May 31, 2010

Yesterday badminton.Today bowling.
That explains my weekends.
Resulting muscle pain.
But I want badminton next week too.
Yes,I love badminton.
Bowling wif weilin,auyong,my bro and a. diana.
Today not my day for bowling.Played badly in the first game.
I just cant wait to watch the final episode of Ohno's Kaibutsu-kun bcoz my Jun-kun will be the special guest appearance.
Plus he is just too cute with the sharp ears in the monster land.
And Jun-kun has new summer drama too, 「夏の恋は虹色に輝く」 - Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku starting in July.
Mata love story.

May 26, 2010

My beloved 'naked' Toma arrived my home this afternoon.
Thanx to Bakachi for helping me to get the mag from her fren in Japan.
Thanx to her fren for searching everywhere in Tokyo just to get this mag for me.
Hontoni arigato!
Its a little late but its ok.
If its mine how late also I dun mind.
Toma in AnAn.
Ignore all the words.
Just see the super sexy Toma of mine.Haha.
This mag is an adult mag so faham2 la.
But I cant understand a word in the mag bcoz everything in Japanese.
What I can do is to menikmati the photos only.
Toma is even sexier in the mag!!!!

May 23, 2010

On the way going back to my grandma house,I saw it.
Its really big and beautiful.
For the first time I see such a big rainbow.
And I watched it till the colors faded slowly and finally it varnished.
Smile :) like a rainbow....One of Danell's song.
When you see rainbow,you smile.
Its the miracle of rainbow.

May 20, 2010

Me at work right now.
Lunch time.
Everybody is curious of what work I am doing and of course everyone is surprised when I tell them Im working.
I received the same phrase from everyone,
"TAN WEI TING is working?Are you sure?".
Now only I know in everyone's impression,Im someone who wont work during holidays.
Is it good or bad?
But you ppl are wrong coz Im working right now.Haha.
No,Im not going to tell what Im working here.
One thing that I dislike,I have to wake up early.
I seriously freakingly hate waking up early in the morning unless something excite me.
Im hungry now.My bento is waiting for me.

May 18, 2010

Went up to KL last weekends.
No purpose of being there.So just like that.Haha.
Might be going up again this weekend.
Just came back from movie with Jialin and Simleng.
Watched IP Man 2.
I know its kinda outdated but Jialin wanted to watch so teman her since I also got nothing to do.
After movie,Jiayi joined us for chit-chatting at Secret Recipe.
Though we did nothing much but when we meet old friends the fun is always there.
Since we started studying in KL,we have been saying we will meet up somewhere in KL but till now we have not done that.
Soon we will have a meet up in KL!

May 11, 2010

Watched Thomas Cup quarter finals.
Damn frustrating after watching the last game.
How can Msia lose to Japan?????!!!!!!!!!
Japan not even well-known in badminton and yet they can won over Msia.
When Hafiz Hashim played the last round and lost,I was like WTF!
At least if they lose to China or even Korea,is still acceptable.
Haiz.....fine lets just hope they do better in next round against Denmark so they can proceed to semi finals.
Denmark is quite strong but I believe in Msia team.
I kinda miss my entertainment life in KL.
No Redbox or Greenbox in Malacca.I wan sing K!
Even some food in KL cant get in Malacca.
Its ok,Im going back to KL in July.
But I know when I go back there then I will miss everything in Malacca.
Thats life right?
We cant satisfy ourselves all the time.

May 7, 2010

You know wat.....Im working!!!
Surprise?Yes,I know you guys are surprised!
What to surprise right,work only.
But its just unbelievable I know.
I dun plan to work at all but the offer just came like that so just accept.
But I think I better earn some money to buy more Arashi's cds and stuff.Yes,for Arashi again.Haha.
Why izit so hot everyday?
I dun like to sleep when is so hot.
Even on aircond also cant help it.
Global warming!Save trees ppl!
Suddenly so environmental friendly pula.
I still not yet get to drink bubble milk tea!

May 3, 2010

Woo....its May now.
I have been back for a month.Thats fast right?
We actually celebrated Labour Day by doing satay celup.Just coincidently fall on 1st May.
Plus celebrated Nicholas,my cousin's bday.
This weekends I dunno why is busy but nothing really going on.
And I had a sleepless night thanks to weilin for talking so much.Haha.
Bday boy.
Everyone is sick.
My cough is back as well.