Jul 31, 2008

Fiona Loh
Requested by Fiona.

Yesterday night me and my sisters found that we were very boring.At first weipin called me saying that she very boring so she wanted to drive to my place and just passed to me a small piece of cake given by her friend that just came back from Indonesian.Then when she reached,I went down to take from her and suddenly we planned to go Putrajaya since we really very boring and got nothing to do.that was around 9.30pm if Im not mistaken.Then waited everybody to get ready me,both my sisters and Kalai (weilin's fren) went to Putrajaya at 10.15pm.Planned just to go there and lepak around and snap few pictures but before we did what we planned,weipin suddenly remembered her friend telling her got one roti john stall at Taman Warisan Pertanian in Putrajaya very nice wan.So went there ate roti john and sate kajang.After that round Putrajaya.We stopped at 2 bridges.Very beautiful with all the lightings.We were there till 11.45pm and weipin drove as fast as she can so that we reached Uniten before 12am but she failed.Haha.We reached at around 12.05am.I still had to write my name before entering my hostel.Haiz.For the very first time as a new student.FYI we must reach hostel before 12am.But no action will be taken if reach after 12am also.Only write your name to the security guard.Anyhow I still enjoyed this unplanned trip.Sometimes doing things we dont plan is even more enjoyable and more fun.
one of the Putrajaya bridge.nobody so can climb everywhere.
nice view rite.
something happened,we laughed and the pic was taken.
4 of us are in.who snap the pic???
we use timer.hehe.

Jul 28, 2008

Happy birthday Grandpa! (sitting beside him is my grandma)
My mum angry coz she is not in the pic...haha
my eldest sis...weipin..interested???still available..haha
my second sis...weilin...ad unavailable..haha
my younger bro...zhi quan...still single
this pic is cool...thats auyong!!!(promoting him...haha)
Late post.This post supposingly to be up on last Saturday night but due to my busy-ness,now only i get to post.Changed my style f posting.Pics come first then only description.Haha.it was my grandpa's 78th birthday celebration.It is an actually like an annual celebration for my grandpa.My grandma also got but passed ad and I didn't attend coz I was in NS.So the dinner was at Kengdom Restaurant at Melaka Raya.Dishes just like the normal dishes when you go for wedding dinner.My favourite food also got that is shark fin soup.Drank red wine too but not much coz my dad kinda dont let.Hehe.Attending wasn't everything bout food but get to meet my uncles,aunties and especially my cousins that have not been meeting for quite some time.Every yeaar my mum will be in charge of buying the birthday cakes and every year I am the one that decide the design and the flavour of the cake but not this year.I was in Uniten so cant follow my mum to the cake shop to choose design.At first my mum chose pandan and chocolate flavour which didn't match at all.So I asked my mum to call the shop to change to vanilla and coffee flavour and the cake was really delicious.But the design was very simple compared to the years before coz not my choice.Haha.

Jul 24, 2008

Just came back from dinner.Had a very delicious meal at Milwaukee.Western food of course.I ate seafood spaghetti.Forgot the name.The spaghetti carbonara is the best.Took some pictures but not with me.So cant post it up.I went with my sis and her friends.Going back malacca tomorrow.But somehow after this week cant go back as often ad coz test is coming.My very first test here in a very large exam hall with number seat for each student.Not like test in school.Haha.I have blog so long but dun really post up pictures of my sisters.So let me show you the three of us.Hehe.
weipin, weiting & weilin.
(Im in it.Haha.)

Jul 20, 2008

Daniel's Melaka PASTI promo was fun!Daniel was at Eye To Eye Optical shop first as he is the Xanna Eyewear's ambassador.After a while he then went to the stage to carry out the promo.He sang 3 songs: Tiada Maaf, Adakah Aku Yang Bermimpi and Mimpi.I went up stage to play games.Malunya.If not because Meiling asked to me go up, I also wont go up.5 of us were on the stage.We were suppose to wear given Xanna specs and do a catwalk.It was so embrassing but everything was worthwhile as I got a Xanna specs worth RM298 for that.Haha.Then as usual after that was autograph session.I didnt take many photos as I prefer to menghayati Daniel longer.Haha.
One of few pictures.
The prizes I got except the background.That was given by the optical shop.
My autographed cd.The first wan was supposed to be Nerissa and Alliessa.But instead of Nerissa,Daniel wrote Kerissa.Haha.
Kerissa and Alliessa.Haha.

