Oct 23, 2011

This whole week was hectic with fun!
I went to Genting 3 times in just 4 days.
So that makes 4 times to Genting in a month.
That really breaks my own record.
The first trip was on last Wednesday with CE gang when we decided to celebrate after our first test of the sem.
So shoot up to Genting at 12am and came back in the morning.
CE gang.
Next was my 6th 21st bday celebration!!!
Yes,it was super late but late better than never.
And its the last celebration.No more after this.
Ppl keep telling me I tak habis2 with my bday but I cant do anything if ppl want to celebrate for me.Hehe.
Yes,its our usual celebration with Yan.
This time its our celebration!!!The best combination.
Matsumoto Jun, ME & Ikuta Toma.My favorite 2.
Matsujun on 30th August.
Me on 8th September.
Toma on 7th October.
So this time we went Bukit Tinggi for a look at the Japanese Village.
Then to the French Village.
After that,we went Genting.
Of course with cake too this time.
I blew the candle on behalf on Jun and Toma.
And yeah,if you realized,we were wearing Arashi's Beautiful World concert t-shirt!
We did some extra work on the shirt to make it almost similar to Arashi's.
Can you see the beads on the alphabets?
Mine of course according to Jun's shirt during concert.
And Yan's is based on Sho's shirt.
A day full of fun.
Then on Saturday,went shopping in Sunway with Shirley.
Without planning again,we suddenly want to go Genting.
Its midnight again.This time is later.
At 3am after we watched midnight show together with Justin and his friend.
Thats my 3rd time in Genting for the week.
A whole week full of fun though I missed my grandpa's bday celebration back in Malacca.
Anyway,im going back tomoro and yeah another celebration.Not for me of course.
I cant wait holidays.
Deepavali is coming too.

Oct 16, 2011

Fuh.What a week.
Was so busy for the whole week.
Everyday just got so many things to do.
From day to night.
On duty for pre-convo on weekdays.Then convo on weekends.
Convocation is always an event full of smiling faces.
Its just a great day.
This time around,its my cousin's turn.
Flowers for my cousin.
Many of my seniors graduated as well!
Congrats and gonna miss you guys!
It has passed one month plus.
This is the 5th celebration.
Our birthday!
Thank you so much~
Randomly taken during duty.
Im really tired.
Lack of sleep for so many days.
Even now Im sleepy.
But seriously I had so much fun.
Have to get serious now.Hopefully I can.
Test starting next week.
I wish I can have fun all the time.

Oct 7, 2011

Im getting lazier and lazier to blog.
Last time will be like every 2 or 3 days one post.
Then became one week one post.
Then now is like every 2 weeks one post.
Its getting worse and worse.
But hopefully I won't stop blogging.
Blogging is like Im jotting down those happenings in my life.
When I read back all my old posts,I will be like, "Aaah,I did that".
From blog,I can recall back what I have done last time.
I went to the casino for the first time yesterday.
A sudden visit to Genting at 12.30am and came back at 6am.
Im so going again.
Thats make me sounds like a gambler.
Just for fun of course.
There are too many things that I want now.
I wish I can just have them all by snapping my fingers.
Owh,I almost forget.
Yes,its Ikuta Toma's 27th birthday!!!!