wirawati's spot.
this is my khemah.
the way we have to go through to our camp.the kayu was damn slippery.
this is how we cooked our rice.
have to be careful so the rice won't burn.
time to eat after tired cooking.
Went for Khidamat Komuniti at Felda Ulu Dengar.Sort of like gotong-royong but seriously the place was clean.But buat-buat as if we very rajin.
during khidmat komuniti.
This is Charlie company.
Charlie company shirt.
On the 6th June 2008,the day before we end our training,we had Majlis Penutupan that is Malam Seribu Kenangan.Our last dinner at Kem Padang Hijau with friends.
we really enjoyed last dinner together.
the food for last dinner at Kem Padang Hijau.
i was involved in choir.
me and ieka.
Finally the day arrived.The day we were leaving camp.I was happy to come back but also sad that Im leaving all my friends and don't know when will we meet again.A very normal situation happened.Crying session.Haha.
you can really see we were crying.all mata bengkak.
boy,remo and cikgu rai.just after crying if you realized.
quote cikgu rosli....hati mau baik.
solleh(left) pelatih terbaik keseluruhan and kakak(aziz).

Jun 7, 2008

3 months is over!Actually Im there only for around 60 days.Overall I really enjoyed the whole programme and kinda miss there after Im back today.Will post about my experience during Wirajaya that is jungle trekking and staying a night in jungle.Let me have enough rest then I will start posting.I also not in the mood of blogging.The careless me left my handphone in the bus and the bus has gone back to Johor.I don't know how to get my phone back.Is not stealing case because my phone still can get connected when call.Haiz.I lost everything in the phone especially all the contacts.Very sad. :( Feeling so uneasy without my phone by my side.I miss my phone!