Aug 30, 2008

WTH!Wanted to blog yesterday night but streamyx really sucks.Spoil my mood of blogging and ended up i just off my laptop.Im blogging now anyway.
I was supposed to attend TNB's Staff Annual Dinner yesterday to receive my prize.But because those people didn't go so I also decided not to go.At last only I knew my cousin went but its too late for me to go.My dad represented me on the stage to receive my prize.
I was not at home though I didn't went for dinner.I went out with Yutian.She still stay the same after so long didn't meet her.Still as sampat as last time.Haha.By the way I call her Aunty.Only she knows why I call her aunty.Both our habits still the same.Since last time when we were in secondary school,whenever we go out our priority is eat.Usually both of us only.So yesterday went to Amigo to have dinner.After eating we still wanted to go somewhere.All the plans came out from Yutian's mouth were all eat,eat and eat!We just finished dinner yet she still thinking where to eat summore.Behtahan!
Anyway,after that we went to DP to jalan-jalan first as we called Thong to join us and we were waiting for her.So we ended up in a shop called Pink Berry.They sell ice.I mean shaved ice like cendol and fruits ice that type.Not bad the food.First time Yutian's recomendation is not bad.Yeah,we ate again.We talked and ate till around 11.30pm.Then we realized actually my cousin same class with Yutian.Then we went home.
Another funny thing happened.After Yutian has dropped me then she called me.As I expected she sesat in my neighbourhood.Haha.I laughed at her non-stop.To go my house only 2 turns and just go straight and yet such an easy way can make her sesat.Wuaaahahahaha!
Anyway thanx Yutian!Forget to take photo.
This is Yutian.Taken in June.

Aug 26, 2008

Just came back from Yan's place.
Currently my brain is numb and I am dumb.
Physics make me so.
I really don't know how the guys can easily do while we the girls think like crazy also still cant get answer.I mean not all the girls.
So me,Shirley and Yan were at Yan's place to do together the exercises given by our lecturer.
3 of us there think till we also gila.Then we called Cik Adik Rin for help.Haha.
Even got rescue but still we don't understand.
And this is what happened.
Instead of studying,all the food from Yan was out on the table.Most of the packets were full at first but was empty in just a short while.The papers were empty as well.Haha.
After eating,Yan brought out her laptop and we watched Hana Yori Dango 2.
Shirley and I watched the drama ad but Yan who is slightly outdated just watching this drama now.The drama also taken from me.We watched finish half of an episode then we cabut.Cant stand sleepy-ness.
Only Shirley so rajin,went back but still continue doing.
I also not bad la.Sleepy but still blogging.Quite hardworking la.Haha.
Cant wait to finish tomorrow and Im going back on Thursday.Yiiippppeeee!!!

Aug 23, 2008

Went to help PRS at their stall for Hari Konvokesyen Uniten.Helped to do sausage roll and some other stuff.Looking at them graduate really very happy.I mean the grads happy not I happy.Haha.In another 5 years time will be my turn.Hopefully.Its really honor to be a graduate.You will be even happier when you receive bouquets of flowers or bears from family,relatives and friends.Is still quite early for me to think about graduating.I am only almost 2 months in Uniten and yet I am thinking the time I will be graduating.Haha.
Raining outside now.What a good day to sleep.The weather is so cooling and for sure I will be sleeping in a while more.How good if the day always like this.

Aug 22, 2008

Nap till 7pm but yet Im sleepy right now.
Tomoro quiz and this is what I am doing right now.
Studying Physics chapter 6.
I think my brain is too simple to study this chapter.
8tv Summer Live Concert is on this Saturday at MITC,Melaka.
Why is it when it comes to Melaka then don't have those artists that I wan to see.
No Daniel to be more specific.
Anyway Im not going back this week so Im not going.
My mum wanted to go but nobody to go with her.Haha.
Guess my mum want to see who.
She wants to see Show Luo wei.Haha.
Dont think my dad will go with her to this type of concerts.Haha.
Saw something interesting when walking back to my apartment.
A star-shape shadow.
It does not happen at all time.Only at a time in a day.
It may not be special to everyone.
Is time now.Closing books.
My bed is waiting for me.

