Jan 30, 2008

My body is aching because of making pineapple tarts.Sit too long till my neck so pain.Pineapple is the most difficult to make.Not that very hard just that lots of work.Very 'ma fan'.The most tiring part is putting the stripes on.take the longest time to make also pineapple tarts.Yesterday I did and continue again today.Today also two session,afternoon and night.There are still pineapple left.Tomorrow will do again.Anyway I do enjoy making but tiredness always exist.

the pineapple tarts i made.
Luckily I declined Alicia's invitation to play badminton.If not I don't know when I can finsh this pineapple tarts.My neck,my hands and my shoulders very painful.Im tired as well. The new year mood is here! Ciao!

Jan 29, 2008

Have you seen God of Prosperity?Let me show you one.

Haha.Thats actually my brother.My sister borrow the clothes from somewhere for her function.So take the opportunity to try the clothes.My sister tried another type of clothes.She look like 'sai kong'.Haha.
I saw this really huge school bag at a shop.If Im still schooling, I will buy this bag.Haha.Very good to use in school.Can put a lot of things.Can use to cover yourself when sleeping in class.Can use as pillow or maybe you can just fit in and sleep inside.

Two more type of cookies to go. Ciao!

6 am from Malacca to Pudu and wait for shiwei's sister.Then continue taking bus to Genting. The 5 of us : me, shiwei, josephine, simleng and shiwei's sister then took skyway and reach Genting at around 11.30 like that.Check-in and the four of them went theme park while I stayed in hotel room to wait for Layleng's arrival. Theme park also nothing much to play as i played so many times ad.Got call from Layleng around 2 something and meet her up.Then both of us were like no place to go and wandering around and alas we decided to go find Albee.We just spend some time there and back to hotel.Get ready for concert.Then on the way to Arena Of Stars we met A.Swan so we have an early dinner together with A.Swan, A.Karen,A.Julie,A.Irene,U.Peter,Teng and Meiling jie.Around 5.30 I ad waiting outside Arena with Hakki, A.Julie,A.Karen, Meiling and Teng.When can enter, A.Karen,A.Julie and Teng went in to book places for Pinkies while me and Hakki stay outside for the red carpet event.Albee then join us later.The red carpet started at about 6.30pm.Those overseas artiste came in first followed by the local artiste.I only managed to take pictures at the red carpet event.I didn't take any picture during the concert,only the beginning I took a few as I prefer to just watch and enjoy.

Actually I'm quite disappointed with the concert.Its not that I'm not having fun but din feel any new year mood throughout the concert.Only the beginning had a few CNY songs only.But when come to screaming, I really have fun.Layleng and Albee was really very very good in shouting.Haha.I shouted till I'm a little dizzy.Anyway I really do have a great time with Pinkies.When Daniel performed, we just couldn't stop screaming.Very high. After the concert then meet up with my firend again.Went Starbucks and had my favourite drink again,Vanilla Caramel.Around 3 am, me,shiwei and shiwei's sister took a walk outside with french fries on our hands.genting really very cold that day compared to the last two week I went.The next day we then back to Malacca ad.Anyway I really have fun with you guys though I'm not with you all to the theme park.Thanks ya!In two weeks time I went Genting twice. p.s. shiwei send me the photos.


Jan 21, 2008

Baked cornflakes cookies yesterday night. With CNY songs on, suddenly the new year mood also appear. So today woke up very early. Went clinic and went to bank to ‘kau tim’ my things. Today is the first time I drove out after I got my license last Saturday. I drive my aunt’s new car ler. So scared anything happen to the car. Brought my brother to tuition. To my school. Jam and only one gate was open. Luckily I’m safe. Hahaha. I almost bang Kalai’s car door since she just left it open and the road so sempit. Then so sui. After that brought my aunt to Tesco. Saw Kalai at Tesco. At first want to just ignore her but since she smiled to me so I smiled back. I feel my driving is dangerous. Hahaha. But I just could not help it because I like to drive that way. My first time sure kena hon wan lol. The drivers also stupid wan. People with ‘P’ sticker ler. Cant they just lebih kurang. Just finish baking another type of cookies. Sugee. But today no new year songs on.


Jan 20, 2008

Wake up and read newspaper. National Service allowance has increase form RM 100 to RM 150 per month. So total will be RM 450. At least better. This is to encourage those selected to go more voluntarily. I don’t think that I’m affected. I am forced to go. Another don’t-know-what-to-do Sunday. Maybe start doing new year cookies today.


Jan 19, 2008

I cut my hair. Actually just want to cut a bit short but the person who cut my hair said since I don’t want to tie my hair anymore so he just cut it short for me. At first I disagree but he talk and talk and finally I nodded my head. Luckily I still satisfied if not I sure will scold him. After 4 years of long hair and now back to short hair. Just not very biasa yet. Still thinking me is long hair. Hahaha. my new image.