Jul 17, 2008

Right now Im alone in my apartment.
My room-mate and one of my housemate went out while another housemate got class.
I have been here so long but I have not introduce my housemates.
I have one room-mate and two housemates.
They are Sarah,Poh ling and He Qing.Two from Ipoh and one from Muar.
And I also have a classmate named Shirley.She is not the only one of course but she is the closest to me.We go everywhere also together wan.She is from JB.
Seriously I dont know what to blog about.
I just know that Im going back tomorrow and cant wait to see Daniel on Saturday at MP.
Tomorrow I have Physics quiz for the very first time.Kinda curious and nervous.Haha.
I entered PRS and SIR for my cocurricular activity here.
Supposingly tonight there is a BBQ night organized by PRS but Im vege today so go there cant eat also no point.Still deciding whether to go or not.
Last Monday went back Malacca at 8pm to visit my mum in hospital.She didnt know that me and my sisters as well as Auyong going back.It was a suprised visit.
But everything spoiled when we reached Malacca before reaching hospital.Haha.
So we came back the next morning.Started journey at 6am because my sis has class at 8am.
(I have no more ideas blogging)

Jul 13, 2008

Today Sunday.
So another new week will begin tomorrow.
Yesterday went Mid Valley and just a window shopping.
Definitely got my favaorite tako with fish flakes.So nice.
Got nothing to do today.Boring.
Thats why I am spamming in my blog.Haha.
I cant blog during weekdays unless I got time to come over to my sister's place or curi-curi blog during computer lab class.
Im so hungry right now.Since yesterday night I should say.
Im staying at my sister's place since all my housemates went back to their hometowns.
The next two consecutive weeks I will be going back.
Next week Daniel will be doing his PASTI promo in Melaka.
So is a must for me to go back.Haha.
And the week after next week will be my grandpa's bday celebration.
Oh yeah...Today is Shiwei's bday.
ok...going out to have my lunch now.

Jul 11, 2008

Finally I get to blog!!!!!
First week as a real student finally ended.Afterall some classes are fun but some are boring.
But luckily most of the lecturers I got are good ones.So no worries.
Just that I have to walk everyday to go to class.
Is not near but far.From my hostel to Admin building takes around 15 min.
Sometimes have to go from different building to another which really makes me tiring.
Luckily got Shirley to go class with me.So we talk all the way and reach the place faster.
On Thursday 6am, got a message from Genie asking me whether I want to go for Pyjamas Party at 988 or not.On that day I got class at 10 am so obviously Im still sleeping that time and Im blur reading her message at such a weird time.I answered her Yes,I want to go.Seriously without asking her more details bout the party and I agreed to go.Even more weird is that we have to wear pyjamas to the party.I just knew that Daniel,Danny and Jason will be there for the party.But the party is for what I dont know la.
Then around 6pm I met Genie,Sevvy,Teng and Meiling in front of the 988 building.I asked Genie what event is this actually then only I knew it that it was actually a birthday celebration for the three July babies~~~Daniel,Danny and Jason.Those who attended were the winners of the SMS contest by 988.Genie was one of them.Winners can bring one friend with them to the party.Thanx to Genie for bringing me.Thanx to Justina too coz she cant make it then only I get to go.Hehe.
So the three of them didn't know it was a surprise celebration.To their info,it was just a interview.Oh yeah,it was suppose a Pyjamas party but everyone was shy to change to pyjamas so it ended up just a normal party.Haha.It was really weird wearing pyjamas in 988 office.So there was really interview session going on and the three of them talks a lot and they were really funny.Jason was so small size.Expecting him to be taller.Haha.Anyway I really enjoyed the whole event and the cake as well as the eggs were really nice.Thanx to Meiling for that.Thanx to Genie again.
The crab bday cake for the Cancerians~~~nice rite....
a wishing board to them~~~
during the interview session~~~
cake cutting ceremony~~~
this was how they eat cake~~~Jason loves the cake very much...maybe he is hungry.Hehe.
Daniel and me~~~

Jul 6, 2008

UNITEN Orientation June Intake 2008 finally ended last Friday.I din get any chance to online at all.Went back Malacca but something wrong with my modem and no online for the whole week.Now blogging for the very first time in Uniten.Tomorrow classes will begin and I got a very satisfying timetable.

Ok..How was my orienatation???I would say it was quite fun knowing a lot of new friends but some of the activities were quite boring especially TALKS.Every talk sure you can found someone sleeping and I did sleep in few talks.LDK was not bad but I enjoyed the most was during playing games.We played polar bear,shark killer,burger,biawak and many more.Overall it was not that bad and I enjoyed.Took few pictures during orientation.

My group...C6

Some random pics.....

I missed lots of fun during Daniel's Birthday Bash and I din get his poster!!!!=(