Sep 29, 2008

No more Daniel 李吉汉.

Now Danell 李桀汉.
Why? Why? Why?
The surprise Daniel ok Danell gave us on the day of the launching of Danell Sharing DVD + CD "我的志愿" was change of his name.Introducing his new name Danell 李桀汉.
Before the event, everyone was wondering what surprise Danell will be giving us.
On the day itself when me,genie and justina arrived at the stage,Aunty Irene came to us and told us that Daniel change name.
Then we quickly go check out his DVD to see for ourselves.
Whenever we saw anybody, the first thing we said was Daniel changed name to Danell and everybody had the same reaction.
Blur and answered "Huh?".
Then we asked them to go check it out themselves.
And we keep asking why why why Daniel have to change name.
We are so used to the name Daniel.The name we known for 3 years.
But if this name can really give Danell a really good 'feng shui' then let it be.
Im just hoping the best for Danell.
This is a real surprise and we really surprised!
Lets get back to the launching.
Met up with genie and justina and then we go buy card for Danell.
Is not an easy job.Haha.We know why.
Then get ready to welcome Danell.
The boards were using the name Daniel 李吉汉.Chui Ling,the host pointed out and saying that we were not Danell's fan coz we cant even write his name properly.Guess everything have to change since new name appear.
I really enjoyed the whole event from the beginning till the end.
Meeting up so many PINKIES after so long and met some din-see-before-Pinkies.
I can tell only that much coz I really dunno how to describe more bout the feeling when I am with PINKIES at DANELL's big-day-event.
Let the pictures tells you.
Danell Sharing DVD + CD "我的志愿" and free Danell table calendar.
Crowd of the day.
Danell with the album.
Danell and Chui Ling.
Danell all the way.
Genie represent PINKIES to give Danell flowers.
PINKIES group photo.Can be found in any Chinese newspaper too.
Genie,me,Chui Ling and Xian.
From left:genie,aising,munmun,justina,me,xian and michy a.k.a fakedanell.
FakeDanell,Genie and me on the stage lining up for autograph session.
Shirley,me and Genie autographing.
Really had a great time with you guys!!!
Thank you especially to Danell as he is the one making the chance for us to meet each other!
Photo credits : Shutterbug and Audrey.

Sep 25, 2008

What day is today?
Why am I eating so much today?
My stomach is still bloated right now.
Lunch time me and shirley ordered PizzaHut delivery.
We ordered the Variety Box.Got 2 personal stuff-crust pizza and 2 normal pizza.
Definitely too much for 2 persons but shirley die also say its cukup cukup for 2 ppl.
Then done I just ordered.
As I expected both of us ate till we cant really do anything.
Sit cannot.Lie down cannot.Stand also cannot.What also cannot.
We were really bloated!Thanx to shirley!
PizzaHut Variety box.
We ate from 1pm and we finished the last piece of pizza at 5pm.Haha.
No more dinner tonight.
Weipin called and ajak to go bazaar ramadhan at Putrajaya.
So planned go see see only.
Yeah see see only ended up I bought the most food.Haha.
And for god sake I had my dinner.
Gosh can you imagine how damn full am I right now though is quite late now?

Sep 24, 2008

I know Im sick but stay in room also no point.
So I went out shopping with shirley,linda and yenyen.
We went Jaya Jusco Balakong.
Linda drove and we were not so sure of the way but since we are so smart then we reached there also.Haha.
Wanted to watch movie but dun have nice movie then we just walked around.
Then took dinner.
4 of us bought 6 bottles.
Linda bought 3 bottles,I also dunno why she needs that many bottles.
Then the 3 of us bought each one.
Shirley and I bought the same wan.
Mine is the middle wan.
We bought 6 bottles and that ad cost us RM 100.Haha.Im not exaggerating.Is true.
After shopping in JJ,linda cant find her stuff so we went Alamanda.
Luckily at Alamanda got but still din get to buy her umbrella.Haha.
Most of the stuff we bought.Mine only bottle.Hehe.
Tiring but fun.
I still headache right now.

