Dec 31, 2008

Today,the last day in the year of 2008.
Lots of lots of things happened this year.
Good and bad.
But overall good.
Lets summarized what I did in 2008.
January to March I went through eat-sleep-online-life.
Then National Service 3 months.Though I went not really 3 months bcoz I came back every 2 weeks.
Finished in June.
Enrolled into Uniten.
On my registration day,before I went Uniten,I sempat go for Danell's Birthday Bash at Palace Beach and Spa in the morning.Though I only spent 2 hours there but Im so happy to meet Danell and also my beloved PINKIES.
My life as a university student started in July.
Since Im in KL I did go for a few Danell's event in KL.
And got one personal picture with Danell.
August celebrated National Day.Haha.
September,my birthday month.A surprise celebration by my sisters and their friends and a lot people wished me.But the most memorable is a laptop from my daddy and mummy as birthday present.
October,I first time became facilitator in Uniten and I met many new friends.
November and Decmeber I lead a very normal student life.
But on some random days I did went out to have some fun with my family ,friends and also my Pinkies gang.
Thats my 2008.
But not all.If I would write all,I guess this post will be really long.
I did blog for most of the happening 2008 events so checked out my old posts.
Actually this is not what I plan for my last post in 2008.
I want pictures and captions in my 2008 last post to show how enjoyable and happy am I in each of the happy moments in 2008.
But unfortunately my laptop is not with me.
My laptop is in Uniten with Auyong for some upgrading services.Haha.
So no pictures to post and Im using my ex-computer which is now belongs to my brother.
I guess I made a right choice to stay at home rather than go back to Uniten to celebrate my new year.
For the first Im in Malacca for 11 days after I had enroll into Uniten.
Self-declared holidays.Haha.
Last but not least.
I want to wish all my blog readers and also everyone I know and everybody.....
Let us welcome 2009 with the warmest heart!!!

Dec 28, 2008

Portuguese Settlement.
The most happening place in Malacca during Christmas.
The place will be lighten up with many many lights and the houses will be decorated extremely beautiful.
Christmas eve will be definitely crowded with people but you can seriously have christmas feel when you are there.
But as I stayed in Malacca I only visited the place during christmas eve once.
That will be the first and the last time I went.
The place is very beautiful that I cant denied but to go there you surely have to go through massive jam before you reach there.
When you go jam and when you going back also jam.
Parking are all full and sometimes have to park very far and walk there.
I just cant stand the traffic jam.
I mean during christmas eve and christmas.Normal days no jam.
But tonight I went there.
Malaysia Christmas Open House organized there.
Since got VIP passes so I went.
But somehow I still joined the public.
Not a buffet dinner but they gave the food in bags.
Not rice or anything but cookies and cakes in the bag and a mineral water.
Pak Lah was there but cant get a handshake with him.
Performances just average.
The stage is by the sea so the wind is just nice.
There were also 42 Miss Tourism International from 42 countries.
All of them damn beautiful.But sorry no pic of them.
Nothing else in the event that impressed me.
I went back early before everything ended.
Walked around the Portuguese Settlement to see the houses decorations.
Some decorated a little too complicated and some just too simple.
But when everywhere is full of lighting the place can be really very nice.
Christmas tree without tree.Haha.
This house is one of the most attractive ones.Everyone stopped to see the deco.
This is in the house.The center there is a merry-go round.
If you have not come to this place,visit.
Visit Portuguese Settlement especially during Christmas night.
This is one of Malacca tourism place.
I have to promote since Im a Malaccan.Haha.

Dec 26, 2008

Celebrated christmas at my grandma's house.Haha.
Actually I dun celebrate christmas.
Just went back to visit my grandarents.
Then over there played Uno and Monopoly with my siblings and cousins.
Very fun after so long din play.
Then at night suddenly got a call from Yutian.
Asked me out and I went out with her.
Went dinner and watch 'Yes Man' with her.
Somehow we always went out 2 person only.
A date with her as she said she miss me.Haha.
Everybody is saying they are missing me and wanted to meet me but sometimes I am just too lazy meet up.
Haha.Terlebih over pula.
But seriously they really said they miss me and I miss them as well.Haha.
I declined christmas eve gathering but I will try to make it for Saturday reunion.
Me & my ever so called best fren,Yutian.Haha.
But sometimes she can be really scary.Haha.

