Apr 30, 2010

I am craving for many kinds of food right now.
1. Bubble milk tea.
2. McD ice-cream.
3. Onigiri.
4. ...........
Ehh...thats all!
I thought it gonna be a long list.Haha.
Another thing that me and my bro wanted to do but still haven't get to do is go Jusco play drum.
Only weekdays can go play coz malu wan play if many ppl.
The main reason I wan play is bcoz they have Arashi's Love So Sweet as one of the songs and Yamapi's Daite Senorita as well.
Yes,its bcoz Arashi again.
I have received this question very often recently.Not only from one person but many.
"Why you everyday Arashi Arashi only?"
Why not?
I love them and Im their fan ok!
And plus nowadays I only layan Arashi since I got nothing to do.

Apr 28, 2010

Im lack of pictures to post in my blog which make my posting damn dull.
Wanted to post pictures of prayers at Melaka Chetty temple but Im kinda lazy to edit and upload.
Not even in my laptop yet.
Holidays are meant for sleeping.
I have been sleeping like pig everyday.
Sleep for more than 12 hours but still sleepy and continue sleeping.
Watch Arashi and Toma.
Watch drama.
Thats my schedule at home.
Want to go but lazy so stayed at home and my laptop is always the best companion.
My parents have been going hospital everyday to visit my cousin so I have to take over my mum's job to take care of nerissa and alliessa.
At least I have 2 small ones to bully to fill my day.Haha.
Arashi is now the ambassador of Japan Tourism which means I have to go to Japan now as an Arashi's international fan?
I wish I can.
Im gonna get my AnAn mag very soon!

Apr 24, 2010

Yesterday went Chinese temple to pray for my cousin.
And just now went to see some prayers at Indian temple.
I was actually out of idea what to blog.
To talk about my daily routine, it will be dull.
To talk about special occasions,nothing happy but sad occasions that I dun wanna talk about.
So that makes me no mood to blog.
But everything is alright now.
Just that nothing specifically that needed me to blog.
Im sad I could not get AnAn magazine.
Its sold out in Japan and cant be found in Malaysia.
My Toma's naked pic!

Apr 18, 2010

Surprise that Im awake right now?
What a shocking news to wake me up after just a couple hours of sleep.
Today is a bad Sunday.
I tried to sleep back but I just cant.
Life and death.
Life is so unpredictable.
You will not know what will happen next or what will come to your life next.
Any days,any hours,any minutes,any seconds,any moments you can just close your eyes and leave the world.
Leaving your loved ones behind.
Likewise,you will not know when your love ones will leave you.
What will happen and when will happen,only God knows.
We are often told to appreciate our life,appreciate the people around us before is too late.
But human nature,we will never appreciate until we lost something important.
Just now my mum received a call from my aunt to go to hospital.
2 of my cousins involved in accident.
One confirmed passed away and the other one is in ICU might be paralyzed.
Their parents have a shock of life as both are siblings.
Now is just hoping he can be cured.
God bless.

I think I shall skip the post about my vacation in Genting bcoz Im just too lazy to edit and upload photos.
Anyway,its just Genting Highlands.
Nothing special about it as I have been there so many times.
After such a long time,today I watched movie with my dad,mum,weipin and my bro.
We watched Ice Kacang Puppy Love.
Not bad.
We shall support local movie.

Apr 15, 2010

I just came back from Genting.
Genting's weather is always so lovely and Im loving it.
Shall blog about it soon!