Aug 20, 2008

My recent favourite song.
Let Me Take You There - Plain White T's.

Aug 18, 2008

My very brand new own laptop!!!
Thanks to Daddy & Mummy!!!
My birthday present though my birthday is next month.Hehe.

Aug 11, 2008

The rats are here!!!!!
Here are the 3 culprits!!!!!
Being caught!!!
So they are Yan,Weiting and Shirley.
After curi makan,here we are.
The toilet~~~
Still in the toilet~~~

Finally back in class~~~

Haha.So thats what the 3 'wu liow' girls did during the one and the half hour break.

I got visitors today from Uniten Muadzam Shah,Pahang.
My physics test 1 sucks!


Aug 9, 2008

So as I promised.The photos of the pizza!Supposingly I was there to help out but ended up I was there just to do my own wan.Thats also just put the ingredients onto the pita bread and I went out to eat KFC.Everything was done by weipin.

These were the ingrdients.
the pizza before bake.
this wan I did.
the cheese is melting!!!
this is my pizza.without all those capsicums.I dun like.
the normal pizza with all ingredients.
Thats all for the process of baking pizza.

Aug 7, 2008

Damn tired these few das.Night only came home.Every Tuesday surely will come back late because we have Physics lab till 8pm.If finish early then can go back early.Then Wednesday my class till 6pm.I usually sleep very early on these two days.But my early is still 12am like that.At least still earlier than other days.Actually Monday I have computer lab at 8pm till 10pm but that class is unsupervised so no need to go.Haha.Monday my class end at 2pm.Thursday also end at 2pm.Friday till 10am since only got one class.A late waker like me is lucky to have such a timetable because my classes starts at 9am on Monday and Friday and starts at 10am from Tueasday till Thursday.So everyday my housemates go class ad but I still in my bed.Haha.

Kinda tired right now because I just came back though my class ended at 2pm.Guess what.I did study group with my friends.5 of them.Haha.Rajinnya.Thats because tomoro Im having Test 1 for Physics and Calculus on Sunday.Weird huh.A test on Sunday.Tomoro test today only did study group.As usual last minute.Hehe.Last time I never like study group because I will end up talking rather than study.But today I really have fun during study group and meanwhile Im having fun I did learn something and got to revise as well.So study group is not bad afterall.My head so pening when doing all the questions especially vectors and projectile motion.We did our study group somewhere near my lecturer's room so when we got questions dont know how to do straight go find lecturer.Easy job.Haha.Do study group must find right friends to do.So thanks to my friends that study with me this evening.

I just received a phone call from weipin.She asked me to get ready then she will be coming to fetch me to her apartment so that I can help her to do pizza.Haha.Dont know what angin make her so semangat to do pizza.Somemore all the ingredients she bought.Since she so ia-ia then I also ikut only la.Hopefully I remember to take photo of the pizza that I make and will post it here.Then after 9pm like that weilin wan to go eat KFC pula.My two sisters always like that wan.Their angin tiba-tiba wan.I know I got test tomoro but Im not sleeping tonight.As if I can tahan.Haha.Will try my best to stay up.Wish me luck!


Aug 2, 2008

me & shirley.
Thats my classmate.I mentioned about her before in previous post.This pic was taken when we were waiting for our class to begin at COIT.She is a very noisy girl I would say(just like me).So we will be very noisy when we are together.She is noisier.Haha.If she read this,she will definitely kill me.She always deny that she very noisy.But she memang very noisy.You will see her quiet when she is in class.Thats because she is sleeping when the lecturer is talking.Haha.Sometimes only not always la.And these are the ladies in my class.Only 5 of us out of 4o+ students.So we always hang out together when we have free time between classes.Pic taken in the class before the lecturer came.
lisa,me,ayu,shirley and yan.