Feb 28, 2009

This week was a wonderful week for me.
Though Im not enjoying my holidays at home but I seriously din regret that I got no holidays.
Supposingly I can go home right after the end of Career Carnival but I stayed for On Danell Musical Showcase.
Just back from the showcase and it was MARVELOUS!
It was some kind of jazz band and I wan you to know that
Pinkies were really really having fun.
I had lots of fun so I guess others as well.
Though shouted till my voice almost gone but everything was so worth it.
What I can say is only BRAVO,WELL DONE,GOOD JOB,CONGRATULATION to DANELL for his wonderful showcase!!!!!
It will be an unforgettable event for those pinkies who attended.
You can only know the fun if you were there.
I cant describe the feeling being in the hall listening to Danell with his band singing jazz genre song.The feeling was really GREAT!
Danell cried!!!!
Yes he cried when he was thanking those people who succeeded his showcase especially to his parents.
I was really crazy today with hannah,genie and albee.
The 4 of us were shouting like mad and I guess the 4 of us caught the media's attention especially when we stood up with light boards in our hands and sang together with Danell.
This was really FUN!
The stage.
Danell and his band.
I decided not to take any pictures bcoz I wanted to enjoy the show.
So I only took few pics and others wait for Pinkies photographers to upload and I will post it especially the group photo.
Check out chinese newspaper for more pics and more info bout this showcase.

Feb 26, 2009

Everything finished!!!!!!!!
After working for few months and finally everything ended today.
2 days of Career Fair was really tiring but fun!
Despite the tiredness,lack of sleep and no holidays,everything was great!
Lots of goodies from the sponsorship and the most fun was working together with all the other organizing committees to achieve great success in this event!
Everything went smoothly and seriously really great and well done!
It was a great success!
The event ended around 6pm today.
Then we had post mortem which ended around 10pm.
The 20 of us decided to have a crazy day.
Supposed to have dinner right after the post mortem but waited for everyone and took some time to decide where to eat and ended up we ate our dinner at 12am.
After dinner then we went to Putrajaya to lepak.
And now just came back.
I seriously had fun and enjoyed the day!
Laughter will always exists when all of us were together.
My first Career Carnival was a huge success.
Looking forward next year Career Carnival.
But for now Im looking forward Danell Musical Showcase!
Its on Friday and is tomoro!

Feb 22, 2009

DATE : 24TH & 25TH FEBRUARY 2009

Feb 18, 2009

On Danell Sharing Musical Showcase

On Danell [Sharing] Musical Showcase
Date : 27/2/09 (Friday)
Time : 8PM
Venue : 3rd Floor Auditorium,Wisma MCA, 163 Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur
日期 :27/2/2009 (星期五)
时间 :8PM
地点 :吉隆坡馬華大廈(三楼)視聽禮堂 163 Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur
More info plz visit http://danell-lee.net/.
p/s : Free admission with ticket.

Feb 17, 2009

My green blog.
Don't you think my header a bit weird?
My hasil when spending some time at photoshop.
I know is a bit cacat but Im desperately wanna change my layout so whatever is ok.
So green.
Changed song as well.
One Love by Arashi.
Those who got watch Hana Yori Dango Final SP,this is the theme song.
One of my favourite Japanese song.Hehe.
Going back Uniten tomoro morning.
Im so lazy to go back.Haiz.

Mummy 's birthday today!!!!!
So as a good daughter bought her a cake.
The cake shared by me and my siblings as well as auyong.
Just a simple celebration.
Sing bday song then eat cake.
Just like that.
Then I went shopping for formal clothes and heels.
Not disappointing bcoz I got what I want.
Then went to eat satay celup as my mum wanted to eat.
I ad plan my day for tomoro.
Morning go renew license.
Then evening at home.
Night go pasar malam.I miss pasar malam.
Maybe going visit Malacca as well.I mean go round Malacca to see some new place.
Im a little outdated since I study in Uniten.Haha.
I will be back in Uniten on Wed morning.
Happy Birthday mummy!!!
Danell Musical Showcase on the 27th February at Wisma MCA.
Its FREE but must get ticket!!!
For sure Im going!Hehe.

Feb 14, 2009

Hey ppl Im ad in Malacca right now.
Thats fast right.Hehe.
Last 3 hours I was still in exam hall completing my last paper which ended my trimester 2.
Anyway my real holidays officially started.
I downloaded few movies before I came back so I can watch at home.
But I finished watching them right after I downloaded.Haiz.
So just can watch again the dramas that I have not been watching for some time.
Let me enjoy puas-puas before balik to start work.

Feb 12, 2009

One more paper to go.
But is just a lab paper so nvm.Haha.
Yesterday after Physics paper,straight headed out of Uniten.
Me,shirley,linda and yan.
We went GreenBox sing k as we ad planned so long and finally we went yesterday.
Is also kind of after-exam-celebration though two more papers to go.
Like I said just lab paper.Haha.
Then today after Physics lab paper we straight went out again.
Went Alamanda to watch Bride Wars.I know we are late.
So sad Alamanda no Bride Wars and we ended up an early lunch there.
Then went Jusco to see whether got Bride Wars or not.
And YES!
They have but at 5pm and we were there at 12pm.
Impossible to spend 5 hours just for a movie which I can download and watch for free.
So apa lagi,balik la!
But I bought 3 Little Black Dress novels there to spend my upcoming holidays which indirectly ad started today.