Sep 23, 2008

Sick! Sick! Sick!
For the first time I sick in Uniten.
No mummy to serve me.
Didn't go class and just sleep in my room.
Fever attacked 11pm last night and took panadol before sleep.
I was sleeping in sweat the whole night and was shivering as well.
Cant even get a good night sleep.
Thats why I dun have the energy to wake up and go class.
Woke up and feeling slightly better.
But now the heat is coming into my body again!
I dun like sick!
These few days had dinner at my sister's place.
After dinner then we will have yam cha session.
Traditional type of yam cha.Not mamak stall style.
weipin's tea set.
This few days slept quite late because of the tea.
Drank too much and cant sleep.
Yesterday if I don't take panadol then I think I will be awake the whole night and suffered from headache.
Next time drink few cups is enough.
Launching is coming very near.

Sep 21, 2008

Akhirnya my physics test 2 finished....
Dun wan to talk about the test....
Didn't realize I din update my blog for so many days.
Thought only 2 or 3 days din update but the last post was on 16th and today is 21st.Almost a week.
Im not busy preparing for test just suddenly I also dunno. I remember.
These few days the connection was sucks in the whole Uniten.
Cant even online.Thats why I didnt blog.
Yesterday only the connection really stable but then I was studying last minute so din blog.
The whole week the connection was torturing us.A while can then the next minute no connection.
The worst part was I have to complete my computer assignment and ended up my group passed up late because cant online.
But luckily my lecturer still ok.Not only my group so still acceptable.
Not our fault.No connection.
Ok.Is our fault la because we did it the day before the due date.The assignment was given a week before due date.
And we learned our lesson.
Next week going back Malacca for one week holiday or maybe longer.
Cant wait and yeah after raya will be final exam.
I cant wait for holiday but I dun wan final to be so near because totally not prepared yet.
I was telling myself that after this test then going to start prepare for final but I know myself.Haha.
I mentioned about Daniel's single launch I think.
One thing for sure is that I will definitely attending his launching though Im going back Malacca before 27th.
My beloved daddy will bring me go and my mum misses Daniel too I think because she also wanted to follow go see Daniel.Haha.
So I don't need to worry whether they change the date again or not.
I feel Im so bahagia!Haha.
Blogger is playing fun of me.Connection is stable but blogger giving problem.

Sep 16, 2008

Tomorrow public holiday!(for selangor,other states i dont know)
But still there are assignments waiting for me to complete and have to study for this Sunday physics test 2.
Supposedly Daniel's new single will be launched this Saturday and I planned to go no matter I got test or not.But the launching is postponed to next Saturday (27th September).I dont know I should say is good or not.I would say good because it is after my test.I would say no good because I was supposed to go back Malacca on the 26th.So I guess I have to go back Malacca after Daniel's launching if I can.Hopefully the launching will not change anymore because I will be in Malacca a week.Seriously I want to go.
My previous post was about the taggie.As I said I dun really understand the tag so I was answering nonsense.But I went to see the people I tagged and they did it correctly.So I was like Im stupid I know.
Guosheng was like talking about teasing because last time he was teasing me all the time or should I say he was ugut-ing me.Haha.I better not mention about history.Only me and him know about it.
Then leehom was writing about eating.Thats because we always eat snacks together during in NS.
Others all are writing me as a very fantastic friend.
Haha.I know that.Thank you!
So Im actually a very good friend.I know Im perasan.Haha.

Sep 15, 2008

How is your Mooncake Festival celebration?
I dun plan to celebrate actually but around 9 sumthing got a call from Shirley to go down to tasik.Since Im damn boring that time so I went down.Few seniors,linda and yenyen was celebrating Shirley's belated birthday(yesterday) and sekali celebrate mooncake festival.Mooncake festival sure la play tanglung.So we lighted many tanglungs and hang on the trees and lighted candles to put around the pondok near tasik.So damn romantic and beautiful.It was drizzling but after a while it stopped.So we took tanglung and walked around in Uniten.Every cars passed by sure will look at us.Sorry no pictures available.Hehe.
Got tagged by GenieLow!
1. What is the relationship of you and her/him?
- pinkies friendship
2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him?
- pretty,smart,hardworking,talkative and helpful
3. The most memorable things she/he had done for you.
- bring me to daniel,danny and jason's bday celebration
4. The most memorable things she/he have said to you.
- let's go meet Daniel.
5. If she/he become your lover, you will..
- definitely no
6. If she/he become your enemy, you will..
- ignore her forever
7. If she/he become your lover, she has to improve on..
-she wun be my lover
8. If she/he become your enemy, the reason is..
- she forget about me
9. The most desirable thing to do on her/him is?
- bring her see Daniel
10. The overall impression of her/him is..
- excellent
11. How do you think the people around you feel about you?
- friendly kua
12. The character of you for yourself is?
- happygolucky
13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
- procastinator
14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
- myself
15. For the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them.
- i am always loving you!
Ten people to tag :
1. weipin
2. wendy
3. guosheng
4. joannew
5. huee mien
6. fiona
7. leehom
8. irene
9. weishan
10. esther
Who is no.2 having a relationship with?
- whoever...too many
No.3 a male or a female?
- male
If no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing?
- no...both are girls
How about no.5 and 8?
- no....both are girls also
What is no.1 studying about?
- engineering
Is no.4 single?
- yes...she said it in cbox
Say something about no.6.
- funky..haha
Ok.I know Im so damn stupid because I actually dun really understand this tag and thats why I answered all nonsense.And now I understood so this time the answer is really from my heart.

