Apr 29, 2009

Last Monday the first Krispy Kreme was launched in Berjaya Times Square.
I have eaten it today and is heaven!
You eat Big Apple,you dun wan Dunkin Donuts anymore.
You eat JCo doughnuts,you dun wan Big Apple anymore.
And now you eat Krispy Kreme,you dun wan JCo anymore.
You will never wan Big Apple and Dunkin anymore after taken Krispy Kreme.But I still wan JCo.Haha.
I love JCo but now I love Krispy Kreme even more.
Big Apple and Dunkin is nothing compared to Krispy Kreme and JCo as well.
Thats my opinion.Different ppl has different tastes.
Auyong's mum is in Uniten this week for courses.
So brought her to dinner at somewhere near BTS.
While Auyong waiting for us to reach BTS,he went to buy Krispy Kreme.
He queued once he reached and he got his doughnuts at the time we reached.
Which mean around 30 mins but is totally worth it!Haha.
Then after dinner,went Pavilion.
Window shopping and ended up in JCo.
Since weipin din get to try the delicious Krispy Kreme,kesiankan her,so we bought JCo for her.Haha.
Weilin and I bought the new mini doughnuts for ourselves.Haha.
My two favourite doughnuts.
JCo new mini doughnuts.
Yes,going back Malacca again tomoro!

Apr 27, 2009

Everyone is so addicted to Restaurant City!!!
Day and night on Restaurant City at Facebook.
Those dun play at first also jadi addicted ad now.Haha.
Something fun about is to trade ingredients with your friends.
Daily log in to get free ingredients and do the daily quiz.
Blur about what I am saying???
Go play Restaurant City in Facebook then you will know.
If you are in my Facebook's friends list then you are lagi welcome to play.
Play,I tell you is really fun.
We even search for people who dun play but own Facebook acc then we play for them.Haha.
My bro is one of the victims.Shirley and jouee also.
All because to get the ingredients we want.
Chicken,leeks,beef,carrot,salad,chocolate,flour and ice-cream.
I need those ingredients!
If you have,come trade with me anything you want that I have but currently my ingredients all kena rompak ad.Haha.
I was back in Malacca last weekends.
Finished MUET straight headed back.
I was craving for Malacca's ABC.
But din manage to go and eat also.
I will make sure the next time I go back will go eat.
Wanna join?Hehe.
Majo Saiban was out last Saturday but not yet download.
Still waiting for the sub.

Apr 24, 2009

What a day!!!!!
Happily went for dinner but came back was hell.
But it seems like everyone was enjoying and excited bout it.
Am I right?Hehe.
Thanks for giving us excitement.
Thanks for giving us the chance to use our brain.
Thanks for making us practiced for our MUET.
Thanks for helping me to improve my foul language.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for making our day.
We appreciate it though we hate you!
Gosh,am I too harsh?I guess Im not.
MUET this Saturday.
Saturday is also the day my cousin getting married which mean I dont get to attend.
Bloody hell,so dissapointed.
I was so wanting to go for my this cousin's wedding but last week announced MUET was on the same day.
Can I dun take MUET? I know the answer ok.
I am extrememly very very very sleepy right now.
'Thanks' to MOK SUE RIN,the faker and CALVIN for making me stay up till now.
I really appreciate the hard work of both of you.
Can you all let me go now????
I cant stand till 5am.
Next time tell me beforehand if you wan me to stay up till so late!

Apr 22, 2009

Zettai Kareshi Special episode done!
Now waiting for Gokusen 3 Special episode sub.
I remember I dun like the ending of zettai kareshi's drama.
Even the special I also dun really like.
The main reason I watched was because Hiro Mizushima in it.
And just because the girl loves the robot more than Soshi(Hiro),so I dun like this drama.Haha.
But somehow the ending,the heroin went back to Soshi.
This Saturday,Majo Saiban 1st episode!
Ikuta Toma's first leading role drama!
And he is damn freaking handsome in this drama.
Though he memang handsome ad.Haha.
TFS will be subbing it.
How I wish I can help but I know nothing bout it.
Cant wait to watch!
I want to watch lots of drama but too many dramas for me to choose.
And Im lazy to download.
Let me settle with Ikuta's then I will start hunting for other dramas.

Apr 19, 2009

Both of them were busy building sand castle.
They were busy with the world latest news.
These people were busy with their fishing.
And ME was busy taking photos!
Just a short update on my today's activities.
The last time went picnic was years back.
So it was a last minute plan to go picnic on such a sunny day at Tanjung Bidara with my lovely family.
Everyone was so excited to go berkelah.
I even woke up early to prepare sandwiches.
I had fun and let the pictures I took to show you how fun.
One thing that everyone suffering now SUNBURN!
My skin is hurting though I dun get sunburn which is even worse because I got darker when Im ad dark enough.
It takes years or never for me to be fair again.
A very special handmade sand ABC.Haha.
This picture somehow caught my attention.
The coral stone.