My wish comes true! I’m going Genting with Shiwei, Jo and Simleng. Thanks so much for teman-ing me go although I know you guys just want to have fun there. Actually we ad planned for years for this trip but every time also tak jadi. But finally this time our planning work! Yeah.

Went out to Mahkota Parade. Date with Wendy for an early dinner. Headed to Sushi King. After eating we go find our classmates who are working. First, cant find oxy so went to find Tianfeng. She was there and we have a short talk. Royal Sporting House having sales starting from 24th Jan! I asked Tianfeng to check out for me a few tops during the sales. Gonna get if I got go. After that went to Carrefour at opposite to find Thong. She is giving out samples. So Wendy and I grab a few packets of Dentyne chewing gum. Wendy is freaking scared if the guard will stop her for bringing out so many packets of chewing (7 packets include mine.all in her pocket). Hahaha. Obviously we are safe. Hahaha. Go back to Tianfeng to pass to her the free chewing gum. Then I’m back.

Went to temple for some event. There got free vegetarian food. Our neighbor asked my mum to go so I follow. The last time I went there got one very handsome monk. What a waste that he is a monk. Hahaha. Saw him also just now. But we were there for about 5 minutes only. I see the food is like enough for 100 people but around 300 people were there. I definitely not going to rebut food, pushing each others for food. So we went back without eating and just took one packet of drink only. I’d eaten anyway.

two sampats.


Jan 18, 2008

Desperately wanna go Genting! No problem for me to go alone but din gets the permit from my dad. Ask my friend to go with me but more things popping out. Daniel will be there for the Astro Jia Yu Chinese New Year Special. Yeah. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel! But I really want to go for this concert. Just don’t know why. Help me! My parents cant go due to something. My sisters having exam. Yutian settling her problems. Can I really go next week? Hopefully yes. Desperate and depressed. Why is it so difficult? Just a trip to Genting. Haiz.

requested by Au Yong Seh Siang.


Jan 15, 2008

Yes. I got my driving license! Don’t know why just don’t like to learn driving but what to do to get the license. Now I can drive to wherever I want with my dad’s car. Yeah. My dad’s car. I don’t have a car. I actually cant wait to drive back to my grandparent’s house. Hopefully my dad will let. Anyway these two days not enough sleep make me feel a bit dizzy now. I think tomorrow I will sleep till very late unless my parents going anywhere in the morning then I will definitely follow.

I’m living in a very free lifestyle. Don’t know what to do everyday. Feel like doing something then do it right away. A few problems in my mind now but I don’t think I wanna share it here. Let me keep it to myself. I find all the cds in the rack today. Those old movies I took it out and wanna watch again since didn’t watch it for long time and I’m really very very very free. Yeah. Everybody see me at home and starting to ask me to do things for them. I definitely will do if I like it but if I don’t like then jangan harap I will do.


Jan 14, 2008

Second time watching. TheGamePlan. This time is free too. My uncle belanja and this time watching in cinema. TheGamePlan is also the first movie I watch in cinema in the year 2008. As I had said the movie is beautiful and that’s why I don’t mind watching second time. Though it was second time watching but the laughter is still there. “Stupid is a mean word”. Have you watched? Go if you have not. It’s a great movie.

My 1-month-old cousin.


Jan 13, 2008

The Game Plan.Wanted to go and watch last week.But luckily I didn't go.Save my money.Weilin download and just took from her yesterday.This movie is really nice.Funny.The lil girl is very good in acting.The Rock learn ballet.I was laughing when he actually do that.The ex-wrestler actually dancing?Thats something interesting.Anyway this is the first movie I watched in the year 2008 but not in cinema.Go watch.Its recomended from me.Hahaha. Ciao!

This is how my interview goes. (I = interviewer)

Me : Good afternoon.

I : Good afternoon. Can I see your certificate?

(I took out my PMR cert since I dun have SPM cert yet.)

I : Wow. You’d got all A’s.

Me : Yes.

I : Then I think most probably you are qualified to work. (Here comes the climax)Do you selected for National Service?

Me : Yes.

I : Which batch are you in?

Me : Second.

I : Oh. Then I think I can’t take you in because you most probably will resign in March.So, I’m very sorry. Maybe you should try another time.

That’s it. Because of National Service I can’t get my job. I almost got the job but at last everything is ruined. Before I went for the interview, I had actually thought bout this matter. What if they ask about National Service. And yes, they really did. I wanted to lie saying that I din get NS but I just couldn't do it. Anyway, it’s ok. I still can take it. At least I gave it a try. I also long time didn’t go Genting. I think since last year June. So took this chance to holiday wif Daddy, Mummy, Weipin, Weilin and Auyong. So since I didn’t get the job, I will be goyang-ing kaki at home. Enjoy life to the fullest before go NS.