Sep 14, 2008

Enjoyed my Saturday!Went to Pavilion.Weipin booked a room at RedBox Plus.So our purpose going Pavilion is to SING K.I bising weilin for weeks ad to bring me go karaoke but always tak jadi and finally today I get to go.Me,weipin,weilin,auyong and kalai went there at 11am for the lunch buffet and finished at 3pm.The price quite worth it with the amount of food we had eaten.But the food not so nice.I only love their desserts and mushroom soup.And the drinks as well.The mushroon soup really delicious.As usual go sing k sure will rebut mic and fighting to choose songs to sing.Everybody wanted to sing different songs.But the most unusual wan was weipin.Ada she sang chinese oldies.The songs that famous during my mum's time.Its ok la if we know how to sing but we are all banana summore kalai langsung dunno chinese (only weipin and auyong not pure banana).Haha.Anyhow we still tolerate her.I sang more than I eat.I enjoyed singing.
The food we taken.(This is only the first round).Haha.
This is auyong.
At the lobby.
At the mini bar in the room.
After puas singing then our second purpose going Pavilion is to get J.Co doughnuts.As usual many people and have to line up to get the doughnuts but luckily their services are fast and efficient so no need to wait so long.The Glazzy is yummy!We actually bought 2 dozens of doughnuts but for 5 persons la.And thats our breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.Then walked around till 6pm.We paid RM 15 for parking.Yeah for the first time we paid so much for parking.But its ok la because we were there for 7 hours.
Guess what I ate for dinner?
Haha.My favourite Kin Kin pan mee again.The main shop was at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman but this time we tried at their branch at Pandan Indah.The place is nicer and was air-conditioned so you won't sweat much when eating compared to the old shop.The pan mee still tasty though different people doing it.
Kin Kin pan mee.
Thats what I did for the whole day today.Went out and had fun!

Sep 12, 2008

Yesterday went to PRS AGM.I went with Shirley.We just went there to undi the upcoming committees.After voting then before the AGM started,both of us went to a place we don't even know there is such place in Uniten.Somewhere near COIT.So we took photos there.Then when we were going back to the hall then only we realized that we were ad late as other people ad entered hall and the ceremony had begun.So we entered and everyone gave us a stare.Haha.Supposingly they stopped to buka puasa then continue but me and Shirley went back because we too tired.We had class since morning and we went there straight after class which was around 6pm.We walked back from COIT to Upten.I know is far but what to do my sister cant fetch us.Anyhow we still tiba dengan selamatnya.
This afternoon went to Mines with Yan and Laxmi.Since Yan puasa then Laxmi and I went to Kenny Rogers while Yan go round herself.Thats the first time Laxmi ate Kenny Rogers.Coz her place dun have so cant blame her.Anyhow enjoyed going out with them.Laughter all the time and we bought lots of things which is unexpectedly a lot.But not my things.Most were Laxmi and yan's things.My things not even half of theirs.
Then I had my favourite Kin Kin pan mee as my dinner.Wanted to go eat so long ad but always tak jadi.So this time weilin went somewhere near there and she ta pao for me.Very yummy!But let me warn you.If you wan to eat this pan mee with their sambal then you have to prepare 1 big bottle of water,few packets of tissue to lap your sweat,your mucus,your tears and your oily mouth and on your fan till the max.Haha.Go try this pan mee if you have not try.
Kin Kin pan mee.
With the sambal.Its really hot.You will stick out yoour tongue when eating.Haha.