Dec 25, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town......
Dun forget my christmas present......hehehe
Saw Danell in some RTM 2 christmas programme.
But I was late so when I watch Danell is singing the second last song.
Saw his latest mv i think for Heaven Knows.
The shooting was at Malacca.
The most important is Danell looks so handsome and perfect in that white suit.
Seriously good looking.
I want that video clip!!!!!

Dec 23, 2008

I have been really busy this few days.
Seriously very busy.
Im so busy watching drama.Haha.
I found so many Japanese drama to watch.
Downloaded them and really nice.
I love Japanese drama even more now.
Toma's new drama Voice is coming out on the 12th Jan 2009.
Its about medical and yes Toma is a medic student if Im not mistaken.
Cant wait for it and I ad kept enough space for the drama.
My hard disk is almost full with Japanese drama.
I guess I should get an external hard disk asap.
So din get to eat 'tang yuan' last sunday because Im stucked in Uniten.
But anyhow tomoro Im going back Malacca and definitely my mum will be making it another time.
This time go back sure gain weight because I ad have a menu for my mum to cook.
So do my sisters.
Not only miss my mum's cooking but also Malacca food.
And when we say we want to eat something then my dad will definitely get it for us.
So in conclusion,when go back Malacca, ask for it and you will get it.
So bahagia.Haha.
Another thing Im waiting for is CHINESE NEW YEAR.
Ok,I know Christmas comes first.
Few days before CNY I have test and a week after CNY Im having final.
Good year ahead rite.

Dec 18, 2008

Damn it.
Im having flu.
Why is it everytime when I have test then I surely will sick.
Last sem was during my finals and I was sick.
This time tomoro Im having 2 papers and now Im flu.
Heavy flu.
When I have flu then I will hungry.
Hence,I will be a food hunter.
To prevent this,the only way is to sleep.
When I sleep then I cant study.
You see the effect?
Shit only.
And when I din study I cant do the paper.
One paper is ok but 2 papers!
Chemistry and Physics.
Both on the same day and I have not even prepare for both.
Tell me how to die.
Tonight having meeting summore.
Guess I will sleep for the whole evening today and be awake at midnight.
Will that work?
I hope so and hopefully my flu will be gone by that time.

Dec 14, 2008

Finally our plans work.
Since all of us cant make it to DFC Night then we make our own gathering.
Venue at MidValley and The Gardens.
The people were weiting,genie,hannah and justina.Xian joined in later.
First sing K at The Gardens new RedBox.
Then starting to shop around and photos everywhere!
Next stop at Baskin Robins Cafe and have some ladies chit chat.
Then goodbye to them.
Our promise is to meet again at Danell's event if they have one.
The description is short bcoz Im sleepy right now.
But the photos will show you how happy and enjoy we were seeing each other again.
MidValley christmas deco.
We are in the ball.Love this pic!
Nice pose Justina!
Justina Tan.
Hannah Gan.
Thanx aunty hannah for the candy cane!
New style wei.Genie looks so in pain.Hehe.
And last but not least picture of the day.
Our favourite photo.
The winner is HANNAH GAN!Haha.
More photos can get from Facebook.
And also I really thanked Linda and Shirley for accompanying me all the way to Midvalley.
I had a great dinner with you guys too!
Hopefully you guys enjoyed the shopping though I only joined you all for dinner.
Anyway a very big THANK YOU!

