Nov 25, 2011

Its 26th November!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least its ad in Japan.
And Arashi's Riida turns 31 today!!!
Otanjoubi Omedetou Riida!!!!!
I wonder when he going to get married la.
Kaibutsu-kun 3D movie is releasing on the same day too!!
How nice if Im in Japan.
31 ne..
But he dont look like one.

Nov 20, 2011

Had been having too much fun recently.
Was out almost every night and only will be back home either late midnight or in the morning.
Its seriously tiring but who cares when you are having fun.
Even today I slept at 8am and woke up at 3pm.
When I woke up,its raining.
I just feel like continue sleeping but I cant coz then I will be sleeping the whole day.
Anyway,it has been few weeks I didn't go back Malacca.
Kinda miss home.
It has been quite some time since I posted my Arashi's collection.
Meikyu Love Song.
The latest single.
Theme song for Sho's drama.
Jun's butai is receiving too many good comments which make me want the butai in DVD badly.
And so November is ending and December is coming.
Time really flies.
I just cant wait for January.
Jun's second Getsu drama and its not love story but detectives story!!!!!!
Riida's sp drama!!!!!
And the most happening,CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!
No,I dont think its too early to be anxious of CNY.
Its just like 2 months away now.
As usual,I love CNY!!!
Shopping should be soon too.Hehe.

Nov 15, 2011


Just testing blogging from phone.

If its easy then i will blog thru phone more often.

When Im bored in class especially.


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Nov 8, 2011

Its ad 8th November.
And this is my first post in November 2011.
I know I have been neglecting my blog for too long.
Im just too lazy to sign in for some purposes.
I wanted to post about my latest Arashi collection but Im just too lazy to upload the pics.
So next time maybe.
Currently in Malacca.
Just had satay celup after craving for some time.
Malacca is always about food.
Plus mummy's home cook food is always the best.
And Im sick now.
Flu is always the most torturing.
Shall update more often.