Apr 12, 2008

Went out.Writing less coz lazy la.Five of us Ml,Thong,Ali,Jy and me.First destination satay celup.Then Pizza Hut.Yeah.We ate twice.Then go to school around 8 pm.Then 10 pm go lim teh.Yt joined us there.Back to school to talk to teachers.They are having Rangers camp in case you are blur why we were in school so late..11.45 pm left school and 12 am reached home.
Ali and Ml.
All of us.

Apr 10, 2008

Woke up early in the morning and went interview in UNITEN.Reached there around 7.30am.Went in and register my attendance.First we did profile test.Kinda weird test.Then wait for our turn to be interviewed individually.Im the fifth candidates.I would say everything was fine.My parents said that i was very fast compared to other candidates.i felt that too.I only entered the room for about 6-7 minutes only.First they asked to introduce myself.Im crapping for the whole session.What comes to my mind I just vomit it out.Then they asked to talk about my co-curriculum activities in school.I did mentioned myself is currently under National Service.So they asked about NS as well.Thats all.At first in the waiting room,one of the staffs gave us tips saying that they will will asked us to intro ourselves then ask about TNB since this is a TNB scholarship.Then I was so shocked coz I totally did not do any research about that.I just selamba only.Luckily no question on TNB.I ad did my best, now I can just pray hard.=)
Came back from KL only straight went out with my aunt and my sis.I drove.Hehe.While waiting in the car for my aunt to settle her stuff,I got a call from Staff Sham,the Head of Discipline Unit of Kem Padang Hijau.He told me that the holiday on 12-14 April was canceled by the HQ.That holidays is only for for the Hindus.So apa lagi.He asked me to go back on Friday.Then I said ok lor.When came back I told my dad.My dad working on Friday and who can fetch me back wor.Furthermore I ad promise to go out with my friends.Due to all these stuff,I called back Staff Sham telling him that I cant arrange transport to go back on Friday coz is too sudden and my dad ad took leave on Monday so cant get leave on Friday.I asked him to let me go back on Saturday.And very well he let.Woohoo!
Thought of buying things on Saturday night but now Im going back early I have to prepare my things earlier and also the things my friends asked me to buy.Leaving on Saturday!

Apr 8, 2008

I just went back for 2 days and today Im back home again.I have interview on Thursday.I applied to come back on Wednesday but since today Johor public holiday so TKP let me off one day earlier.My holidays end on Friday but Saturday till Monday there are holidays for the Buddhist and Indians.Hence I sambung cuti till Monday.One week for me.Yeah.Im happy coz I no need to attend CB class but at the same time I gonna miss the activities Im waiting for.Wednesday they are having rakit.Thursday and Friday kayak.Hopefully the evening for that 3 days rain then they cant carry on.Haha.I know Im very bad.Seriously I really want to be there for the activities.Its ok la.Sure got chance another day.
Excluding classes and times of changing clothes,I really do have fun there.We change clothes 4-5 times per day.Morning baju Pt then change to baju class then celoreng after that baju PT again.Then change to our own clothes.Luckily got dobby service.If not I will be mad when washing clothes.Only issued clothes can be send to dobby.But thats enough ad coz all the issued clothes very thick wan.
The time I enjoy the most is when me and my dorm-mates chat during free time.Or should I be more specified we gossips.We cant help it coz some people really deserved to be gossip.Haha.Our chatting time usually is during after dinner when most of the Malays are out for solat.But usually midnight is the best time to gossip when everybody is sleeping.I at there also din really sleep that early.Everyday passed 12 am only sleep.The latest was 2.45 am.I will introduce my good friends which are same dorm with me when I get their pics.Wanted to bring camera last week but I totally forgot.Let me just list out 18 names of my dorm-mates.Ain, Yik Kuan, Hana, Pa'an, Candy, Shida, Zimah, Hajar, Naz, Chui Woon, Bib, Ija, Lam, Ika, Ina, Leehom, Nad and Nisha.The gossiper consists of Yik Kuan, Leehom, Shida, Chui Woon, Pa'an, Lam and me.Each of them in the dorm has their very own pattern.If I want to talk bout each of them then I think it will take quite some time.So just wait when I have nothing to post then I describe each of them.Talking bout dorm, my dorm is Charlie-14.My ID is C14-09.Hehe.
Since I went for National Service, I have expecting to miss a lot of events and news especially about Daniel.But I just could not accept that I really din know bout this till today after I read Justina's blog.Daniel has left for Taiwan on the 6th.I totally dont know.Im so outdated.Gosh how can I not know about this.Im gonna miss him more and more now.But anyhow I still wish him all the best there and he got my blessings.=) Expecting to see a better Daniel when he is back.Miss you!
Long post for today.

Apr 4, 2008

I forgot to mention earlier.I am in the CHARLIE company.
We have company Alpha,Bravo,Charlie and Delta.

Apr 3, 2008

Im back for 3 days.Going back on Sat.Anyhow there are another 3 days of holiday next week.This time is because of Ching Ming.Next week wan is Tahun Baru India.I also dont know why we got holiday.Only Buddha and Indians get holidays.As I know I dont celebrate that festival but since ada peluang balik sure la balik.Let me tell about my two weeks at Kem PTH Padang Hijau,Kluang,Johor.The first few days dont really had any activities coz need to settle all those registration stuff.When the activities began,the schedule for everyday almost the same.Daily schedule:
0630 - latihan jasmani/PT pagi
0730 - breakfast
0830 - class
1030 - morning tea
1100 - class
1230 - lunch
1430 - ceramah/modul fizikal/kawad
1630 - evening tea
1730 - sukan/riadah
1830 - dinner
2100 - berkumpul for taklimat on tomoro activities
2230 - supper
2330 - light off
You can see there is no way you can diet with this type of schedule.Of course we can choose not to eat but the food there is damn nice.Haha.The schedule is for Monday to Friday.Saturday and Sunday are cuti umum for us.We can do whatever we like on weekends.
Though I am only two weeks there but I knew lots of friends.Everybody in the same dorm as me is good.My dorm-mates are all also crazy like me wan thats why we can get a long very well.We only knew each other for two weeks but we are ad like knew each other for years.In short I am happy together with my friends there.The jurulatih there also good.
Thats all I share first.Talk about it more next time.