Apr 18, 2009

My goodness!!!!!
Why is Malacca so damn hot?????????????
Even with the fan on Im sweating in my own house.
What more if I step out of the house.
Even air-cond on also just to cool down but not cold.
Night without the sun but still hot.
I ate Secret Recipe meatball spaghetti!!!!!
Went with thong and her sister yesterday just to have lunch at Tesco.
Went Vincci yesterday night.
Planned to buy the shoes I aimed for quite some time.
Is nice but when I tried on it,not nice on my feet.
Ended up I din buy.
Still looking for a sandal that looks nice with my feet on.
Some random photos during Suerin's surprise birthday celebration last Wednesday.
Her bday was yesterday but since everyone of us was at respective hometown now,so we celebrated earlier.

Apr 14, 2009

Domino's Pizza,KFC,Kenny Rogers,McD,Starbucks.
Thats what we had for our meals for last week and this week.
Each single day of last week we went out to have our meals.
To be more specific fast food for most of our meals.
And today lunch at Sushi King.
RM2 Bonanza.Each sushi rice-based is only RM2 per plate.
So why wait?
Sure go since not always they have this.Twice a year I guess and is only for 4 days.
But is only for members.Hehe.
We had this.
But somehow me,linda,shirley,jouee and suerin only managed to finish 34 plates.
After this,next target Secret Recipe.
Secret Recipe having promotion RM9.90 only for a specific dish per week.
And this week,Week 5,my favourite meatball spaghetti.
How can I miss it?
I will be so wrong to myself if I dun go Secret Recipe this week.Haha.
Anyway,yesterday after re-test at night,we went Cyberjaya Oldtown.
Dont ask me why re-test.Long and stupid stories.
Me,linda,shirley,jouee,suerin and jojo.
Calvin and gang joined us later.
Was an unexpected plan.
We laughed like mad to release tension since just after test.
Im not sure whether we actually had tension.Haha.
And what else girls do?Gossip!
Suerin and jouee.
I feel like leaving everything here and go home to have a good rest.
Anyway,Im going back Malacca on Thurs.If can I wan to go back now!

Apr 12, 2009

Some close-up on David Archuleta.
Credits to uncle IH since he was right in front of the stage.
This is Danell not David.
He sweats a lot bcoz he is hot and the place is hot as well.
And he is cute right?

Apr 11, 2009

David Archuleta Live In Malaysia.
11th April 2009 at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater.
Got tickets from Pinkies since Danell did the opening act.
When me and Hannah reached there,the gate was closed.We were late.
But luckily they let us enter after a while.
But Hannah din enter and went back.
I entered because I wanted to see DAVID ARCHULETA.
He is not always coming to Malaysia and I got the tic.
And after all the hard work to reach Sunway I definitely must attend.
Thanx Auyong and weilin!
I have nothing much to say.
The showcase was awesome and I enjoyed!
And David Archuleta is so damn freaking CUTE!
He is not that tall but he is good looking!
The stage.
The crowd.
Danell,the opening act.HaoRen and Alif OIAM was the opening too.
I just love this part.
Because I went in late so I get to sit at VIP.
Very front but is at the side.
But still ok bcoz I still can see David's cute face clearly.
A short video since take years to upload longer videos in Uniten.
Bak kut teh as dinner with linda,shirley and suerin.
Wanted to do something crazy after dinner but plan canceled since raining and everyone was like dying of tiredness.
The whole day was damn tired but worth it.
Suerin,linda and shirley.I seriously dunno wat suerin is doing.Haha.

Apr 8, 2009

Sleeping has not been enough these few days!
Is not that I didn't sleep at all.
No matter how much or how long I slept,it will never be enough.
Taking nap less than 3 hours will never be enough.
Once got free time,SLEEP!
Now can you see how serious is it?
Well,Im not the only one like that.
All my housemates are the same as well as the others who are staying in Murni.Hehe.
Is really tired to be a student.Haha.
Have been retiring from gossiping ever since after my secondary.
But it seems nowadays a gang of gossipers surrounded me.Haha.
Whenever the whole gang is group together,the gossips begin.
Haiz...too bad.I have to be with them.Haha.
So indirectly Im also part of the gossipers.
Im enjoying it actually.Haha.
Cant wait for Saturday!!!

Apr 5, 2009

I did my choco chips cake successfully!
At first just wanted to do it for fun but since the day after is the Cheng Beng prayer so my mum ask to use the cake as one of those food to pray.
Is delicious but it will be nicer if the cake is softer or more moist.
But its ok coz I will do again next time!
My choco chips cake.
A slice will never enough.Haha.
Today suppose to have Calculus test in the morning but Im back in hometown for Cheng Beng.
So take make up test next week.
Last week went to 6 of my ancestors' grave.
Today just went to my grandma's.
Just slept 3 hours coz chit-chatted with weilin till 5am.
Expecting to be very sleepy and tired during prayers but I was damn fresh.
Some people will play fire crackers after praying so its like something 'huat ah' but I dont know la.Simply say ny.
This year was the first time we put fire crackers after praying.
Just like CNY.
I even saw one family that each of them wore striking red shirt.
As if CNY.Maybe new year for the dead since they receive so many death notes.Hehe.
Anyway,I will not miss to go for Cheng Beng bcoz is sort like a family gathering and I love family gathering!
Grandma's grave.Hehe.
Is it ok to take photo arr???I also dunno.
The long fire crackers.
Nice gummy bought at Famous Amos.
The day you went away - m2m.
The song playing in my blog now.
Not a new song but a very nice song.
I just love this song.