Genting Highlands.

As usual. Went Starbucks to get my favourite drink. Vanilla caramel. Auyong bought another drink also very nice but I forgot whats the name of the drink. With chocolate chips in it. the drinks. me at Starbucks. weilin and I.

My cousin working in Genting. So she has special staff’s price at certain shop. So ask her out and went Espirit. Really can get very cheap prive. I bought a jeans there. The jeans ad 30% off. Then get another 40% off of the offered price. The original price of the jeans is RM 269.90. after discount it’s only RM 113.90. Big difference. After that have to rush back because have to send weipin to a campsite. Before going back, we went to temple. I have never been to the temple since it has been renovated. It’s beautiful.

in the temple. view from the temple.


Jan 10, 2008

Daniel’s Contract Signing with Sony BMG .

The Contract 1. Gain at least 3 kgs in 2008. 2. Consume at least 2 bowls of rice every meal. 3. Consume " weight gains " supplement. 4. Work out every day, at least 100 times of push up and sit up. 5. Gain 6 pads abdomen muscle within a year. 6. Show good manner in public. 7. Report daily schedules to the company at least 2 times a day. 8. Restrict from any relationships including marriage. 9. Obey to company's decisions. 10. Compose more songs for the usage of own album.

3 clauses is about Daniel’s weight. This is a fact that cant be denied. Daniel is freaking thin. For your information Daniel has never weight more than 50 kg. His heaviest weight is only 49 kg. He has to gain weight but at the same time he has to do push up and sit up everyday to gain 6 pads abdomen muscle. Isn’t it his weight will remain the same. But I really cant imagine Daniel with 6 pax =P. Good manner nothing for Daniel. He ad has. Daniel cant married or have any relationship. Like what Kenrick said Daniel’s birthday wish smashed.

Daniel is now the new staff of Sony BMG. Daniel’s working hours 9-5 daily

Daniel's tag.

Oh yeah. Daniel is going Taiwan soon. Wish you luck, Daniel!

Photo credits to U.Hyin and Sunset.


Jan 8, 2008

Chinese New Year is exactly a month from today.today is the first day of the last month in the year of Boar.next year will be the year of Mouse.think of CNY then suddenly I want to listen to CNY songs but unfortunately I cant find the cd.so I just give up.really miss to see everywhere with tanglungs and RED RED everywhere.maybe two more weeks then can see ad.talk bout CNY.how can I forget bout new clothes!!!i only bought 3 tops and that’s all!!!i know its not enough.definitely not enough.going shopping when my dad is free.oh yeah.new shoes as well.

Lots of food I want to eat.for this moment I really want to eat ‘bak kua’.now by the roadside also got sell.chicken floss also.actually I was talking to my mum just now what to cook on new year eve.the house sure runtuh wan with everybody coming back especially children everywhere.headache only.but only got new year mood if like that.planning want to play ‘bunga api’.so long din play ad.this year im going to play and rebut with my cousins.this is one of my CNY resolutions.hehe.CNY really brings lots of fun!


Jan 6, 2008

It has been more than two months I din go back to my grandparest’s house.ever since before SPM started.so I bising my parents to go back.at home also nothing to do.but go there also nothing for me to do.sit down and be a busybody listening to all ‘aunties’ talking.kinda fun listening to them talking bout their family.at least I know whats my cousins doing.

Yeah.i got a very shocking call.from my cousin where she is in National Service campsite now.she is in Asahan camp.a very cooling place surrounded by trees(hutan).she called me from there.thought what so kan cheong.maybe I think too much.she just wanted to talk to me to spend her boring time there.since I also will be going soon so I took this opportunity to ask her what they do,what food they eat,what activity and so on.she told me she became ketua dobi for her patrol.sad case.her job is to carry her patrol member’s clothes to dobby.and I laughed at her.


Jan 5, 2008

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Jan 1, 2008


I din go any countdown but went new year date with jiayi.watched Enchanted.i noe its ad a month in cinema but since me and jiayi haven’t watch so we decided to watch together.after watching movie, went to take our lunch at Taro in Dataran Pahlawan.not bad la the food.we ate till very full coz we thought the food will very little as shown in the menu but sekali come so big plate.we even order desert.anyhow we still force ourselves to finish up.the interior design of Taro restaurant is beautiful.very romantic feel.

very nice. a pond in the reataurant. taro fish fillet and spaghetti chicken bolognaise. taro mochi chilled.very tasty. jiayi and me.

At night din go anywhere.stay at home watch countdown live on 8tv.my purpose is to watch Daniel la.he sang 5 songs.din get to go there so have to stay at home watch lol.

Have a great new year ahead!