Apr 23, 2012

Osashiburi desu!!!!!
Seriously it took me ages to update one post.
I ad finished my internship and currently on break till June.
Enjoying life by rotting at home.
Time to watch all the downloaded Arashi shows and movies.
I have no voice now as Im having cough,sore throat and flu.
Its so rare for my voice to dissapear.I can hardly speaks.
Anyway,this weekends gonna be full of fun as its my cousin's wedding!
Apparently I have to help out too so gonna be slightly busy this week.
Pity my blog for being unattended.
Basically, yes,Im lazy!
And nowadays with the presence of twitter,facebook,instagram,lj,tumblr and so on,instead of keeping all and update in blog,I can update live and fast.
Yeah,Blogger have apps in Android too.
Ok,maybe after this I will update more often.
After so long,no changes,Im still the same Me.
Still a crazy Arashi fan,will always be.
Of course still a student and hoping to be one forever after going thru internship.

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