Nov 28, 2010

Yesterday accompanied Moira for her hairdo.
Meanwhile waiting for her,me and weilin went to KLCC to get my book.
Its KLCC so definitely Kinokuniya.Got my copy of Ohno Satoshi Freestyle.
Its an art book of Ohno's artistic creation.
Bought cupcakes again but forgot bout the pic.Hehe.
Before going back to the hair studio,we had our afternoon tea at Chinoz.
With few pieces of cakes and sandwiches we were actually bloated.
Maybe because we had late lunch.
Tea and scones.
Cakes and sandwiches.
Its really delicious!
Finally I went to Uniqlo today.
Its winter season now in Japan so lots of winter clothes there.
This year Im starting my CNY shopping early.
No more last minute shopping hopefully.
New semester starting tomoro.
Classes start again tomoro.

Nov 26, 2010

Finally blogging time.
One whole week full of fun.
Started off with Careers Unit team building at Agrotek Gardens Resort on last Saturday till Monday.
I would say it was superb awesome!
Had really lots of fun with everyone!
All the activities were really amazing.
Not going to talk much bout it since I got no photos.
Visit Val's blog for pictures and more elaboration of the fun.
Then Tuesday was workshop in the morning till evening.
Played badminton then night went for movie.2 groups.One Harry Potter and another one Unstoppable.
I watched HP so I was in the Unstoppable group.
I was sitting in between Val and Joshua and both of them slept.
So you can know how was the show.It was only exciting after half the show.
Wed workshop again and night steamboat and went Connaught pasar malam.
Today celebrated Mithila and Daniel's bday.Then watched Rapunzel!
Everyday is just so fun.
But I missed out the meeting with my beloved Justina,Genie and especially Hannah!
With this busy schedule,I have not been updating about Arashi for a week.
Gonna catch up back now.
Ohno is 30 today!
30 yet still like 20!
New semester starting and its gonna be a busy semester with careers work started.
Gonna do some work now.

Nov 19, 2010

I just finished packing since Im going back tomoro.
So fast holiday ends.
I really did nothing much for this holiday.
It just so short.
Anyway went out with Yutian.
Sushi King then Starbucks then Harry Potter then porridge steamboat.
Wanted to go satay celup but Im not feeling well and we ad kinda full so next time la.
We missed Baskin Robins too.
Harry Potter is awesome!
Maybe because I watched since the first one so Im gonna finish watching it.
I just cant wait for 2nd part now.
Johnny International is kinda active these few days.
And something really make me happy is Jticket International is finally in the trial version!
Which means the chances for me to go Arashi's concert is getting higher!
My dream so gonna come true!Hopefully.
And Yamapi have world tour next year.
He is going to Bangkok.
But why must he go one week earlier than me.
Cant he change to one week later then confirm I will go.Haiz.
Finally Johnny recognized the international fans!

Nov 17, 2010

Im sick!
Damn..when Im gonna enjoy my last few days of holiday and Im sick.
But still Im enjoying though not in a comfortable way.
It will be bad as well if I dun get well.
I have team building this weekends.
When Im sick,the flu will come together and thats when I hate my nose the most.
Hidungku bagaikan nak patah.
And damn difficult to sleep.
I have to sit to sleep to soothe my breathing.
Thats why I hate to be sick.
Yesterday went out with wendy and siewyan.
Thanks to wendy for the complimentary ticket.
And makan trip tomoro with yutian plus Harry Potter!
Yes,I know Im sick but who cares when I can enjoy my life!
So to get well soon,I better sleep early today.
I have been sleeping at 4am and wakes up at 1pm daily.
I better get use to sleeping early before classes start.
If not I will be so dead.

Nov 15, 2010

Today uncle Yang and aunty Diana belanja makan at Kings Hotel.
Kings & I Thai Restaurant.
The food is nice.Just nice.Haha!
Pictures with lomo effect.
It has been raining the whole day and I love the cool weather.
Which means no fly kite today.
I had plans throughout the whole coming week just right before Im going back to uni.
I wanna enjoy my last week at home!

Nov 14, 2010

Well,I had nothing much going on.
I went fly kite again today.
But no wind,so my kite cant fly high up.
Up and then fall.Up and then fall.Up and then fall.
At last gave up and everyone also same.
The kite not flying and fall when its just going up.
Not a day to fly kite.
So instead of flying kite,we sat by the seaside but no sun set as its going to rain.
Going fly kite again other day.
Then at night went yumcha with my parents and weipin.
After that went to the same seaside again to watch fishing competition and take some sea breeze.
Its amazing that so many people there fishing.
Fishing reminds me of Ohno.
Actually fishing its kinda interesting when you have people around you.
No wonder Ohno always go fishing though got scolding so many times.
Ahh,Im very glad that I found Arashi Monster LE.
So my collection of Arashi single LE is complete!
Holiday is ending.Sad!

Nov 11, 2010

Yay! I got my copy.
Arashi Hatenai Sora.
The songs are awesome!
The booklet is awesome!
The pv is awesome!
The making photo is awesome!
The making of is awesome!
ARASHI is awesome!
They are forever awesome!
'The final single of the year 2010'.Quoted Aiba.
I got the complete set of Arashi 2010 single.
All are limited edition except for Monster.
Looking for Monster LE so I can have complete set LE.
I went fly kite again yesterday since I got nothing to do.
I really got nothing to do except watching Arashi,drama and read novels.
Im getting bored but I dont want holidays to end so fast.

Nov 6, 2010

Yay! I went fly kite yesterday.
Something I want to do so much this holiday.
Damn fun flying kite.
There were so many ppl there flying kite.
Wanted to go again today but after playing badminton kinda tired so will go again other days.
Definitely will go again.
My kite.Eagle.
My eagle up high flying.
There are so many other kites up in the sky.
Im lack of stuff to download.
Everyday Im looking for something to download but there is nothing.
Im in love with Arashi's Hatenai Sora pv!
Cant wait to receive my copy.

Nov 5, 2010

Just came back from visiting.
Bloated with tosai in my stomach.
Went my bro's fren house and you know what.
NHK Japan is filming documentary about Deepavali at his house.
I got filmed too.Haha!
I should ask them about Arashi but I did not.
Anyway,wishing those celebrating
I want to fly kite!

Nov 2, 2010

Just came back from celebrating my late cousin's birthday which was her wish to make a grand bday party before she passed away.
And we made it for her though she is no longer with us.
But Im sure she can see and feel it.
Anyhow,she will always be in our heart.
So,Im back in hometown for my holidays.
I have no plans of what to do yet.
What I know now is Im very sleepy and tired at this moment.
So,off to bed.