Sep 9, 2008

Messages keep coming in when the clock strikes 12am.Im 18 now!
I managed to reply few then i fell asleep.The next morning only I replied.
So just a normal morning.Shirley,Linda and Yenyen prepared breakfast for me.
Sarah and Poh Ling gave me chocolate.
The whole evening I was busy with computing skills assignment.
Till weipin called me and said she bringing me out to dinner.
So I got ready and she came to fetch me.
Then she brought me to her apartment saying that we will wait for weilin then only go out eat.
So I just followed.
When the door was opened,the 4 of them sang Happy Birthday.
Seriously I was really shocked.I really din expect this.
Thought just going out for a normal dinner.
They knew I dun like celebration but they still did it.
But anyhow I really appreciate it.
The four of them are Weipin,Weilin,Kalai and Moira.
The dinner I had were all bought from Pasar Ramadhan.
My birthday cake!
Weilin and Weipin.
Me with my birthday cake.
My birthday party food.Haha.
I wanna say THANK YOU to all of you that had wished me.
My family members :-
- Daddy
- Mummy
- weipin
- weilin
- zhiquan
- auyong
- nerissa
- alliessa
My friends :-
- Yutian
- kalai
- joanne wee
- alicia
- hidayah
- jialin
- linda
- shirley
- sarah
- poh ling
- yeh yee
- yan
- ayu
- lisa
- nisha
- tess
- katrina
- wendy
- jiayi
- jahizah
- munirah hashim
- kareena
- hui wen
Pinkies :-
- A. Karen
- hannah
- genielow
- layleng
- xian
- catherine
- kaising
- ng julien
- a. jwong
- knight
- carine
- u. milo
My NS buddies :-
- Naz
- zima
- lam
- lee hong
- pei pei
- li ling
- rainbow
- kin woon

Sep 7, 2008

I just woke up.
First time sleep till so late in Uniten.Feel so nice.Haha.
Hopefully my weekends will always be the same.
Tomorrow is my 18th birthday.Finally Im 18.
Not expecting any celebrations and presents this year.
I dun like celebrations actually because I feel so weird.
I just don't know why.I will feel awkward if Im the main person in a celebration.
I prefer to organize a celebration which I did for few of my friends last time.
Im in a new place so not many people knows my birthday.
Is different if Im still in secondary school.I miss my friends.
Anyhow my 18th birthday will just be a normal Monday.
Im now thinking how will I spend my day today.
Test is over, I dun plan to study.
I miss Japanese drama.So long din watch latest drama.
Today Im going to finish watching Gokusen 3.Im kinda outdated.
Here cant download dramas.Even if can is so damn slow.
I miss my house's streamyx.Though sometimes is sucks.
Suddenly in the mood of homesick.
Miss Nerissa and Alliessa.
Miss di di as well.

Sep 3, 2008

Damn tired.
Today whole day my eyes feel so bengkak.I also don't know why.
Want to say sleep not enough but I did have enough sleep last night.
But I was not the only one feeling this way.
My friends today all also very quiet only.Faces so dull and sleepy.
Once got time only in class,you can see our heads on the table.
Maybe everyone just came back from hometown and still in the mood of holiday.
Nowadays I don't really update my blog daily but now I really cant find anything to do other than blogging.
I know i just said Im tired but I just feel its still too early to sleep.
Something is wrong with me I think.
I have Calculus quiz on Thursday,Physics quiz on Friday and Calculus Test 2 on Saturday.
What a hectic week.
But I also kira lucky because some of them have their quizzes and test on the same day.
After 4 days of holiday,many people have new hairstyle.
In my class I think can say more than 10 people cut their hair.
Haha.Cut hair season maybe.
Another tiring day is waiting for me.

Sep 2, 2008

Today was the the day of remembrance of my grandmother after 3 years.Prayers was bigger than usual.More food used to pray and one of the dishes was made by me and weilin.We made cupcakes.Very nice I would say.Coz I do wan ma.Hehe.Not enough for my cousins..We made aorund 20 big cupcakes and few mini size wan.I don't know what cream they use for the cupcakes.Tell me if you know the recipes.So weilin and I decided to use whipped cream.But the whipped cant stay long.After a while it will melt.So whoever wanted to eat the cupcakes then only we put the whipped cream for them.Kinda fun.
The cupcakes.
Mini-sized cupcakes.
Cupcakes with whipped cream.
It looks like latte but is just iced milo with whipped cream.Will be much more nicer with caramel on top.After tired of doing cupcakes,my bro made it for us.We did the cupcakes at midnight.Haha.Too free ad.