Dec 10, 2008

What a day....
Today as usual went for classes then got free time went to Career Unit to see got wat to do.
But somehow I felt like I had a very busy day today.
I also don't know why.
The most frustrating thing is when I had class Admin 3rd floor,no network coverage.
In the class don't have but toilet got.
When I was in the class no messages.
Then I went toilet,5 to 6 messages came in together.
Then like that I prefer to stay in the toilet.Hehe.
But is a good thing also as no disturbance during classes.
But not good also in case got anything important then ppl cant get us.
Sick la.
The worst thing is most of my classes are at Admin 3rd floor.
I always worrying whether anybody call or sms me or not though I know Im not that popular.
So people, call and sms me!Haha.Jkjk.
Went out to JJ with linda and shirley to buy some stuff and food.
We bought really a lot.I mean real lot.Haha.
Anyhow these 2 weeks I feel more free bcoz Miss V not in.Haha.
Miss V is the Advisor for Career Unit also Asst Registrar at HEP.
Din see Miss V means I got no work.Haha.
If see her then my work wun stop coming in wan.
But still got work la since the Director and the Heads still in.Hehe.
I guess I have been tagged many times.
But Im not doing anymore tag this year.Haha.
Next year then will be considering of doing again.Haha.
So tag me next year.
This year no more.

Dec 7, 2008

Came back from team building yesterday and straight headed back to Malacca.
It was really a tiring but very fun team building.
3 days 2 nights at Mayang Sari Resort,Port Dickson.
The sea view from my apartment.
The place is not bad for me as I got a clean room.
But weilin's room got mushroom on the floor.Haha.
The food various but not nice.
In one meal they served at least 5 dishes but for sure got one dish is hangus wan.
Despite the food and accommodation,the activities was fun.
2 outdoor activities conducted by the hotel and others conducted by the 4 heads of Career Carnival,Harin,Soraya,Weipin and Suresh.
Ice breaking is a must for every team building.
The first outdoor activities was done on Thursday evening.
That was Obstacle.
We were divided in 2 groups to go through all the obstacles.
Some of the obstacles.Some ad played in NS.
Then after obstacles was this.
The whole group had to go from one end to the other end by using 4 sticks and no one can stepped onto the ground.
My group.Some still at the back.Haha.
Brainstorming at night.
Then after all the activities,we went to the beach.
We were there around 11pm till 12 something.
Actually our main purpose was to wait till 12 am to celebrate Auyong's birthday.
When reached 12am we sang birthday song and auyong is thrown into the sea.Haha.
Then the guys started to throw one by one into the sea.
Me and weilin at the beach.But cant see the beach.Haha.
The people went to beach.Some not in.
While waiting for everybody we started our photo session.
Then the next morning another outdoor activities.
I enjoyed this the most.
Water rafting!
We were divided into the 2 same group.
We were supposed to build our own raft by using 6 drums,4 long bamboos and 6 short bamboos.
Everyone is so excited to start.
My group discussing on how to build the raft.
Still discussing but the girls just looking.Hehe.
And start tying.
Me and weilin curi tulang a while.
And finally finished.
This is our raft.
Then is time to go out the sea.
9 person one go.
The second round people is arranging themselves according to the seats.
Weipin,weilin and I were in the second round.
The girls just sit in the center while the guys have to sit at the side and dayung.
Soraya was the only girl dayung.
The first round our group reached first then now our turn to go.
Our group is the leading one.
Reaching the finishing line.
And finally the CHAMPION is......
My group.
The other group one of the drum came out.Haha.
Water rafting was really very fun.
Then we had some Career fair related talk.
Photo session.
Personal photo for tag and the committees group photo.
Everybody was required to wear formal and blazer.
Everyone looked so professional.
Weilin,me & weipin.
See how smart is everyone.
Will post the group photo once I get it.
In the evening we had treasure hunt.
Divided into different groups.
And this was conducted by the 4 heads and Ms. V.
Dig the sand and find some puzzles for the first task.
Then next task have to jump into swimming pool and did the task in swimming pool.
The last task was go through obstacles.
The difficult part was to find and solve the clues.
Then at night the whole committee team celebrated Auyong's birthday.
It was a surprise for Auyong.
He seriously din realize it.
This time with a birthday cake.
We also celebrated the December babies.
Happy Birthday December Babies!
Then the last day we had brainstorming again in each department respectively.
Then we left around 1.30pm after lunch.
I seriously enjoyed this team building and really had fun!
End of team building which mean our job has officially started.
Hopefully everything goes well starting from next week.