Apr 23, 2012

Osashiburi desu!!!!!
Seriously it took me ages to update one post.
I ad finished my internship and currently on break till June.
Enjoying life by rotting at home.
Time to watch all the downloaded Arashi shows and movies.
I have no voice now as Im having cough,sore throat and flu.
Its so rare for my voice to dissapear.I can hardly speaks.
Anyway,this weekends gonna be full of fun as its my cousin's wedding!
Apparently I have to help out too so gonna be slightly busy this week.
Pity my blog for being unattended.
Basically, yes,Im lazy!
And nowadays with the presence of twitter,facebook,instagram,lj,tumblr and so on,instead of keeping all and update in blog,I can update live and fast.
Yeah,Blogger have apps in Android too.
Ok,maybe after this I will update more often.
After so long,no changes,Im still the same Me.
Still a crazy Arashi fan,will always be.
Of course still a student and hoping to be one forever after going thru internship.

Apr 1, 2012

Haven seen this guy for quite some time in my blog?

Thats because I haven seen him for years too and finally I met him last week for his latest album promo.

Instead of being a crazy fan,Im now a silent supporter at the event.

It feels great too and yes,he still remembers me!

Anyway,my last update was early of March and its ad April now.

Which means throughout the whole month of March,Im busy and lazy.

Hopefully when I finsh my intern next week,I will start blogging again.

Double release again by Arashi in May and its DVD!How can I be rich this way.Lol.

Gonna be back real soon.


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Mar 2, 2012

Randomly random!

This is bad.I left my blog unupdated for so long.

I wanted to blog but its kinda tiring everyday after work.

Or should I say I was busy with Arashi everytime when Im at home nowadays.

Anyway,there is no special occasions recently that I can blog about except those that ad passed.

Its ad March ne.

I love this month coz Toma gonna be in Vsa as well as Shiyagare as aniki!

And next week Wild at Heart single released!Receiving my xopy next week too.

Yes,Im working now so I better concentrate.


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Feb 6, 2012

Woah.Super long since I blogged.

Im quite busy with my internship.

Surprisingly I din post about my CNY.

This time around I took very less photos.I wonder why.Everyone is lazy to hold the cameta I guess.

Anyway, just drop by to show that Im still alive.

Will post a proper one soon.

Finally my Japan trip plan is on going!


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Jan 21, 2012

The hamper I got from work and boss gave ang pau too!!!

Yes,from my internship of course though I only worked for 5 days.

Talked about intern some other time coz Im ad in holiday mood!

CNY break one week!!!

Everywhere I can see red red now and bad thing is everywhere is jam.

Im super duper sleepy now so I get to bed now.

I cant wait for CNY!!!


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Jan 13, 2012

Finally exam is over!!!

Actually is over for 4 days and I was quite busy so din post about it.

Anyway,Im enjoying my holidays before starting my internship next Monday.

Busy preparing for CNY too!!!

Being at home is always the best especially during festive season.

Basically Im busy baking!


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Jan 5, 2012

Let me show off my Arashi stuffs.

First purchased in 2009 but officially started buying every singles,albums,DVD and concert goods in 2010 till now.

Magazines are not included.

More to add to my collection hopefully.


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Jan 3, 2012

OMG!!Its ad 2012!!!

After 3 days and now I realized that I forgot to wish Happy New Year here.

But its ok since Im busy.

Celebrated with my belived family and had so much fun.

Then busy catching up Arashi too since they have so many shows last few days and these few days.

Besides,Im having finals atm.

Just finished my 3rd paper and 2 more to go.

Break for 5 days so Im gonna laze around today.


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