Mar 18, 2008

Im blogging for the very last time before I leave for National Service in almost 7 hours time.I am gonna miss my family,Malacca food,DANIEL and TOMA.Of course I will miss all of my FRIENDS!Haha.Thanx to SW,JO and SL for celebrating the so called 'farewell party'.Yeah TF as well.
It wasn't a planned outing.Went to school again with Tay and then met SW,JO and SL in school.Saw many teachers after so long din see them.Mdm. Chua still the same,talking all the time.Haha.My ex-PJ teacher Ms. Chah,freaking thin(even thinner than last time) and she asked me and Hidayah to go back to school be her assistant as a PJ teacher.Haha.Maybe after NS still can consider la.Haha.Pig head too also still din change her 'pattern',loves to menyusahkan people,even me who had graduated from that school also asked to do a favor for her(Thong-if you are reading this,complete the favor for me.Haha).Mr.Wee,my F1-3 Science teacher talking about NS all the time.Thanks to him for promoting NS so much.The most handsome sir in MGSS,Mr. Goh so long din see him but he still stay handsome.Haha.Mdm. Zaharah,the acting principal in school who certified our certs.She is a very motherly person.But since today she needs to certified so many certificates,mine and Tay's certs were certified by Mdm. Tan.Oh yeah.Mdm. Ng and Mdm. Ungku chit-chatting with us in the counsellings room.The first teacher i saw was Ms. Tan.I think the MGSS girl should know why she was the first person to meet when you are back to school.I saw the teacher I dont like the most too.Obviously no talking,no eyes contact,no smiles and nothing.The only thing we did was walk faster to avoid her.Its very normal though I know it was not good.Many more teachers.I cant say out everything.If I did then I dont think I will have a sleep.Haha.
Back to the outing.So JO drove us.Actually wanted to eat lunch only then cabut.But we cant decide where to eat and ended up we were in Mahkota Parade.Met TF first then headed to Taro for lunch.Late lunch indeed.TF back to work and left the 4 of us wandering around.Bought gelato then eat while chatting in the foodcourt.Wasting some time was because we bought movie tickets and the show only start at 5.20pm.We sat there for an hour.Watched 10000B.C.Not bad la the show.Better than the show I watched the other day.At least I understand what I was watching.One of the factors is because the hero very very HANDSOME.Nice body too.The heroin also very beautiful.After watching then went back.
Back to home then have to pack things ad.Went out for a last minute shopping.Now ad packed.Hopefully the supplies enough for 3 months.Haha.Seriously I dont have any feelings for my coming days in NS.Maybe not time yet lo.Haha.Well,I try to blog when Im back from NS or maybe I am coming back due to any special occasions.Take care everyone.Be back after 3 months!

Mar 14, 2008

Went to school with Thong and Tay to certified our result slip.After that planned to go out.Passed by MBA so ask Ali to join us as well.First went post office at Tesco to kau tim my things first then went to Jusco to eat.Ate at Shakeys Pizza.Bloated when left the restaurant.Then walked to MBO at opposite.We reached there around 2.30 pm but the next movie only starting at 4.15pm.Bought the tiickets first but still dont know where to lepak.At last we went to the arcade.We spent quite much but we really have fun.Played the sweets machine where we need to grab sweets as many as we can.I got the most sweets though is not many(6 only).Then went to play car racing.At first the four of us racing but mana tau Ali's punya machine rosak.Haha.So left the 3 of us.Im the winner of course and Thong second.Since Ali's so malang, she went to the machine next to just now rosak wan.Ali drove a truck instead of a car.Haha.Me and Thong teamed up to compete with Ali and Tay basketball.My team won!Played 3 times.We won by 2-1.Went to sing K also.One song RM1.We sang 4 songs.Addicted to basketball so went to play basketball again.Haha.
Since we enjoyed so much, yeah we were late for the show.We watched Rule 1.A horror movie but it was totally not scary.Only few parts terkejut only but not scared wan.The four of us was shivering in cinema.Damn cold.Totally blur about the storyline.I dont really understand the story.Sekejap like that and when I ad got the story then become like this pula.My words are confusing you just like how the movie has confused me.Haha.I enjoyed my day.Thanx guys!
My cousin's wife just gave birth to a baby boy yesterday evening.The first of the 4th generation in my mum's side family.Went to visit her and the baby.Din get to touch the baby bcoz I went quite late and the baby is under the care of nurses.Get to see him through the mirror only.At first the baby was at the end and I cant really see so I asked my cousin to go into the room and pushed the baby to the mirror.One thing that I can be sure is that the baby's skin will be very very fair next time.The baby opened eyes ad though he is only 1 day old.He even smiled.My mum saw it when she went earlier.When I saw the baby,the baby keep yawning only.Damn cute.How I wish that I can carry the baby.=)

Mar 12, 2008

Im sadly announcing that I only got 7 As for SPM.Less than what I expected.Today only I know that so many people was actually putting so high hope on me.Of course with this result I am really very disappointed and when I know people hoping me to get more A, I am even more disappointed. =( When people called me today to ask bout my result and I told them my result.They just dont believe and said that Im actually bluffing and expecting me to say that I got more A.Thats make me feel even worse.=.=Regret is too late.What I can do is just to work harder for my future next time.
Congrats to all my friends that got very good results.
Now result is out and is time for being indecisive.Where should I further my study and what course should I take?

Mar 10, 2008

Yeah!Changed my blogskin.Wanted to change something nicer but I had failed.Tried so many times and took hours but I still couldn't do anything.Changed it to something more simple and my theme color is GREEN.Im quite satisfied with this skin.I will change again when I am back from NS.
My work finished as the election also finished.This year real history for Barisan Nasional.I dont wan to comment much.
Got my pay for the very first time.Haha.Dont really know want to buy what for myself.The worst thing is everybody is asking me to belanja them.Those lucky wan maybe I can belanja before I go NS next Tuesday.One more week only!
Today I went medical check-up for NS.Damn fast their service but only for NS candidates.Priority for us.But have to go again on Wednesday to see doctor.Today only do eye test,urine test,height,weight,blood pressure and etc.Then went to my panel doctor coz I have some problems.Guess what.I need to do all the things again except for urine test.Twice in a day and the results exactly the same.I am normal.Haha.
Wednesday is a real big day.

Mar 6, 2008


Mar 5, 2008

Long time din see him ad lor.His most recent photo.Taken on 3/3/08.
Missing you.

Mar 2, 2008

Im totally not in the mood of blogging but I am in the mood of typing.Very tired.Just back from working.Im working for two weeks.These two weeks damn busy.But today not so thats why I am back early.Previous days after 10 pm only Im back.Though is tiring but I do enjoy my job.Very much!I got 2 jie jie and 1 ko ko working with me.Im the youngest there!=)
I got my NS letter yesterday.But I have not read it or open it.It was opened when Im back from work.My dad did it.I just don't want to read it first.I also don't know why.Just let the letter be on my table till I have the interest to read it.
Away for few days!