Apr 12, 2010

Today's weather was killing.Damn hot.Seriously hot.Super hot.
Went and visit my cousin at NS.Yes,National Service.
Kinda nostalgic,thinking back the time I was in NS.How fun to be with my friends especially the closest ones,Viola and Lam.I miss both of you!
After seeing her campsite in Alor Gajah,I felt so lucky that I was placed in Kem Padang Hijau,Kluang last time.After all,I still miss my camp.
After that went back to my grandparent's house.
The weather was seriously extremely hot and I got nothing to do there and I was kinda lack of sleep so after a while I bising to come home.
And I was at home all the while watching my Arashi though Im sleepy but my sleepiness gone when Arashi is in front of me.Instead I get more excited.Haha,ridiculous isn't it?
Why do I lack of sleep when I have plenty time to sleep now?
These few days at midnight I slept for half an hour then I woke up.
It continues till morning.Every half an hour wake up.
Its not because Im suffering insomnia.If I have,I wouldn't have sleep at the first place.
Its all because of my craziness towards Arashi.
Im awake just to download their shows.
Their shows all got into golden hour and so their show got longer duration and so bigger file to download.
Plus megaupload only allow one download per ip address which make my life even more difficult.
That's why I have to wake up every half an hour when one download finished.
At night the speed of internet is way more faster so I chose to download at night.
Yes,Im crazy till that extent.
Call me an Arashi freak and I dont mind!
I can sleep in the afternoon but it seems the shows I downloaded are very tempting to watch so instead of sleeping I will be watching Arashi all the time.
When I finish watching,I will start downloading again at night.
See,I dun have time to sleep.I shall take a day off from my downloading job just to have a good night sleep.
Or maybe I shall stop checking fansubs livejournal for 2 days so I wouldn't know what new shows is out and I can't download then but is impossible for me to do that.
I cant control my fingers to click to the pages.Haha.
I actually planned just to drop a few words but I dun think all the above counted as FEW WORDS.

Apr 7, 2010

Staying at home is always the best but Im starting to get bored though.
Its only the 3rd day Im back home for holiday and yet I starting to get boring ad.
And this is going to last for 3 months!
Im too lazy to go work.
I rather stay at home and feel bored.Haha.
I should be thankful actually for having plenty of time now to do whatever I like.
Wake up anytime I like.
Sleep anytime I like.
Eat anytime I like.
Online anytime I like.
Go out anytime I like.
Watch Arashi anytime I like.
Watch Ikuta Toma anytime I like.
Watch drama anytime I like.
Play games anytime I like.
Online shopping for Arashi stuff anytime I like.
Blog anytime I like.
See,I can do anything I like.
As if I dun do all these when Im busy.Lol!
This happen last year on Jun's bday,2009.08.30 during Kokuritsu concert.
Suddenly feel like posting it in my blog so I do.

Apr 4, 2010

2010.03.30 - 2010.04.02.
Days in Langkawi to be remembered!
I was back from Langkawi last friday but I only have time to blog about it now.
It was very fun as it has been so long since the last time I visited Langkawi.
We,ME-shirley-linda-yen,start off our journey on tues evening.
Landcons Hotel.The place we stayed for 3 nights.
Its clean and located at Cenang Beach.
The first night we were just walking around the Pantai Cenang area.
The next day,we went to Telaga Tujuh and waterfall.
Then since the cable car only started in the afternoon,so we went for mangrove visit first.
Simply ♥ this pic.
Before we go into the mangrove.
Then after 2 hours plus on the boat,we went to cable car and we lined up for 40 minutes before got onto the cable car.
Langkawi cable car.
The bridge at the top of the cable car station.
Then at night we went to the town,Pekan Kuah.
We bought Langkawi Artisan Pizza as our supper.
Seafood masala pizza.Super delicious!
The third day,we went island hopping.
We visited Pulau Dayang Bunting,Pulau Beras Basah,eagle feeding and sangkar ikan.
We were on boat again.
Solar boat at Tasik Dayang Bunting.
Eagle feeding.
Souvenirs from island hopping.We bought it coz we ♥ the pic.
Island hopping took half a day so in the evening we went to the beach.
Only me,linda and yen.
We had 3 choices.Either we try jet ski or banana boat or parasailing.
We wanted parasailing but it seems we only can enjoy on our own up in the sky.
So we chose jet ski as we can enjoy together in one jet ski.
I am in love with jet ski!Jet ski is really fun!
I enjoyed being the driver!
In this condition we walked along the road at Pantai Cenang till night to look for souvenirs and it was raining that time.
Since we were ad wet so we dun need any umbrellas.
The last day in Langkawi.
We visited Makam Mahsuri.
Then we went Eagle Square.
A must-go-place if you are in Langkawi.
These are just few photos chosen from hundreds of photo.
More photos can be found at Facebook.
This is us.
Im looking forward to our next trip!
Yes,Im in Malacca right now and I will be here for 3 months!