Feb 9, 2009

Its 5am now.
Today is Chemistry day.
Im facing chemistry book whole day till now.
Finally done!
Japan was the topic when we talk.
Me,shirley and yan were talking to go Japan for holiday.
But we dun talk together.
I talked to shirley then talked to yan.
I want to go Japan when Ikuta has stageplay.
Yan wants to go when Kat-tun is having concert.
Shirley just go for fun.No purpose.
How good if Ikuta and Kat-tun have their events together.
But somehow I feel very weird.
Why cant they come Malaysia for their concerts?
They have Asia tour concert.
They go most of the countries but not Malaysia.
Same for Arashi.
If they come,I will definitely go.
Don't care who is coming but if they are from Johny's Entertainment then no doubt I will be going.
Im speaking as if Im some rich kid flying over to Japan just for star chasing.
I really wish I can.
Who wanna bring me to Japan???
Today last day of CNY - Chap Goh Mei.
So fast.
Before this I was so excited for CNY and now everything is over.
Looking forward next year's CNY.Haha.Still long.
After next week,holidays!
Though is 2 weeks holiday but I only have one week holiday again.
Last semester also only one week out of two weeks bcoz became facilitator for orientation.
Then this time have to come back for Career Fair.
But still I have the mood for holidays.
Wanna go holidays but no plan yet.

Feb 8, 2009

I left my blog for a week!!!!
I feel so bad.
Uniten connection is having problem with blogger thats why cant really blog especially posting photos.
These problems make me lazy to blog.
Finals next week and I just started study last few days.
I dunno how I will survive in the exam hall.
God bless me.
Im awake right now with Physics book open but untouched.
On Tuesday will be Calculus and Chemistry paper but both still not yet finish preparing.
The next day Physics.
My exams end on Saturday evening.
I dun like this exam timetable.
Everything pack together but still finish on the last day.
Im so obsessed with Japanese these few days.
Yeah.All this while I memang obsessed with Japanese.
Especially IKUTA TOMA!
But recently quite into Arashi especially Matsumoto Jun and Ninomiya Kazunari.
Just to release tension.Haha.
Ok I better get back to my books.

Feb 1, 2009

Im regretting why I din blog daily about my CNY.
I wanted to but no time.
Most of the time were spent on enjoying myself to the max.
CNY eve.
Nothing much.We just did what everyone does.Prayers for the ancestors then reunion lunch and dinner.Everyone in the family came back.
My house.
1st day of CNY.
Went temple in the morning.Then at home the whole day as my house open house.Damn many ppl came unexpectedly but none of my friends came as I din invite anyone bcoz I very lazy.My job is to collect ang pow!Haha.My sibling's friends came so most of the time I was the one helping them to collect ang pow.The crowd is not only for a period of time but from morning till night.Tired but fun.Eat damn a lot as well.
2nd day of CNY.
As usual,went back to my maternal grandparent's house.Previous years on the way back we will stop for visiting at my mum and dad's friend's house but this year no so we went back quite late.We only went to Auyong's open house before going back my mum's kampung.Reached there straight seated in front of the TV.RTM Pesta Ang Pow.Got me wei.Haha.Then went visiting at my uncle aunty's house.At night came back.
My aunt's duck.
3rd day of CNY.
Planned to visit my mum's aunt in the afternoon.But when we about to leave the house then got ppl came.After one then came another one.Ended up we couldn't go out.In the evening,instead of we going my mum's aunt house,she came to our house.So coincident bcoz we were just about to leave for her house again then she came.So no need go her house.At night,Nerissa's house open house.So went there but just for a while as my dad's friend wanted to come my house for visiting.Then at late night went for supper and went round Malacca.Just realized that Malacca is so beautiful.Everywhere with lights.
4th day of CNY.
Went to my mum's sister's house.One hour journey.Was there from afternoon till evening.After that went my dad's sister's open house.Just an open house for relatives.At night my mum's brother open house.Steamboat.Very nice but I ate very less bcoz was playing wif my cousins most of the time.Was there till very late.
5th day of CNY.
My dad's brother open house but I din go bcoz dated with Yutian.Went lunch and went visiting.First time go visiting with friends.Usually I very lazy to go visiting without my parents.I went two trips on the same day.Daytime with Yutian then at night went visiting with jialin,jo,thong,simleng,yinghuey and oxy.But that day dunno what luck.Jo kena saman!Haha.Long story.The last station was at Thong's house.We ended up gambled till 1am.
6th day of CNY.
4 cars went to KL.One car went earlier.4 families went KL.Thats my family and my uncles's family.Supposing this KL trip was on the 4th day but my uncle which staying in KL has his open house on Saturday so the plan was postponed to the 6th day.Before going my uncle's house,we went to my grandaunties's house.One at Setapak and one at Cheras then my uncle at Putra Heights.On that day itself was my eldest uncle's half century birthday.Haha.So we made a surprise party for him at my uncle's house.He actually warned us earlier not to sing birthday song bcoz I threaten to sing birthday song during lunch time at IOI Mall.But we bought a cake and sang at my uncle's house.Was at my uncle's house till night then came back to Uniten while others went back to Malacca.
My family.
All my cousins.
The half-century-man.Haha.
My uncle and cousins.
The ladies in family.
The 3 lil ladies.
7th day of CNY / today.
At Uniten and sitting in front of my laptop right now with a just-woke-up-face.Came back Uniten means no more CNY!CNY is over though one more week to go.
8th day of CNY and so on...
Hopefully I still enjoy my CNY.
Lazy to edit more photos.So just few only posted.
Is ad February.Haiz.....